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 Should I see a doctor?

Coughing, chest congestion, dry mouth, diarrhea, loss of appetite, pain on right side just below ribs (not low enough to be appendicitis, btw)

All of these started ...

 If you're drunk all the time, does that make you an alcoholic?
My dad drinks all the time. He doesn't during the day unless he takes the day off, but he comes home for work and has a bottle and a half of wine. On the weekends he and his girlfriend have ...

 What causes a person in their early 40's to get shakes and or small tremors for no apparent reason?
And they do not drink or smoke or do drugs?...

 how do i tell him?
ummm sorry to say this but i am beliemic

i have no clue on how i can tell my dad!
he would be mad!
i no he will cuz i know him, hes not a "nice" kind of guy
hes ...

 Everytime I walk up the stairs, my legs feel like they aren't getting enough oxygen.?
I know that sounds weird. It's not from being overweight. I have very labored breathing going up the stairs also. What do you think this could be?
Additional Details
No I am not ...

 What is America's #1 killer?

Additional Details

okay so im 20.. and occassionally get stomach pains on left side. doctors believe its (IBS)Irritable bowel.. okay so heres the kicker.. i ate fast food 2 weeks ago and started getting cramping that W...

 I think I'm dying. The following are symptoms?
Chest is on fire, especially towards center. Shooting pain along some of my nerves. On arms it switches between elbow crease with wrists and thumbs to underpart of forearms. I get hot and cold and ...

 How can I cure my hiccups?
I've had incredibly painful hiccups all day. They've been very uncomfortable, even stopping me from doing my homework, although I doubt my teachers will believe me when I say that I couldn&#...

 Do you think he has a disorder/ problem?
I really think this person I know (we'll call him A) has two sides to his personality.
One side of him likes to interfere a lot with other people's affairs. He is blunt honest and ...

 Can sinusitis go away on its own? Or, once I have it will I always have it?
The doctor told me I have sinusitis. She told me to take the prescribed medication to get rid of it. My friend has been dealing with sinusitis on and off for 10 years. My friend told me that once I ...

 I have had very massive headaches what could be causing this ?
they come with new stuff forgetfulness lights & noise bother me and the pain is unbairable and very confused and disorented ..I went to the er & they did mri and blood work & test ...

 what could be wrong?
i have a sore throat and swollen glands. Do u think its something serious? i never get sick....

 What happens if your friend has H.I.V. and you used that persons lip gloss? PLLLZZZZZZZ HELP!!?
Ok look my friend has H.I.V. i didnt know she had H.I.V. until today. i always shared lip gloss with her because she was my best friend since i was three so am i going to get H.I.V?? ALSO WILL I GET ...

 If I kiss my boyfriend, will he get sick too?
The 24 hour virus has been going around and i started throwing up yesterday. i only threw up like 4 times yesterday and not at all today.
i was wondering-
Would it be ok to kiss my ...

 What would you call this condition, its really serious. need the name for it please?
electrical impulses from the brain that can cause paralyzation on part of your body for a few hours. can be triggerd by emotional stress of trauma. the doctor cant really figure out whats goin on wit ...

 Is there something wrong with me? Im different and Im concerned?
Im 16. My mother was an alcoholic when she was pregnant with me, because this,
I was low birth weight.
I was the smallest in my class all through school, and still am.
I have a small ...

 blood test shows im low in iron?
im only 17 and my blood test shows im very low in iron. i've been given tablets for this. But is it bad to have this at such a young age? also what foods could i eat that i high in iron?...

 I have bloody stools SOMETIMES and they go all squidgy and ploppy and bad abdominal pain... What do I do?

 would you donate one of you kidneys to someone?

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rachell (:
ahh. i'm realllly stressed?
okay i have no idea why but i'm soo unbelievably stressed out right now. its making me miserable. i've tried to reduce stress by taking a bubble bath, i listened to music, i watched tv, i ta... Read More


Protein-S Deficiency Anyone ever heard of it?
i have a blood clot in my internal iliac vein and my doc said my protein-S number was mildly low(%53) she said it could simply be due to the consumption from an acute thrombosis how do they know why i... Read More


x S x
do you think i have an eating disorder?
hi my name is stacey and i'm 14, 15 in march. i have been bullied all my life because i am over weight and when i went to high school it got to much so i now have home education then in 2006 i fo... Read More


My Husband was diagnosed yesterday as having fibrous dysplasia but we don't know much about it?
he has it in his upper right leg bone and it was discovered through an x-ray.

He has had no pain in his leg but suffers from back pain.

