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my liver enzymes are high????????
the doctoe told me i have to stop drinking alcohol for awhile what happens if i drink oduels that has little alcohol would this be a good idea??

Your doctor simply want to rule out alcohol as the reason your liver enzymes are elevated. Alcohol is metabolized by the liver and can cause the problem.

I'd say, best to cut out alcohol until you can figure out what's wrong. If O'duels has any alcohol, forgo it for now.

Other reasons your liver enzymes may be elevated involve hepatitis, fatty liver, celiac disease, gallbladder inflammation, mononucleosis, etc.

You only have one liver, and it does allot for your body. This time the doctor knows best and even a small amount of alcohol is best left alone right now until the reason for the high enzymes is found. It's also possible that this is a one time reading depending on what you had to drink the day before your blood was drawn. There are also many other things that can cause this also and for now your doctor needs to rule out the alcohol. Please follow his instructions and when you return and do another blood draw without drinking alcohol, you might be able to drink all the oduels you want. Good luck and God Bless

Y!A Addict
HELLO....Stop Drinking! Your body is telling you something- and has your Dr. to give you the message. Start listening. I had to and am alive to tell the tale.

Woodsmen ,
This will sound VERY harsh & cruel but it was said to me before .


Simple as that
Is your life so invaluable that you do NOT have the want to change ?

You drink , you die .

D :)

Sweet L
You know the answer to that...;)

The liver enzymes are inside the liver cells.
When the liver cells become damaged,
these enzymes leak out and go higher in
your blood.

Alcohol, if a person is sensitive to it or
if they over consume it, can cause serious
damage to the liver cells.

When the liver cells become damaged,
the immune system of the body responds
to this and causes inflammation to develop
inside the liver that will cause the liver to
enlarge in size. If the alcohol is not stopped
and the inflammation isn't treated...it
can lead to an irreversible disease known
as Cirrhosis of the liver. This disease
leads to having a transplant in order to live.
Transplants cost $300,000 and up. Not kidding!

What happens to the alcohol to cause this?
All medications, and this includes alcohol,
go through the liver first, to be broken down,
before going to the rest of the body.
The liver takes toxic substances and make
them non toxic to the body and into something
that can easily be disposed of in the urine.

The liver take this alcohol, and using the
liver enzymes, converts it first into
acetaldehyde and then into acetate.
It is then further broken down into carbon
dioxide and water. If the cells become
damages or a person over consumes alcohol...
it may not get passed the acetaldehyde
stage. Both the alcohol and acetaldehyde
can cause serious damage to the cells.

Cirrhosis is death of the liver cells. Though,
the liver does try to generate new cells...
even these cells will die off. Why?
Because the cells that die will form scar
tissue inside the liver that blocks the
flow of blood through the liver on its way
back to the heart and also to other liver
cells so they die also.

All liver patients are told NO Alcohol and
to not take any drugs unless they are
approved of or prescribed by their doctors.

One blood test is not 100% accurate...it
takes more than one to confirm a true
problem. It is best to follow closely
any advice the doctor gave you now.

I hope this information is of help to you.

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