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 What should i eat?
I'm feeling a little under the weather right now. I have a sore throat and a little diarrhea. What should i do to help my throat and what can i eat that wont bother my stomach? Thanks....

 Why does my 12 yr. old son occasionally feel light headed.?
My 12 yr. old son experiences episodes where he feels dizzy and spaces out. During the 30 second episodes he loses his memory yet he does not lose consciousness. Does anyone know what could be ...

 What is the best way to get rid of cold?
I understand that it may last a little while but I want to get rid of it quickly.
A few things:
-don't just name medications
-I wont use a steam inhaler-type object


 i didnt eat anything today?
because im sick and i lost my appetite. im really hungry but i feel nauseous when i try to eat.
anyway im 16 and at a normal weight...could i pass out today?
what are some signs to look out ...

 Pleas help me becuase i fell as if i am dying and i am only 16?
the past 4 days i have been peeing blood
and the past month sleeping 12-13 hours a day
what will the doctor check for
i also have extreme headaches, abdominal pains, no energy, and my ...

 What is Down's syndrome? ?
hi there.
what is Down's syndrome in east to understnad english i heard of Down's syndrome but not sure what it is....

 How can i make myself throw up?....?
I've already tried the finger and toothbrush method and it doesn't seem to make me throw up. My stomach flexes and i'm almost there but not all the way. How long do i have to stay ...

 Is it possible to die from eating too much soy sauce?
Someone asian guy said he grandpa died from eating too much soy sauce I thought it was funny, but is it true?...

 i have a lisp its where i cant pronounce my S's properly how do i get rid of it?
my lisp is ruining my life people make comments which realy makes me upset no wounder guys dont want me i have a lisp how do i get rid of it its ruining my life please help ...

 emergency please read?
my dad was moaning from he said his lower stomach. he said it hurts alot and he keeps moving from it. and then he said he feels like his back is broken so theres pain there too. and he also mentioned ...

 Experiencing a relative dying for the first time?
A few minutes ago, i got told that my grandad who is in hospital recovering from lung cancer, has been taken off all medications, and now their giving him morphine to make him comfortable... so that ...

 I'm always cold. I wear pants and hoodies year round...?
Well, I'm constantly cold, and I've just really started to take it seriously in the past week.
I went to the beach today with a few friends, and I was wearing pants, sneakers, and a ...

 I am a millionairess trapped in the body of a poor person: Is there a name and/or cure for this condition?
Deep down I've always known I was meant to be wealthy - and that it was a freakishly cruel twist of nature that decreed I be born into the body of someone without lots of money.
That being ...

 Alcoholism - I've drank a lot for the past 5 years. I stopped and now my entire body?
aches, my wrists hurt really bad, my arms and my upper back is in a TON of pain.

Is that from stopping drinking???? Or is it just a coincidence?...

 My mother is an alcoholic, but she won't admit she has a problem. What can I do? I'm 19, and I'm feeling lost.?
I'm away at college most of the time, but I'm back on break through half of January. My sister is no help whatsoever, and my dad is extremely aware of the problem, but he has so much to ...

 how many times should you go the the toilet..?
i wil call them 'stools' (haha)..
o.k, ive been on a diet for like my whole teenage life, im 16 now..so since i was 12-13.. ive restricted so much of what i eat... i use to starve my ...

 Alcholism....a disease or not?
In Britain, Alcoholism is now recognised as a disease, and I for one think some of us are certainly set up for it, sometimes whole ethnic groups appear to be set up for it, like Native Americans and I...

 My mom has been having a burning/tingling feeling in her feet, but we don't know the problem. Any suggestions?
We know that the problem is not from the nerves through tests....

 HELP!!! I'm in some serious pain and don't know what to do....?
I've had RA for 2 1/2 years now and I've tried everything (I work closely with my Rheumy) from the latest drugs to accupunture. I can't even cry anymore it hurts so bad! Does anyone ...

 Is it true that they won't do liver transplants on alcoholics?

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anyone taking/taken aciphex??
about 2 months ago i was told that i have acid reflux. no heartburn, just a lot of flem in my throat all the time. it never goes away. i cant swallow it down. i was on prevacid for two months and i sa... Read More


Melissa R
All these symptoms and no diagnosis...help, can u give me ideas?
I have had loose stools for almost a year, on an average 7 to 15 a day....I feel tired most of the time, I do have times when I feel energetic, but then all of the sudden I crash..My body aches like t... Read More


this is mine
I have been thinking too much for the last 4 years. (ie) I always used to think while doing anything.?
one example would be :

while eating I will be thinking of something happened 2 years ago.