One dr said it was not common and they don't know... Read More


Snuggle Bunny
Medical mystery?
I have a question about a friends medical treatment. She is going in once a week and getting 2 IV's of 15 drugs. Does anyone know what this can be for? She has had mood swings and unusual behavi... Read More


What is dementia really?
my friend claims he has dementia, he sees things that aren't there, sometimes symbols, sometimes people, sometimes he hears voices and if he talks to them sometimes they talk back, but from what ... Read More


Drank vodka on New Yrs Day and now I get stomach aches every morning?
I get those stomach aches where it makes you poo. Thing is I don't have diarrhea. This has been occuring every day since New Years night. I only had half of a shot of vodka that was brand new.... Read More


What type of disease is this, if it is one?
My grandmother's best friend is 64, she's in the hospital but the doctors don't know what is causing it. Her symptoms are: Kidney not emptying fully, Enlarged Liver, Unable to keep pot... Read More


jesus loves us all!!
What foods are high in iron?? I'm anemic?
I'm a 17 year old teen girl and I was told that I was anemic today. I have these huge nasty iron pills that make me feel nauseous. Are there any foods that I can eat to help increase iron levels?... Read More


I have had this cold for 2 weeks now,can't breath,coughing,headaches.

I took NyQuil but not working.

Please help with any remedies... Read More


how xanax harms woman anatomy?
... Read More


Im Mohd Sameer Form lucknow my mother is sufferning kidney failiur . i need help my 09453273694?
I need Kidney help for any body donate kidney for my mother my mother Blood group B+... Read More


Name 2 diseases caused by alcohol abuse?
... Read More


Is my daughter having some form of seizures?? Autism?
I have a one year old daughter (two on Halloween) who is academically advanced for her age. She has exceptional memory and learned her alphabet in a week! She counts to ten and has known her shapes a... Read More


Can you really get sick when it's too cold?
I always thought that it was an old wive's tale that not being bundled up in the cold or just being exposed to it for a while would make you get sick. However, the random changes in temperature l... Read More


hey hey hey
Why is the liver an important organ?
and why is necessary for our survival?


xx... Read More


I have small lumps on my ear lobes - what are they?
Recently I have been noticing small hard lumps on my lower ear lobes. These are underneath where I have 2 piercings (on the lobe) and I have another on the cartilage which I've had for about a ye... Read More


[: ¡¡ʍɐɹ-ooɥ ıɟ ɹƎdɯƎS
what foods are high on acid?
my stomach has been burning a lot lately and i think its from eating foods high in acid. what are some foods i should stay away from?... Read More


is this food poisoning? or is my stomach just disagreeing with something?
ok well.. i didnt eat any meat today.. so its not undercooked meat..

i ate a bun from the chinese market that had taro inside..

i ate seaweed and some tea..

i took a sip of the tea and ... Read More


Annon A
m.s stats? erm m.s anything? ?
told today that I pretty much definitely have ms (results of mri) seeing neurologist tomorrow for more info. Im such a control freak this is gonna drive me insane! has anyone got or know any statistic... Read More


If your parent had Huntington's, would you get the test?
Huntington's, as everyone knows, is fatal and has no cure. If one of you parents had it, you have a 50% chance of having it. The only way to know beforehand is to get tested. My question is, woul... Read More


Angie S
blue-green vomit with black flakes.?
I'm 23 weeks pregnant, this morning I vomited blue liquid with black flakes and then it turned green after awhile with black flakes. I was wondering if this was a symptom of pregnancy. Everything... Read More


Laaaaaaaaaaaad :D
im 15 i miss alot of school with kidney problems what can happen if i continue to miss more days ???
im 15 i miss alot of school with hydronephrosis to the kidneys which means one kidney swells upand its painful i also hav a hurnia located below my belly button and i have aerdibal bowel syndrum ( i k... Read More


Bill H
Weird tingling right side of head above ear?
Weird tingling right side of head above ear?

Its about the size of my palm.

It comes in waves.

It lasts for about 2-3 seconds then goes away. This happens about twice a half hour.
... Read More


High liver enzymes what could it be?
High liver enzymes what could it be?

Ok i had blood work done and they said i have high liver enzymes what could it be from. I don't drink or take Tylenol or any other meds. The only one i d... Read More


how do i get rid of the shakes?
i have now stop drinking for 2 days but still have the shakes real bad?... Read More


Liza R.
Has anyone buy from an online pharmacy called meds-easy?
... Read More


Extremely frustrated and worried over blood results, can anyone help?
I went to my doctor thinking that I was developing the same condition my mother has, fibromyalgia (sorry for the spelling), but I had other symptoms as well as the "common" ones for it. Bloo... Read More


brain tumor im scared!?
ok im 15 years old and im a guy.

and i have a lump on the top of my

head. its been there for a long time,

but now im starting to notice it more

because i had a headache on it. and ... Read More


i have been feeling really dizzy and have been really hungry and thirsty i dont know whats wrong ?
i am a 13 female, i have been feeling dizzy almost as if im gonna pass out all the time, i get really hungry and really tired and the easiest things tire me out, i have also been really thirsty, i get... Read More

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