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eating paper?
is eating paper a side-effect of a bad disease?
i sometimes eat it while not noticing i am. i just do...
whether it be napkins, homework, computer paper...anything...

i heard that if you eat it it could mean that you have a disease, but im not sure, and i would like to know more about this "paper eating disorder"

thank you :)
Additional Details
a lot of you have been saying that i "like the taste of it"

well, no...

i do it but i dont realize i am doing it.

but when ii realize i am, the taste is bad...

and as for how long i have been, its been going on for a couple of months now.

lol. its kind of weird handing in homework that has a bite mark out of it


OMG....its a habit...I do it too!!! HONEST TO GOD...or i will put my hair in my mouth...ur okay...its just a habit..

Colt & Tegan
It's an eating disorder called Pica. It's common in children and pregnant women. It's actually the most common of all eating disorders. It can be caused by hookworm infection, pregnancy, iron deficiency (most common), etc. It is important to talk to a doctor because it could be a symptom of something serious.

It is usually not a psychological disorder (though sometimes it is) but it is often misdiagnosed by doctors who have no psychological training as being psychological.

well like they said it could be just a habit but if it really worries you then go get it checked out i eat klenix somtimes its pretty ggross but like you i don't know im doing it lmao
but anyways get it checked out u never no
beter now then neverr
love yah!

thats a little strange, you could have a disease,idk. maybe you just like the taste, how long has this ben going on?


an bhuil gaeilge agat?
Hey - look up 'pica' it's not a disease....more of a disorder. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pica_%28disorder%29. It's not a side effect though.

I agree with xxguitarxloverxx i dont think you have a disease but just a bad habbit!

Paper eating can be a sign of an eating disorder, along with better known ones like anorexia and bulimia. If this is more then a bad habit you may want to talk to someone. The disease that you may have is mental illness and it needs to be treated, just like any other disease.

thats a little weird. i'm pretty sure you don't have a disease though.

maybe you just like the taste? lmao

Probably just a bad habbit you started. However, some people it strange things, because their body is lacking something. So subconciously they eat something that has the (whatever it is their body is lacking). Maybe there's something in paper that your body is craving, and subconciously you are trying to fill the void. Just my 2 cents.

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