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i think my tongue piercing is infected please help!!?
well u got my tongue pierced 4 days ago and the past 2 days there has been yellow greenish puss coming from the bottom and getting around the bottom of the barbell...now today my tongue looks really yellowish but all the while it never hurts..and i have these little bumps on the top they are really painful...and i have pain at the bottom of my jaw......this is scary..ive been tld not to take it out..i really wanna keep it but i want it to get better this is scaring me....please any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Asfandyar K
ask god, he knows

L - Lawliet
put alchohal all over it and wipe the alchohol. do it weekly and then after a few weeks it should be goneif not go see a doctor. hope this helps

You mean " I got my tongue pierced" and rinse your mouth with listerine to kill the germs and do it twice a day for a couple of weeks. If that doesn't work contact the piercer.

First off PLEASE don't listen to these other people!!! They are stupid and hundreds of thousands of people get their tongues pierced every day and it's not a big deal. Hell, I've had mine done twice and my mom just got hers done a few months ago. As long as you know how to take care of it your tongue will NOT fall off, and you won't lose any part of it nor will anything else happen. And don't go to the doctor... if you must, go back to the person who pierced you. They will know more than any doctor because they do this kind of thing every day. A doctor will just tell you that you're stupid... like all of the rest of these morons on answers.


Well whatever you do DON'T take it out!!! People are telling you this because if you take it out you will trap the infection inside your tongue and it will get very ugly. What to do to fix it?! Well... go to the store and get a big bottle of Biotene mouth wash. It's designed to stimulate your mouth to heal itself and it's made for old folks so it's really mild and it doesn't burn. If you're using Listerine... STOP! It's bad for your tongue and it's healing process! Listerine kills all the bad germs in your mouth, but it also kills all the good germs that help you heal. Don't use it until your tongue is 100% healed! Use the Biotene 3 times a day, or after every meal. You should be cleared up and healed within the next two weeks...

Good luck!

Rent the movie "Rat Race" and try not to laugh so much that your tongue hurts.

Well that's one reason you don't get your tongue pierced !!

Lamar's Mommy
i think you should go to the hospital and or if you can call the place where you got it done at and see what they tell you.

Its probably the best idea to take it out and see a doctor....but since u dont wanna do that, the best things to do would be gargle alcohol (preferably pure vodka) or salt water. Both will disinfect the peircing. I have done this myself many times for various percings over the years and it usualy works, good luck :)

Go to a doctor or hospital asap An infection like this could be very dangerous. If it is not infected, then the doctor will tell you how to take care of it and you will feel thankful that You did the sensible thing.
Personally, I would take the piercing out right away. Life and health are too precious to take chances. Good luck

it's probably ur ring. any how u should see a doctor. good luck!

go to the doctors and dont piece anymore body parts. those may get infected too if your tongue did. your skin may not be able to handle it.

its def. infected.
try using mouthwash over and over.
and you might wanna take it out.
unless you wanna lose your tongue that is.

you should see a doctor in case it is an infection

Pete T
It sounds infected , but then anyone who does such foolishness should get infected.

Lizabeth C

c a doc

dude take it out before you loose your tongue

Father Juan
i think you better get to a doctor - right now!

You stuck a metal barbell through one of the most sensitive and exposed muscles on your body. It never occurred to you that something bad could happen?
Eventually you'll learn to value your health over looking "cool" with a spunky tongue piercing. Your mouth and lower jaw is probably infected, and so you should see a doctor.
Trust me, keeping the piercing in won't make you look any better, considering all of the bad things it will do to your face.


It is definitely infected.If there is pain in your jaw, not good! There is no doubt about it you should take it out. You can always get your tongue repierced. If you let your tongue rot out from infection than there will be no option.

go to the hospital. they'll numb your tongue and take the barbell out. you have an infection. hurry up and get there before they have to cut your tongue out!!!! and don't pierce your tongue again!

Go see the doctor. If it's infected and not taken care of, you can lose part of your tongue.

Ps. A tongue piercing is a terrible idea, easy to get infected. You may want to take out the stud and let it heal over.

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