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are genetic disorders always curable?
helpp. and i mean any genetic disorder

i need big help answer mine

Edward W
Go to this website it will help.

Not Always!^_^

Allison :)
im not suree

answer mine too plz??(: go to my profile && click on da latest question ive asked

No, your genes are in every cell with the code for the disease. We can treat the symptoms of some but not cure all.

no, actually most aren't
there is therapy that can make a little better, but for the most part they will always be there.

they are usualy always incurable...


Grasshopper ▪▫иvUѕ▫▪
nope, they're rarely curable

genetic disorders are not always curable. There are litterally hundreds of diseases that are catagorized as genetic disorders that range from huntingtons disease to cystic fibrosis to down syndrome. Genetic disorders most often come from mutations or abnormalities in the genes or chromosomes that determine all the features of a human being, from eye color to height. In fact most genetic disorders are not curable, but those that are are treated within a special disciple of physician called geneticists.

a new day
No. A genetic disorder is just that...genetic. You can't cure your genetics unfortunately. You may be able to treat a disorder.

defiantly not
but some are easily treated

Mollie B
genetic disorders are rarely curable because they are a fundamental error in the molecules of someones DNA and can this can not be corrected. However, there are treatments for many of the diseases that can lessen the effects of them and make them bearable and make the afflicted be able to function close to normally. Though, some have none at all and the afflicted face extremely short lives.

Summer Lover
No. Some are some aren't if you get some genetically....there is no way to get rid of them.

andrea c
They actually aren't usually curable at all seeing as they are in your genes, you can't really get rid of it, but you can treat it. ALD, for example can be treated with a special blend of oils (Lorenzo's Oil, I recommend you watch it)

What hairhorn said...actually, they are rarely "curable" and most of them can only be corrected with surgery, if at all.

Ashlee S
Nope, most of the time they're not curable

Generic Name
No. My best friend has a new found genetic disorder. it's a form of the disorder called Hermansky-Phudlac syndrome. It's incurable... not sure how long he's going to live.

no, in fact the opposite is more likely to be true as you can't change your genes.

Many of them are controllable but many are not

No. Genetic diseases are usually treatable, but not curable. So, they can be managed but never completly removed because they are genetic problems.

no they are never curable, just managed

No, there are many genetic disorders.

I think you should re-phrase this, "always" is the opposite of what is true about genetic disorders. Are genetic disorders EVER curable?
because MOST are not. this is a tough question to answer so easily, because genetic disorders can't really be cured, there is of course gene therapy which can cure some disorders.
but words genetics and cure contradict each other. once something is in you "genes" that's it you have it, unless you remove that part of you genetic code it is techinically not a cure. you can suppress or control genetic disorders but for the MOST part you can't "cure" them (semantics).
Alcoholism is genetic, can't be cured but can be controlled.
Obesity is genetic, but is it a disorder?? not always, cannot be cured, but can be controlled.
Trisomy 21 cannot be cured.
cystic fibrosis cannot be cured, controlled? sort of.
prader-willi no cure, no control
Marfan's no cure, but good treatment to extend the life span
sickle cell no cure, but we have some good controls
long QT syndrome no cure, but we have an excellent prevention for it.
generally with exception of very few gene therapies which are not 100% effective, ALMOST all genetic disorders are NOT "curable"
i'm sure a million geneticist would object but again my use of the word MOST doesn't mean all.

no. some are treatable.

if it was curable...wouldn't the parents have cured it before it got passed on to the offspring??? just a thought

Matthew K
nope not all like mental retardation and down syndrome are incurable but it would be great if they were

nope, not at all.

Cloning?? I'm not sure though(*_*)

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