I am unable to live in the present moment and I am carried away by continous thoughts.<... Read More


stagger lee
liver problems from redbull?
I know a guy who got some kind of serious infection from drinking too much redbull (I am talking copious amounts here)... apparently it affected his liver and a bacteria that is normally healthy in th... Read More


What is the impact of high blood pressure on low socio economic populations in AUSTRALIA?
If anyone has any links to websites that has information about LOW SOCIO ECONOMIC STATUS in australia it would be a great help.... Read More


Help my wife - swollen feet - She is 70 years old, heavy but not obese.?
Her heart has checked out OK. She does have sleep apnea and wears a cpac. She watches her salt intake but it seems nothing helps. Her feel and legs are swollen. I massage them (lightly) a lot at ni... Read More


Tom Weldon
I think I may have a serious head problem?
Sometimes when I watch a lot of tv or play a video game for a long time my head does this weird thing where it feels like its shaking on the inside and i get sort of dizzy and then after a few seconds... Read More


My 3 yr old is having seizure symptoms daily but doctors don't know whats wrong w/her HELP!!!!!?
... Read More


farhang f
28)a rare from of cancer that has become common among men with HIV infection is...?
a)Kaposi's sarcoma

b)Pneumocystis carinni


d)Burkitt's lymphoma... Read More


Weird Bumpies on my tongue...please help...?
i just went to brush my tongue and noticed many man bumps on it! they start from the middle of my tongue to all the way back...they are pinkish, not red, and really scratchy and bumpy...i know these w... Read More


Cystic Fibrosis Infant Screening?
Does California perform routine CF infant screening upon birth and if so, since when have they done it? I am trying to find out if my son (born 7/21/06) would have had this test done along with all t... Read More


Does anyone know if it is ok to take xanax's while in Nursing School?
I have been taking xanax's since April for some extreme family problems. I am currently under a dr.'s care and being weined off. However, I begin Nursing School monday and they are doing a... Read More


what is serotogenic pathway?
medical -vision... Read More


Mary B
When a person has a brain anurism, what do they feel? Do they feel a lot of pain?
An anurism deep in the brain that was not known about until it burst. Doctors said that even if they had cought it beforehand, it was too far in the brain to fix. I would like to know if they would st... Read More


Does Anyone Else Out There Have SYRINGOMYELIA??
... Read More


Angela B
This is so weird. After I eat sometimes my left foot feels swollen and full of fluid and kinda numb. why?
My right foot not really at all....:/... Read More


How do i stop sneezing?
I am recovering from a cold, but im sneezing like every 10 minutes...its annoying and i want to know how to make it stop. thanks!... Read More


billy bad
what causes the feeling of passing out and blurred vision when being completely still?
I have c.a.d. and agina, but had all test run and can not find what is causing the dizzieness or eye problem.... Read More


Gabriel D
How would you know if you have autism?
... Read More


Laki B
what is polyps?
... Read More


kanza m
how does transplant used to treat kidneys?
... Read More


Moon Man
What are the cell like objects that I can see floating in my vision?
... Read More


Does anyone have an autism checklist?
I am looking for an autism checklist please - Essentially a list of the common signs of autism.... Read More


tears fall softly
I have an eating disorder....?
I have an eating disorder and I have admitted it and toyed with giving it up but I dont think that I want to anymore... It is a security type of thing for me I guess and I dont want to lose it... I li... Read More


Why does it feel like there's something stuck in my throat when i swallow??
The obvious answer would be "Because there is". But this has been going on for nearly three days. If it were anything normal, like food, I'm sure it would have been dislodged, by now, b... Read More


If alcoholism and anorexia are diseases just like cancer, then does that mean i can go to a meeting to cure...
cancer? alcoholism and anorexia are not diseases, they are developed because of insecurities of weak minded people. To say you have a disease when you like to get drunk or stop eating because you wa... Read More


Kitsch Nouveau;
could I possibly have insomnia??

I think I'm might be too young (I'm 14), but lately I can't go to sleep at all! Whenever I try to clear my mind I just start thinking about other s... Read More


Feed Me Answers!
I seem to have a persistent, but false sensation. How can I get rid of it?
For three days now, I have had the sensation that a piece of tape, or some other adhesive is stuck on the bottom of my foot. There is nothing there. While it does not really impact my life at all, I d... Read More


Black Beauty™
Polymyositis and Scleroderma........?
If you or you know anyone that has one or both of these illness, i would like to know how long did it take to accept the illness?... Read More


I have pain on the left side?
I been having pain on my left side and back. My doctor thought it was kidney stones so he order me to get a cat scan. The result was gallstones. Gallstones pain is on the right side. My doctor read t... Read More

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