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 I am sick, what do I have?
I haven't been feeling too great since I got home today. I got terrible cramps and had diarrhea; I feel sick to stomach and a little dizzy as well. Do you think it was something I ate?


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My Bf is only 18 and will be migrating soon to California, the saddest news is he will be donating his kidney to his mom. at first i agree but what if he will suffered a lot on the operation, what if ...

 Does anyone have Crohns Disease? Serious Answers PLEASE?
I have Crohns Disease and my doctor wants to start me on a self injecting medication (can't remember the name of it) but it is not Remicade. I have heard that this medication has caused some ...

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 My sister was sick all yesterday and last night and now i'm starting to vomit as well...why?

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its totally hurts. sometimes there's no problem. wat is wrong?...

 Should I go to a doctor about this?
I have been treated like crap for the past few weeks by my former friends. It seems that they are bipolar, that one day they're nice and another they are teasing me. I am always tired, I don'...

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 My toes smell like vomit?
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 i got my ears pierced..part 2?
i got my ears pierced on the 6th of january..and i got my second hole and my left ear cartalidge... my 2nd hole has not caused any trouble/hasnt been swolen... but my cartalige is getting really ...

 How bad is an endoscopy test?
I may have to have one for acid reflux and Im terrified , can anyone tell me what is like .
Additional Details
Thanks to all of you , theres a lot of good info....

 how long does it take for meth and cocaine to get out of your system and how many hours after is it safe to ua?

 Is this how arthritis begins?
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a tumor that has spread from it original site to other body ...

 Does taking a shot of liquor really knock an illness out of you?
if so I am going to have a few....

 I get frequent headaches?
Although not only do I get frequent headaches, but I feel fatigue all the time, dizziness, drowsiness, I'm always running into things, forgetting things, seeing/hearing things for example; it ...

 has anyone taking predisone?
how long for and what for ?
Additional Details
i take it for i.t.p and am suffering greatly with every side effect it is throwing at me im taking 40mg now from 60 so will be suffering ...

 Is smokeless tobacco safer than cigarettes?

lauren K
both sides of my stomach hurts and back hurts also?

What type of pain is it?
It is a radiating pain?
Can you rate the pain on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst?
Is it a radiating pain?

Do you have any allergies, take any medications, or have any other significant past history?

What were you doing before your experienced the pain?

Answer these questions and I hopefully might be able to give you some idea of whats going on.

icey hot hun

Fernando C
Go check it out with a docter plan and simple.

Ok, if your are a female then it could be anything from ovarian cysts to kidney infection. Kidneys stones have been known to cause such pain as well. Here are some signs to look for: Frequent urination that can smell really strong, lack of urination, blood in the urine. For GI problems, black tarry stool, or stool with blood in it. It all depends on your age, your previous health problems, what happened when the pain first started etc. A bit more info is needed. But if the problem persist and it something that has never happened before, I would suggest going to the er. If it is something like kidney stones etc. the longer you wait the more the small problem can turn into something like organ failure.

See your doctor it might be your kidneys.

Sharon J
did you eat something that didn't agree with you, or you might be constipated, try drinking some green tea hot w/lemon and sugar to your taste. if still hurt in the morning go to your doctor.

Ronald D
Sounds like you need to see a doctor and fast.

maybe you're getting your period? i felt like that when i was getting mine.sorry, but i cant tell you much because you havent provided me with enoguh information. take a visit to your doctor

Make a doctor's appointment. Could be anything, gall stones, kidey - depends on more symptoms and your lifestyle.

lana s
This could also be from your back. It may need adjusting by a chiropractor. And also see a Dr. for something more serious.=======

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