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what causes a black swollen leg?
someone hurt their leg and now its swollen and it turns blue/ black. The person is in hospital for treatment and their whole body began to swell. What's happening?

uhh its probaly infected or broke!!

they are going to explode .
quite common these days.
I blame global warming and the taliban

gangrene I think

sounds like gangrene too me. also can be celuilities

cool dude

go to webmd.com and type in the symptoms, possibly gangrene

I'm assuming that the person may have a hidden medical problem. People with diabetese tend to have things to cause bad problems when they are in stage 1. If you don't mind, let us know what it is when you find out. I'm currently going to school for nursing and am curious.

infection or no circulation for your blood to get to your leg


Looks like it's poor circulation of blood. Anasarca (whole body swelling) could be caused by renal shutdown again due to poor circulation. It is best that the person stays in the hospital until further tests and treatments are given. Don't be surprise if dialysis is considered.

Go Bears!
An untreated infection or allergic reaction.

Mary Guernsey
gangrene it a serverve infection sometimes in order to save there life they have to cut off there leg. I hope and pray this does not happen to your friend remember they will do all they can.

Healing Oneself
Hi Lil Angel

Here is the best remedy/cure you can use. It's called hydrotherapy. Using hot and cold water to generate blood circulation where the body needs it most. THis process has been used for thousands of years and proved to be one of the most productive. Hot water brings blood to the surface and cold water surpresses it downward, in turn generating new blood cells into the diseased part of the body. Ideally, you also want to use pressure (like strong showerheads) to penetrate the body's depths for quicker results. Also intaking cayenne pepper is the internal king circulator. Moves blood like no other.

I would start by getting a bucket of hot water (hot as you can take it) and an ice filled bucket of water. Just go back and forth with each bucket about a minute each. Do this 10 times or so. Do this 2-3 times a day for as long as it takes to heal.
You could use the shower for this method with the hot and ice cold water. A lot more beneficial.

Here is more information about Hydrotherapy and some testimonials for curing big diseases.

How you can use hydrotherapy at home to SPEED - UP any cure.

The best and cheapest thing any human can do to cure their disease is use water therapy.

You need to do two basic things :

1) Apply hot and cold water, as hot as possible and as cold as you can get it, to a diseased area.

2) Take hot and cold showers, or a hot shower, then jump in a bathtub of ice-cold water, or water with 20 - 40 pounds of ice in it.

The purpose of these two techniques is not torture. It is to BLAST blood into sick areas that are not getting enough blood. Until you do that, expect to stay sick.

There was one man who tired the programs for skin cancer, and they did not work. But he omitted one thing: the hot and cold showers. As soon as he did them, his skin cancer went away.

Simple Rules : For those who are frail, use common sense and start slowly. For instance, on babies, use warm water and cool water. Obviously, be gentle.

To get the most results, work yourself up to using as hot as you can stand it - without burning your skin - and as cold as you can stand it. When I do it at home, I don’t just use cold water. I found it works much better with bags of ice.

You do this at least twice a day. Once is a hot and cold shower, perhaps three of them if you are real sick. You do seven repetitions of hot and cold. If your shower doesn’t get real cold, use ice cubes in a bathtub. If you don’t have a bathtub, perhaps rub yourself with a wet, icy towel. Do your best.

Then, always use hot and cold directly on the sick or injured area - not just all over. This is essential.

For the cayenne oil, here is a simple formula.

A Formula for a cayenne heating oil.

Here is a formula anyone can make.

In a glass jar with a tight leakproof lid, place...

5 tablespoons of the HOTTEST cayenne powder you can find (over 250,000 heat units is suggested.) 20 ounces of Jojoba, Olive or Almond oil.

Make it on the New Moon and let it sit until the Full Moon, making sure to shake it every day. On the Full Moon, press or strain off the liquid.

Caution, this can be extremely hot. Start with a little and work your way up in amount.

Common mistakes made by readers who try hydrotherapy.

Due to timidity, readers under use this treatment. They don’t do it often enough, and they don’t do it strong enough. They don’t like to shiver, or they find it uncomfortable. Forget that. To me, continued sickness is more uncomfortable.

