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Please don't be spamming this question up for points. This is ...

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 Why do people with eating disorders take laxatives?
Before I start I'd like to point out that I don't have an eating disorder, I'm just curious as to why people that suffer from anorexia & bulimia over dose on laxatives. How does ...

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I need some to know if there is anyone out there that has heard of it or knows of anyone currently suffering from it.Also, are there any support groups or websites that might offer some help, or any ...

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I also have a funny feeling in my jaw. Blood work was done and notging out of the ordinry was found. What is wrong?...

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 Does your migraine medicine turn YOUR blood green ?
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this is the correct link !...

 What does it mean when there is bright red blood in stool?
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 My large intestine hurts what does it have?
I eat it hurts I bloat When i eat and when i do not eat it still hurts help. Do i have a disease its the left side Please hurry =(...

 what should i be claiming for after being awarded dla?
i ve been awarded dla highest for the mobilty and middle for the care im a single parent i dont know if i should be claiming for anything else ive had a letter from income support saying i might be ...

 no thumb knuckle joint?
I appear to have no knuckle joint in either of my thumbs or
either of my large toes. I do not believe this is genetic, as no one in my family has this condition, nor have I heard of it before. I...

 where do you go to get diagnosed for anxiety?
I have AD HD, would i just go to her, or my general doctor?...

 Does mercury poisoning make you feel like your immortal?
I think I got some kind of metal in body causei keep coughing up debris that smell like metal.
I feel confused all the time and immortal. I don't know if i am dead or alive.
Now I read ...

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 Recovering Anorexic: i'm too scared..?

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by the way, huns,...

 What does a doctor do about an upset stomach?

 What snacks can i eat with severe hypoglycemia?
I was just diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia and put on a strict diet. The paperwork is a little unclear. What snacks can I eat between meals or on the road? I am use to a heavy sugar diet....

 Urologist help please? Gross or Frank Hematuria in urine for over 2 years with no infection!?
Please see my past questions involving urine in blood. I have been to doctor 3 times in over 2 years which was treated for UTI but this last time I found out there had never been UTI by the cultures ...

arsenic poisoning, how would you know if someone was being poisoned?
the signs and symptoms of arsonic poisoning, and all tests for conventional illnessess are negative, but the person keeps getting sicker, how would someone be slipping a person arsenic.

They would die

Eat Fish
Check the fingernails for white ridges and breath for the smell of almonds

Ryan's mom
Arsenic poisoning symptoms and treatments
Arsenic is a very toxic substance that is found in food, water and household items. Tobacco smoke, laundry detergent, bone meal, sea food, beer and even drinking water are a few of the items arsenic can be consumed from. Headaches, confusion, sleepiness, and even convulsions can be the effects of arsenic poisoning. Vomiting, diarrhea, kidney, liver and lung problems can occur, including death in extreme cases. Here is how to avoid and cure arsenic poisoning.

Arsenic is found in many different places. Arsenic is used to poison pests such as rats and mice, and can be used to kill any living thing. Arsenic is found in tiny amounts in many things that we consume. Apples, for example, have a minute amount of arsenic in their seeds. If you eat apples daily and eat the seeds you are depositing arsenic into your system. Other food items that may contain arsenic are seafood, water, bone meal, dolomite, kelp, table salt, and beer.

If you work in a job that produces any kind of pesticide, agricultural insecticide or spraying of any of these, you are at risk of arsenic poisoning. Other jobs that are at risk are copper smelting, mining, sheep dipping and metallurgical industries. Continued exposure to arsenic builds up in the system and there is an accumulated effect. The more you are exposed the more serious are the consequences.

Arsenic poisoning is usually determined by a hair analysis. If arsenic is found in the hair follicles it will stay there for years. If it is in your hair follicles it is usually in your body as well. Arsenic is also deposited in the fingernails and skin.

Exposure to arsenic is suspected as the cause of many types of cancer. The types of cancers that are found in workers that are regularly exposed to arsenic are: skin cancer, scrotal cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the lymphatic system, and lung cancer.

Symptoms of arsenic poisoning begin with headaches, confusion and drowsiness. As the poisoning develops, convulsions and changes in fingernail pigmentation may occur. When the poisoning becomes acute, symptoms may include diarrhea, vomiting, blood in the urine, cramping muscles, hair loss, stomach pain, and more convulsions. The organs of the body that are usually affected by arsenic poisoning are the lungs, skin, kidneys, and liver. The final result of arsenic poisoning is coma or death.

If you suspect that you are being exposed to arsenic your diet needs to include lots of sulfur. Sulfur can eliminate some of the arsenic from the body. The foods that contains sulfur are; eggs, onions, beans, legumes, and garlic. Sulfur can be bought and taken in tablet form also. The amino acid that provides sulfur is cysteine.

Fiber can also help to leech the arsenic from your system by attaching to it and washing it out. Include a lot of fiber in your diet by eating whole grains and cereals, fruits and vegetables.

If someone accidentally ingests arsenic administer 5 charcoal tablets immediately. Take 5 more charcoal tablets 15 minutes later and again every fifteen minutes. Go immediately to an emergency room. Charcoal tablets should be a part of every medicine cabinet for any type of poisoning.

Chelation therapy is an option if you have arsenic poisoning. Chelation therapy is used to remove toxic metals such as cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury from our bodies. Metals and minerals can clog our systems and can be removed with chelation therapy. The procedure has been done for forty years in the United States and is safe. Chelation therapy is a series of injections of ethylenediaminetetra aacetic acid (EDTA) that is done in a doctors office.

You can also do chelation therapy at home with over the counter chelation formulas bought at a health food store or a drug store. Most are made with alfalfa, garlic, fiber, turin and selenium. Alfalfa liquid or tablets, taken three times daily with meals, detoxifies the liver and chelates substances from the body. Coenzyme Q(10) improves circulation of the blood which allows the toxic substances to leave the body. L-Lysine, an amino acid, detoxifies harmful heavy metals from our systems. Rutin and apple pectin can be taken to bind with unwanted toxic metals and remove them from the body through the intestinal tract.

When doing any chelation therapy, make sure that you replace lost essential minerals by taking alfalfa, iron, kelp and zinc in addition to your regular multi-vitamin.

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