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headachs in different places of my head i have had dem for 2 weeks

dry mouth and lips
loss of taste
fills sick ...

 I'm lookin for an anti-tobacco slogan, any1 got any?

 how can i make myself vomit?
i am a wrestler and i need to make weight. iwas doing fine cutting but i accidentally slipped up and ate a little too much food i want to get it out so i can make weight.
when i stick ...

 i'm becoming anorexic/bulimic and it's scaring me really bad.?
Can anyone please share stories or experiences. It's scary and I can't stop the cycle I've started.
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anorexia and bulimia go hand in hand. you avoid food ...

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 Did you ever have a colonoscopy?
I did today and I'm happy to report that I'm fine!!
I had a 7mm polyp which was removed but no cancer!
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LOL michael, I had a kidney stone removed ...

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 I want to know if Am bulimic!!?
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 What is your average sleeping hours? 4, 6,8hrs....? Is 6 & ½ Normal?

 i think i have BO but i cant smell it??? how do i get rid of this smell and stop underarm sweating?plz help?

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wow everyone yes of course i take a shower i am a very clean person i shower at least twice a day and i use deoderant ...

 I have a fever of 101.7, what should I do?

 My daughter is getting really bad stomach aches?
shes 12 and gets these stomach aches. when she gets them she has to use the bathroom. she gets them almost every day! do you know whats wrong?...

how long will it take for cocaine to get out of my saliva?

Additional Details
I have a saliva drug test tomorrow an I used last sunday three days ago

Punkass aka AlFranken allthetime
are you serious, your fu!ked

4 years.

smart E

You won't get the job.

Your life is in ruins.

Are your parents proud of you?


What you wasting your life taking drugs for?
Get yourself clean.
By the way you are going to fail the test.

Just read your profile...you don't deserve kids


you are a menace to society. go away and do not come back

you should get a doc to clean you up.

Steph j
6 months.

sue dean
the question should be how long will it take my brain cells to repair themselves, do you know why you get high from doing drugs, the oxygen to your BRAIN is cut OFF! i understand addiction, i have been smoking [cigarettes] for 35 years and i have copd, which is lung disease, but i'm still smoking! please don't do this to yourself and your family!

I've heard it said that 3 days will do it... If not use someone else's saliva

In your profile it says you have a four year old son....says it all really. Surely a half decent parent would be more careful and less irresponsible. Anyone with any sense would realise that by your age drugs are a waste of time and do nothing but destroy lives, i'm younger than you and realised that a long time ago. They arent cool, they arent clever, people that use drugs are junkies in waiting.

And i'm not a judgemental person, I am not a saint, but I know right from wrong and know that drugs ruin peoples lives and seriously compromise their quality of living. We all make choices, from what you have said your usage of cocaine is down to choice and you are not being made to use it. Your son deserves much better.

Grassmonkey what an absurd and ridiculous answer, people on here saying that she shouldn't be doing drugs aren't stupid are they, cocaine is illegal for starters but what kind of single parent puts their childs welfare on the line for a line? I have seen what drugs can do to people, I have seen the proof, it numbs you and without you realising it your life is no longer yours-it belongs to the cocaine/heroin/lsd or whatever drug you take. I think you should seriously take a look at yourself if you think taking drugs is worth it? You run the risk of losing a lot through taking drugs, most people would consider a job,family,friends and pride to be more important than a high that is short lived. I don't see where the sense is and it angers me that people blame everyone and everything else.

Amby, that last bit wasnt aimed at you by the way, it was aimed at the person that attempted to condone and justify using drugs. I think if you need help you should seek the help that is there for you, if your son was to be taken from you,you would be devestated but only you can stop that from happening. I personally feel you might be a half decent person, but drugs will ruin your chances of ever getting the career you want as drugs testing is more and more common within the work place. I would avoid spending time with the people that you feel tempted around-and make choices now-before the law makes them for you.

About 2 weeks!! Sounds like you're up a creek!!

sarah g
i'm a drug worker n i take oral swab saliva tests as part of my job. 3 days n u should be clear. less if the coke u took wasn't very good. xx

Del Piero 10
Quite a while and it stays in your hair even longer. The German football coach Christoph Daum fell foul of that.

That's the least of your concerns.

You need to stop doing cocaine and get some help.

Why are you doing drugs? Find something better to do.
Get interested in other people and life. There is so much out there that you are missing out on because you can't see past yourself and your immediate gratification needs.
But you are hurting yourself and depriving others of your gifts. Your drug use is hurting people you care about.
Get off of them and get some help. You will be happier as a result. Learn now that you don't know much. None of us do. The world is too large with too much knowledge and that is why life is interesting. You will always learn something new and see things in a different perspective but you have to be open. You will meet lots of new and interesting people that will touch you in ways that you could never imagine. You will touch others as well. Life really is beautiful. But it's only beautiful for those who understand that they don't know it all and that they don't have it all figured out.

You might get by with it.

Everyone needs to quit judging, I'm sure you've done things your not proud of. Don't throw stones!

your ruining your life..why do u want to be a crack head??You will spend the rest of your life stealing,feeming,and shooting up..
Get help sweetie..

Rachel F Baby
I don't know exactly, but definitely not by your drug test tomorrow!!

Your system is likely to be clear of nicotine, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, crack or crank in two to three days if one or more of the following applies:

* you are an occasional user

* when you use, you use a small or moderate amount of drug (e.g., one or two lines, etc.)

* your history of using the drug is less than six months

Your system is likely to be clear of nicotine, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, crack or crank in three to five days if one or more of the following applies:

* you use once or twice a week

* when you use, you use a moderate to large amount of drug

* your history of using is greater than six months

Your system is likely to be clear of nicotine, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, crack or crank in five to ten days if one or more of the following applies:

* you use most days of the week

* when you use, you use a moderate to large amount of drug

* your history of using is greater than one year

I think you should be alright for the test.

I also think that everyone here with the opinion that just because someone used cocaine this automatically makes them unable to hold down a job, family and a life.

I have a good job, a loving family and great friends i also can use drugs for recreation use without it affecting any of the above. The majority of these judgemental morons obviously know nothing about drugs. As they've probably never tried them so how can they know what there talking about.

Cocaine does go quite quickly from your body, if you didn't use regularly and didn't use a lot then it will probably be ok, but regular use will build up.

I hope you get busted for your own good.

people who judge and condemn those that take drugs are stupid and ignorant,each of you that has insulted this women tell me you have never smoked,drank alcohol or done something for an 'adrenalin rush'
human beings are pre-designed to want to take and have mind expanding experiences
I'm not condoning drug use
if u are weak willed or susceptible drug using is the worst thing for you
its bad for the body and bad for the mind but so it caffeine and nicotine
at the end of the day its her body she explained she thought it was a mistake
and how many of your parents/grandparents have you seen drunk at weddings,cocaine is less likely to affect u behaviourally than 6 pints and it wears off quicker

te cocaine should have disappeared in less then a week providing it was less than a gram
and as your a mother u probably wouldn't want to spend more than 40 quid anyway! i wouldn't!
hope u get it duck we all slip up

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