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 Nervous shock when I am trying to fall asleep?
I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. However, lately I have been experiencing more intese nervous (kind of like) shocks all over my body when I am trying to fall asleep. They last for about a second. ...

 Anyone have Restless Legs Syndrome?
How do you deal with it? (Any ideas other than the drugs)...

 Metronidazole gel for BV...anyone else???
My doctor prescribed this metronidazole gel for my bacterial vaginosis. It seemed to have worked very and got rid of my infection, and I know this because the fishy smell, and greyish cervical ...

 Bad Claire's Ear Piercing?
I went and got my ears pierced at Claire's with a gun (Stupid, I know), when I knew they were bad. I wasn't too worried, because my sister has 4 on each ear and never had any problems, so I ...

 Candy Stripper?
how old do i have to be to be a candy stripper?!?!...

 What are all the steps in finding out if you can donate a kidney?

 i didnt realizie you can die from colitis?
my husband recently died from colitis and i am so devastated. he went in for pnemonia. how can anyone go from pnemonia to colitis and die . i really need ...

 if you have an autistic friend that everyone picks on and you feel like you want to hurt them what should you?

 What percentage of American adults have anal fissures?
Yeah, I know it's an atypical question for this sort of forum. But it would be really handy to know. Especially if you find the answer in a peer-reviewed source!...

 Gluten-free diet worse before better?
I just started my two year old daughter ( with Autism) on the Gluten-free diet. We had started her on the Casein-free diet first and saw immediate positive results. Since starting the Gluten-free ...

 what to do if a person's BP is low?
what to eat ,what to acupressure?don't tell doctor ...

 Has anyone had this test before?
My mom has been hospitalized over a dozen times this year throwing up bile. She has no gall bladder. She will get a test out of town where they insert a chip/probe at the beginning of her stomach ...

 Can this be cancerous?
My son has Mixed venous -lymphatic malformation on his right hand. Does anyone know what this is and if it can turn into cancer....

 What can I do to boost my immune system when I feel like I'm going to get sick?
I work at a childcare center. I've been here for 4 years and I still manage to get every cold/sore throat/stomach bug that goes around.

I used to get sick on a weekly basis (one ...

 I have a constant feeling of being dizzy. It feels like I am moving back and forth even though i am not.?
Off balance, brain feels swollen....

 Does Glue Ear Cause dizziness ?
Hi I have had dizzines for two years now but ove the past year i have noticed that my hearing has decreased and i have loud ringing in my ear and most mornings I have a sticky white discharge from ...

 My father just had a stroke which affected the left side of his brain, what can I expect?
My father just had a stroke and it hit the left side of his brain...it just happened one week ago and he is being very combative and abusive which is very unlike his character. We are havinga hard ...

 Weird but i get drowzy when i press between my ear and my neck ?
What the hell is going on....

 What could be making my feet feel tingly and burn??

Additional Details
Im am not diabetic... not poor circulation.. no vericose veins.. I am 26......

 what kind of doctor that specializes in thyroid problems/diseases?

ring my dinger
are people with down syndrome infertile?
i ask this because they all have an extra chromosome, and surely as that is the case they would not be able to complete mitosis, therefore not producing gametes thus being infertile.

does anyone know the answer?

Stig Bubblecard
males mainly are

They are not infertile , actually they can have normal children.

Fertility amongst both males and females is reduced, males being unlikely to be able to father children and females having significantly lower chances of conception, around half of the offspring of someone with Down's syndrome also have the syndrome themselves;[ there have been only three recorded instances of males with Down syndrome fathering children.

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