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 im 13 years old and i smoke?
My friend offered me one a month ago and now im hooked.

I smoke about 7-9 a week and im trying to cut down buts its sooo hard....

 Those who have Asperger's. What medications / doses do you take (if any)?
Also, do you go to a psychologist regularly? I take low doses of anti-anxiety and seroquel to help curb night terrors. I see a psychologist once per week, but will need to cut down for financial ...

 Mystery Illness, HELP?!?
-Severe leg cramping.
-Shooting, not aching, pains through my joints.
-Loss of feeling in legs for no apparent reason, but happens more often when I'm sitting or laying down.

 does anyone know the symptoms for urine infection?
i think i may have this, whats the symptoms?...

 Anyone have short term cures and tips for dizziness caused by Anaemia?
I've been diagnosed with Anaemia - I'm talking iron tablets, making sure I get enough sleep and staying hydrated. However, I'm my iron levels were pretty low and it'll take some ...

 need help to pay for tests to prove MMR caused autism?
Hi, I have spent all my money on getting my son tested to see what caused his autism. I have taken this to a solicitor who will take on the case if I can prove I have the same condition (...

 Relative with Alzheimer's Disease angry a lot lately?
About 2 weeks ago, it became noticeable that a relative of mine with Alzheimer's is becoming very angry a lot lately. I believe he was diagnosed with the disease about 10 years ago. He has ...

 Epilepsy tablets........?
Ok, so i picked up a new box of my epilepsy tablets and i feel really weird, i took one 6 hours ago now do you think theres something wrong with it? There in date and the correct medication and i ...

 Is this neurological or what? I'm kinda worried.?
Sometimes I can't read my own handwriting.

If there's an open doorway by a wall, I'll walk into the latter.

I can't drive because of my poor depth perception....

 Possible to be bulimic without knowing it?
(I am a very thin person and know it)

For the past couple months, i have been having digestive problems. At least once a day, i'll get a sharp pain that makes me know i have to go to ...

 Why does cheese come out of my left ear?
Everytime I sneeze, cheesy looking crap shoots out of my ear. It is very tasty though. WHAT THE F**K IS IT?...

 Any cure for acid reflux?

 20 yrs female ,migraine ,on attack vomiting & unconscious any line of treatment welcome?

 My shoulder is very numb after surgery. It's been two years now. Is there a cure?

 Question about alcohol consumption with multicystic kidney disorder?
So I have multicystic kidney disorder since birth and it affects one kidney which is completely useless. So what I want to know is whether consuming alcohol affects me worse than if I had two ...

 Does caffeine affect people with Dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency physically?
I have really bad ADD, and I recently noticed that I have all of the symptoms of dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency, which is a condition in which there is a "deficiency of norepinephrine and ...

 The blood in my neck feels like its bubbling and it hurts. What is it?
I have severe pain in my neck (the vascular part). I feel blood rushing in and out painfully and it 'bubbles' in the base part of my neck. It's painful, and I hear popping noises ...

 108 days sober and I want a drink, my meds aren't helping?
I have gotten 3 DUI's in the last 8 years. I just spent 90 days in jail, I have a 7:00 PM curfew, lost my drivers license for a year and I STILL want a drink. Am I an alcoholic? Yes, I already ...

 Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus...is there anyone like me?
I'm 29...with Rhuematoid Arthritis and Lupus. I was a healthy athletic person until the age of 25. I just woke up one morning with a lot of pain in my neck and back and flu like symptoms. I ...

 Bizarre stomach pain? Help?
Saturday morning I had a Bar Mitzvah luncheon where they served a few things that COULD have been contaminated (tuna salad, egg salad), but I'm a vegetarian so I didn't have fish, and mayo ...

is it hard to having relationship with epilepsy?
i have epilepsy since 12years already, now am 21 years old and it getting control quiet will in this 3years i only having 1-2 seizure a year and i always can felt it before it come and i know what happen during the seizure time.the seizure only took 1-2 minutes. now am on a relationship with my bf but his parent don't want he to stay with me because the issued i have, we all from asian. they think it a trouble for his kid and i know what they worried about.but he don't want to leave me because it he love me and want to stay with me. in this situation what should do the parents not accept me at all? but they don't tell me, only said it at the back and give him pressure.should i stay with him? we all want to stay together forever but...i don't know what should i do...i don't know how long it will going better to accept me.could anyone tell me what should i do now?

I say this to you my friend, epilepsy is a disease which obviously you have under control and are aware of all the problems it can cause.
That is good. Even better is that you have a supportive boyfriend who loves you.
Your health concerns are not the business of anyone parents. If they have a problem , bad luck to them. If I were you I would tell them to back off and mind their own business. You are in love and you intend to stay with their son.
If they still have problems with you otr if your boyfriend bows down to their demands then I think you need to question his intentions. Does he love his parents more than you?
If so, and I hope this is not the case, get rid of him.
If the parents don't accept you that is their loss. You are going out with your son, not them.
Good luck!!

You only have one or two seizures a year and his parents don't accept you because of that? His parents are either extremely shallow and narrow minded, or there are other underlying reasons for why they don't like you.

Mum Mum
Yes !

in my opinion it is not hard to live with someone with epilepsy, my brother has epilepsy bout the same as you only 1 or 2 seizures a year and it is scary for us around him but after a week after the seizures everything goes back to normal. his a great guy. and im sure your a great women also. it shouldnt affect him to libe with you. I say you stay stuck to him like glue. If he love you and you love him dont get held back. fight for it. I think that you should stay around his parents more often , e.g, go to dinner with him and his parents, if you stick around for long enough they will realise your here to stay and let you in their life, just stay in there okay!, hope i helped.

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