For example, when you are really ill, people should do hot and cold showers as much as 30 minutes a day, three times a day, 2 minutes cold and 5 minutes hot.

For people less ill, try 15 minutes once a day, 7 repetitions each of hot and cold.

Use your imagination. One reader saved his wife from a colon operation by using extremely hot and cold wet towels, back and forth, over her intestinal area.

For people with heart problems.

You can put really hot water, in the shower, or with hot towels, right on the chest, and then alternate with ice cold water or ice, and then go back and forth for seven times.

Start mild, depending on the person’s strength and vitality. Do not overshock them when they are weak. Use good judgement in everything. You can add hydrotherapy to the herbal compresses for serious heart disorders.

Hydrotherapy cured GANGRENE.

Several months ago, a man in the South had gangrene developing. He is an older man, a diabetic. His doctor said if it wasn’t better in days, his right foot was coming off.

He took 6-8 teaspoons a day of extra-extra hot cayenne pepper, in divided doses day and night. He took them in a cold beverage, or it is too hot to get down. The powder form of cayenne is what he used, never capsules. Forget capsules.

Then, he filled two large buckets, one with hot water and one with ice water. He did this and went back and forth. Then he applied a cayenne heating oil to the sick area when he was done. His leg healed, all signs of gangrene are gone.

What he could have done, if he needed to, was to add herbs to the treatment. Here is what can be done, for those who need to know.

Fill a large tub with hot water, add 4 ounces of cayenne pepper powder, 4 ounces of Ginger root powder, and 4 ounces of mustard seed powder. Put these herbs in a dish towel, tie it closed, and put it in the bath like a big tea bag. You will see the water turn orange.

Then, fill a large bucket with cold water plus 10 pounds or more of ice in it. Plastic garbage bins and wash baskets work well for this. Put the leg, or whatever, into the very hot bath for 5 to 10 minutes and then immediately into the cold for at least 2 minutes, but 5 to 8 minutes is much better. Do at least 5 repetitions of this.

A Final word

One of the things that helps out a lot of you reading these old documents and realizing that even if you go to the extreme, you won’t be reaching what was done a hundred years ago.

As far out as it appears you are not even approaching the intensity of what the old healers knew they had to do.

These old people had no choice. It didn’t seem to extreme because, to them, it was much more extreme to die. So nothing they did seemed extreme.

Again, it is more powerful than herbs - because it is the therapy that gets the herbs through the blood to the sick area.

Best of health to you

Madame Morticia
Gangrene. It may have to be amputated. I'm not kidding.

Infection, gangrene, internal bleeding, etc. Either way let the doctors take care of it

Could be a lot of things. Edema is when a body part is injured in a way that causes tissue swelling, redness and sensitivity. Massive bruising and/or hematomas could also be to blame. A spreading infection is also a suspect.

However, if the swelling is spreading upward, I suppose it could even by a snake or spider bite.

blue black? probably gangrene, and it is likely systemic, the patient is in deep trouble.

the blue/black could be either bruising or indicative of major infection such as gangrene.

You can do an image search on yahoo for "gangrene" and see if that is what it looks like

Goethe&#39;s Ghostwriter

I would say dry gangrene. Wet gangrene starts out red and yellow and smells really bad. Dry gangrene starts out as a bruise color then becomes black or dark blue and swells. After an amount of time it will become very hard and dry. Eventually, with dry gangrene, the affected area will fall off.

Sometimes just the swelling alone will make the leg turn blue/black, but I can't see it online so it's all speculation. I'd need to know if there are pulses in the foot, several different sites, which is ABSOLUTELY most important to diagnosis. I am glad that this person is IN the hospital where they need to be. This sounds very serious, and I hope that they do good on getting well.
Sorry I couldn't do any better, but I could fill up pages of symptoms and questions that you probably don't know the answers to and might make you worry more....it's just that being a RN makes you ask LOTS of questions. The best of luck to you and I'd be happy to know what the outcome of it all is, IF you have the time when it's over. I'm never too old to learn.

Possibly gas gangrene but I can't tell without more info.

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