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i think i have BO but i cant smell it??? how do i get rid of this smell and stop underarm sweating?plz help?

Additional Details
wow everyone yes of course i take a shower i am a very clean person i shower at least twice a day and i use deoderant alot

Naz N

lol... deodorant sweetheart.

Apply deodorant and take a shower.

Use anit-perspirant after you shower. You do shower right?

The Wage

It really works

eeemmmmiilleee {♥}
deoderent ?

The Courageous PT DT #69
Well actually, BO is short for body odor, so if you can't smell it, you don't have it.

Try using anti perspirant, there is a difference between that and deodorant

and take a shower everyday/or night.

Rob H
If you have BO and you cant smell it
1. either you've had it for so long your use to it.
2. other people could be lien

and sweating is normal if you don't sweat that's very bad and unhealthy you need your sweat glands to open up and sweat just carry axe and deodorant on you and your fine.

Mitch Z
shower, perfume ,deoderant

take advice from this vid: brush yo teeth


Donna S
Jeez, ask your best bud to give you the whiff test.

And for God's sake, take a shower every day, brush your teeth, wash your hair, your feet and get some deodorant.

I would buy about 3 different kinds of deoderant and experiment with them. Use the one that works best. Not all deo's work the same for everyone, so you just have to find the one that is perfect for you.

make sure to use a really good cleanser like cetaphil wash several times in the shower until the smell is gone or you feel clean.....secret clinical strength sport deodorant works super well too
hope this helps <33

First of all -- bathe daily or more if needed and stay away from antiperspirants. Use deodorants only! Antiperspirants are NOT GOOD because they clog your pores and that makes your problem even worse -- really!!
Second -- consider not eating meat. Meat products break down in some pretty smelly and unattractive ways. Go vegetarian for a while and drink LOTS of water (not soda, not coffee, not energy drinks -- WATER).
Good luck!!

first thing in the morning wash thoroughly with soap and then apply a fair amount of deodorant. Then top-up on thee deodorant halfway through the day. The more you worry about it, the more you'll sweat so relax :D

any deodorant with a higher zinc level will work, check the back of the labels, also you know body sprays have no anti perspirant in them and are basically to make you smell nice

If you have BO you know it!!

Shower then deoderant

Aidan C
If your a man use Gilette clinical Works amazingly
If your a women use secret clinical

You can get it in almost any pharacy

After u put on ur deodorant use baby powder.

Professional Amateur
Shave your armpits. Hair can retain odor.

Use an antipersperant rather than a deodarant.

I stopped mine by going to a dermatologist who gave me botox injections to kill the glands in the armpit. If you sweat profusely for no reason, you got what I got -- hyperhydrosis.

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