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 Is this neurological or what? I'm kinda worried.?
Sometimes I can't read my own handwriting.

If there's an open doorway by a wall, I'll walk into the latter.

I can't drive because of my poor depth perception....

 Possible to be bulimic without knowing it?
(I am a very thin person and know it)

For the past couple months, i have been having digestive problems. At least once a day, i'll get a sharp pain that makes me know i have to go to ...

 Why does cheese come out of my left ear?
Everytime I sneeze, cheesy looking crap shoots out of my ear. It is very tasty though. WHAT THE F**K IS IT?...

 Any cure for acid reflux?

 20 yrs female ,migraine ,on attack vomiting & unconscious any line of treatment welcome?

 My shoulder is very numb after surgery. It's been two years now. Is there a cure?

 Question about alcohol consumption with multicystic kidney disorder?
So I have multicystic kidney disorder since birth and it affects one kidney which is completely useless. So what I want to know is whether consuming alcohol affects me worse than if I had two ...

 Does caffeine affect people with Dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency physically?
I have really bad ADD, and I recently noticed that I have all of the symptoms of dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency, which is a condition in which there is a "deficiency of norepinephrine and ...

 The blood in my neck feels like its bubbling and it hurts. What is it?
I have severe pain in my neck (the vascular part). I feel blood rushing in and out painfully and it 'bubbles' in the base part of my neck. It's painful, and I hear popping noises ...

 108 days sober and I want a drink, my meds aren't helping?
I have gotten 3 DUI's in the last 8 years. I just spent 90 days in jail, I have a 7:00 PM curfew, lost my drivers license for a year and I STILL want a drink. Am I an alcoholic? Yes, I already ...

 Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus...is there anyone like me?
I'm 29...with Rhuematoid Arthritis and Lupus. I was a healthy athletic person until the age of 25. I just woke up one morning with a lot of pain in my neck and back and flu like symptoms. I ...

 Bizarre stomach pain? Help?
Saturday morning I had a Bar Mitzvah luncheon where they served a few things that COULD have been contaminated (tuna salad, egg salad), but I'm a vegetarian so I didn't have fish, and mayo ...

 Is Tuberculosis a deadly disease?

 stem cell treatment ms?
Looking for one of my relatives to find a place where to get stem cell treatment for ms. Saw something on TV recently....

 What could cause Swollen Ankles?
One of my cousin's ankles are swollen, it's not painful but it obviously swollen. This happens almost every day. She recently gained some weight but I won't call her obese, so I don...

 Need A Sure Fire Home Remedy for an INFECTED Ingrown Toenail!!!! HELP.?
I have this infected ingrown toenail and im afraid to go get it cut on so can any of you give me a sure fire way to heal it?...

 what to expect from chiari malformation surgery?
i have been diagnosed with chiari malformation, my neurosurgeon is recommending the surgery decompression of something????? and removal of c1. He sent me for another mri as he wanted a more up to ...

 What Could These Symptoms Be!?!?

I've never had a headache once, in my life. Though all of a sudden i've been getting headaches - day after day.

I'm getting dizzy on occasions, like ...

 my dad has all these syptoms?
ok he has bloting back pains head aches stuff like that is that a bad thing also he has 2 kidney ...

 Question about being Brain Dead?? Coma?
Is being brain dead the same as being in a coma? my friend had a bad accident today had brain surgery and they are saying she might possibly be brain dead.. how do they determine this? Is it POSSIBLE ...

um i just ate 10 paracetamol?
what happens now . i fonud aother one, iuts loinleyy can i havge that one too?
Additional Details
i dont have the boxz

[ be very careful with those, you're slurring your spelling....<^><...

Oh well, could you not count to two?

Great White
No! If you take too many do you know the risks? Read the side effects on the box. And pills don't have feelings so leave it alone.

Froget it Bexy!
Not a good way to get attention and if you don't get attention and help eventually the body will breakdown and you will be ill.

idiot, my sister overdosed the other week and she was taken into hospital

The Superstarr :)
No!!! Call a docter or get medical help!

Wee Courtz
Don't! 10 is stupid enough im surprised if your still alive right now youll take an over dose! id go to the doctors like right now phone a friend to come over in case you die!!!!

Ermmmm....maybe this is a job for Dr Phil.

You may suffer brain and kidney damage. Or you may never know.

Prince of Thieves
one down!

Good you fooled many.

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