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I crossed the line
how to cure a high fever for a 4 year old?
My sister has had a high fever for about 3 days very high fever at night. She doesn't eat much because she trows up. What should I do?
Additional Details
I already took her to the doc and he told me to just give her tylenol

Give her aspirin, drink lots of fluids, and rest. If it gets really high, put her in a lukewarm bath for a few minutes to cool her down. She should also see a dr. if it doesn't stop in a day or so.

Lots of Ginger drinks/ and dry foods, honey drinks and hot fluids. Vitamins might help. urmmm some cough syrup and or other medicine of some sort prescibed only by your GP

May God bless you and your sister. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

children's Motrin is the best for fevers. plenty of fluids, room temp. ginger-ale, apple juice. cool cloth on forehead and back of neck. this WILL help. temped baths, also. NO ASPIRIN!

eww...i feel bad for her! tell her i said feel better and good luck! as a doctor...this could get very serious.

well, u should ahve told us the temperature, i cant really give u an answer without it, if it is above 100/101 give her medicine, if it isnt let her fight it off herself, id go to the doctors, cuz it could be something else causing the fever that is not too good.

What are you considering high???? At any rate she needs to be seen by a doctor and on some antibiotics.

she probably needs to see a doc... but give her a warm bath...despite what you might think a warm bath is better for a fever than a cold bath.....give her some childrens tylenol and give her lots of fluids...water, apple juice and let her rest.... fevers are our bodies way of fighting off infection...

Take her to the doctor or a hospital to be checked. She might get a fit due to high fever. That damages brain cells. Keep ice on the head to lower the temperature of the head. Hurry up and show her to a doctor.

♥ Oh my..its me!!
You cant cure a fever. Just have her get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. Her body will fight it off naturally.

john travolta
cripes go 2 the doctor right away

Give her a fever reducer like children's tylenol or children's moltrin. If her fever still hasn't gone down, cool her down with damp cold compresses. Have your mom or dad or any adult take her to her pediatrician.

And give her pedialyte so she won't get dehydrated, since she's throwing up.

Pam H
If she has had a high fever for 3 days she needs to be taken to the doctor. Childrens Tylenol might help.

Dealing with a fever is tricky. I am a mother so here is what I would do. First if it is over 101 and you cant get a break in it she needs to see a doctor very soon. If it will break then you need to alternate advil and tylenol every 4 hours. run a bath of luke warm water and sponge bathe her. make sure the water is not to cold due to shock and not to hot. even though she may be cold do not let her cover up the heat needs to escape. as for drinking- try Gatorade or sprite. but if she is vomiting continuously and has a very high fever i would recommend getting medical attention asap.oh to add on do not give the child aspirin- it causes a serious condition in children known as Reyes syndrome, so do NOT give aspirin.

Stop the Stupidity
Depending on how high the fever is.

Luke warm bath

Little bits of liquid at a time
maybe some pedialite

If it persits go to the doctor

take it from a mother of three, you can also try children's Motrin. But if the fever is high, try rubbing the child down with rubbing alcohol, just on the skin. You put a little in your hands and rub it on the arms legs. Or you can put the child in a tepid bath.

Hi Master Mind

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Best of health to both of you

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