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 Does anyone you know have "Restless Leg Syndrome"?

Additional Details
So this is a real thing?????...

 tetanus polio and diphtheria? What is the procedure like?
I have to have the injection tomorrow! And you don't understand how scared i am of injections O_O. Like i need to know:
1. What arm do they do it on?
2. Does it hurt?
3. Do you ...

 How can I get enough fluid out of my legs? My dr. changed me from HCT to lasiks but I am still not fluid free?

 Do i have A.D.D (A.D.H.D)?
well i'm 14 in jan, i think i have ADD, i'm almost 100% positive i had ADHD as a kid, it would take me two-three days to finish one math test up to sixth grade, i could NEVER concentrate, i&...

 Lupus vs Chronic Fatigue.?
In 1993, my mother was first told she had Lupus and for 3 years she thought she was going to die. Apparently, they now have meds for Lupus. After 3 years of seeing many doctors and all tests the ...

 what if you take magnesium citrate (liquid laxative) and it doesnt work at all?
i took magnesuim citrate a twice in two days and it hasent worked...???...

 Dizzy Spells?
Lately I have been having dizzy spells. Mainly when I stand up. They seem to come and go. I noticed a few months ago that it was sorta bad but they seemed to go away for awhile. But now they are ...

 Bony ridge on crown of head?

I recently (today) noticed a hard (made of bone?) ridge going across the top of my head,not right on top but on the crown. It is about 8cm long, and can be easily felt when brushing ...

 Please help girls only!!!???
I have a cut inside that hurts and I'd rather not go to the doctor if it will just go away. But is there anything I should put on it? will it go away on its own?? I dont nkow what to do. I could ...

 digestion and stool?
ok- so i want to know from you if you've experienced this or if you know why this is happening? I know all about digestion, constipation and all related but one thing that I still can't get ...

 please tell me if there are muscles just below rib cage on right side, i think ive pulled a muscle , thanks?

 what is home remedy for quick cure of dark circles under eye?

 My brother's SEVERE head pressure is driving him crazy...please help!?
My brother is 20 years old, and he is, honestly, overweight at about 235 pounds. Anyway, for the past 6 months since early January he has been suffering considerably with severe head pressure in his ...

 What is "OCD" exactly?
I think it's an "illness" of the mind or something?
Additional Details
Yeah, I know a mental illness or whatever doesn't mean your crazy. lol I know that much.

 Diazepam for seizures?
I was wondering if anyone has had or used rectal diazepam? does it work for stopping seizures? is it embarrassing?? How is it administered?
Any info would be greatly appreciated!...

 Lump behind ear what is this?
I noticed in my ear I feel like a bone felling lump in my ear I tried pushing it down and stuff and its annoying how do you stop this?

What is this?...

 What is the healthiest and best way to smoke 100 cigarettes in a row?
Ok so I have made this bet with a friend. I have to chain-smoke 100 cigarettes one after the other, and I really don't want to lose (terrible consequences)
The cigarettes have to be rolled ...

Can anyone tell me in their own words what rabies is, and how to get it? I really neep help with my Ecosystems project! Anyone, and please in YOUR OWN WORDS....

 people i need you help?
just recently my finger nails have been bothering me.. they've become sensitive to touch or with any little pressure they hurt..even typing this is a bit pain full.. it not my whole hand just ...

 Hurting my Kidney? 30 points!?
how hard would you have to hit your back to damage your kidney, because i fell and i think i hurt it. :[
if good answer you will get best answer PLUS i will send you to links too 2 ...

my ear hurts and i cant hear, please help!!!!?
hi everyone
two days ago i woke up with my ear pluged i thought it was some earwax i tried cleaning it, but it was still pluged up, i think it must be some earwax cloged up very deepinside, it feels very deep insde the ear and it hurts, and i bought eardrops and some nasal decongestant but it only helps for a while i have to walk to school now in the cold and im really scare because it really hurts please help me it really hurts and i cant hear anything, also i tried hitting the back of my ear to see if it would uncloged but i start bleeding through my nose, what should i do?? what is it??:( please help.
Additional Details
i got a doctor appoiment on friday but has this happened to you guys? what is it and how can you prevent the pain

You must go to your doctor. You could lose your hearing if you don't

You might want to visit the emergency room if you can't get an appointment with your doctor today. There is probably nothing you can do yourself to fix the problem - get to the professionals as fast as possible...

sean T
Its probably some ear abnormalities. I had this earwax thing once in my ear, it hardened like solid rock. I had to use a sharp object to break it. Thank goodness i didn't get hurt in any way. So, its probably just that, not anything serious, i hope. The doctor will clear things up with you anyway.

Garbos Autograph
"YES!" ~ and it resulted in Otitis Media which is a Middle ear infection.....go straight into your doctor you may have a problem with your eustachian tubes draining or something far worse..I lost half my hearing after a series of these when I was sick with the mumps....PLEASE do NOT mes with this....I take this question that seriously the pain is an indication that some pressure is in some part ear and could be only water or it could easily be an infection.....
GO TO YOUR DOCTOR~If possiobpossible see a specialist..an d ENT (Ear, Nose ETN Throat) Doctor...we need yo uhere and we need you here and we neeEwell well!!!..I don't want u to lose your hearing the way I did.


I do NOT mean to be shrewish...i really do care!

If I have some ear problems, all I do is take a bath and massage the lower back of my ear (near the jaw bone) until something comes out. The bath is for moisturizing or loosening up whatever's in your ear.

But, it's still best to consult your doctor. Good luck on Friday!

Kimmie aka Babygirl
I know that when I was younger and when we would get out of the shower, bath or a pool that my mom used to take rubbing alcohol and vinegar and mix it in a bottle and then would use a medicine dropper to put it into our ears. When you do this it will get any water that may be stuck way down inside your ear, then after putting the drops in you just hold a towel against your ear and tilt your head to drain out the solution of alcohol and vinegar. It may cause some pain being as it is already hurting but it will feel very warm coming out of your ear. Try that and see if that will help to relieve the pain until you can get to the doctor.

Another thing is that you may have a sinus infection which affects the ears as well...that you would probably have to go to your family doctor about since the only thing you can get over the counter is like Sudafed or Benadryl that is for allergies but will make you drowsy so I wouldn't suggest that unless you aren't going to be in school or driving.

Hope you feel better soon!!

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