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jolie e
how do u know if u have ADD?...i've read the syndrome of ADD and i think i have ADD but am not sure..helP?
i mean..i was a shy kid back then..honestly no shy...but timid...i hate to socialize n usually in class..i'l be sitting at the end of the classroom hoping that the teacher won't see me..i get scared until i shiver..during class or work..i'l be daydreaming...i cant focus n end up dreaming about what should i be doing on weekends...sometime when i'm angry at someone..i'l be dreaming of smashing that person with a base ball bat...so please do helpo me out...i have confidence in bullying people instead of being nice n polite...i dont like it if ppl hug or kiss me...what kinda of problem do i have...help!

I would go to a dr and tell them your concerns. They could diagnose you, to let you know if you have it or not

well you do not have ADD - ADD stands for Attention Defecit Disorder - like you are hyper active and can't concentrate for certain amounts of time. you sound like you have psychological issues, ADD is a mental problem which medication can treat, it does not stem from any sort of youth problem. maybe thats where your issue stems from? need to look into your past.

To determine if you have ADD, consult a psychologist. You may have a different disorder from the sound of it. If you do have ADD, or any other disorder, you'll want it documented so you can get help before it gets out of hand and you get into a jam. Many states provide some sort of assistance in treatment if you can't afford it. Good luck.

u already know the problem, thats very smart, now just have some understanding and handle it one by one. Have a friend or 2 and hang with them, And thats nothing wrong if u dont like people hug and kiss. I love this particular attitude very much. Thats classy and i love it. Rest have some courage and face ur fears day by day.

From what you are saying, it does not sound like ADD to me. It sounds more like a social anxiety disorder. I put a link to information about anxiety and finding help and support.

It takes a lot of courage to ask for help and I am very glad that you are reaching out. I am a social worker and I want you to know that you can DEFINITELY get help for this. You should see a counselor and they may even put you on some medication for a short time until you work through some of what is causing these feelings.

Now, since I am a social worker, I have to say this, ANYTIME that you are feeling like you might hurt yourself or someone else, this is a crisis and emergency situation. You say you have some thoughts like that and that concerns me. I put the link to the National Suicide Hotline - THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE CRAZY OR SUICIDAL. I wanted you to have it because I want you to be able to call a PROFESSIONAL person 24 hours a day to be able to talk about the feelings you are having.

If these feelings become so overwhelming at any time that you feel that you are going to act on them, walk into any emergency room and they will get you help right away.

Please take care of yourself. Things like this do not get better without help and you are going to make yourself more anxious worrying about the problem.

I am BEGGING you to make a call TODAY. I PROMISE you will feel SO much better. You are not alone and there is a lot of help for you.

Please take care of yourself...

Read about ADD here:

okay, i've read what you wrote.
has anything "tramatic" happened to you? it kind of seems like you are trying to tell people something, i dont think its ADD. ADD is in its simplest form, unable to keep your attention even if you enjoy it. so NO i dont think you have ADD/ADHD. but i would recommmend that you go and see a docter.
there is this one disorder called "PTSD" its stands for Post Tramatic Stress Dissorder

i am no docter!!!
keep your head up!

lstotch {PAC}
Well more Ritaline for you ..
The side effects are tiny pink Christine Agulira monsters. But that's expected...

The only person that can truly determine if you have ADD or not is a pysichiatrist after loads of evaluations, I'm afraid. :/

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