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 What is this pain (stomach)?
I have had a gnawing pain at least once a month in my upper stomach right below the breastbone and in the center. This pain is so intense and only occurs in the mornings. It usually lasts for 15 ...

 Why do people vomit after a migraine?
Whenever i get migraine's i throw up and then feel fine why do people throw up though it is a pain in you head not ...

 I am soooo confused now.... iron in blood marrow low?
but high hemoglobin level? Is that even possible?

What does low iron in blood marrow mean? (4 y/o)


 How do anorexics lose weight?
I have always heard that if you don't eat, your body goes into something called Starvation Mode and holds onto the fat/energy stores it already has.

So when does this pass and the ...

 Does white eye, like red eye, in pictures always mean a tumor? Yes or no?
My Niece had 2 pictures with white eyes. They took her to emergency but after hours they said she is fine. And take her for a 2nd opinion. Humm. Sounds fishy to me.

Can't they ...

 I have sleepless nights trying to remember the difference between amnesia and insomnia?
What can I do?...

 Rett syndrome?????
I am doing a personal survey on Rett syndrome. Has anyone ever heard of this disease? I would like to have a count of how many girls are affected, what states, and what ages. A friends daughter ...

 Anyone have experience or advice regarding vitamin D deficiency?

 What drug smells like skunk?
I have a druggy neighbor below me and lately he has been smoking some type of drug. I suspect it's coke or crack but the best way for me to describe the smell is that of a skunk. I am not sure ...

 How to lower uric acid levels in the body?
My doctor says I have high uric acid levels, but he told me not to worry about it. It concerns me cause I don't wanna get gout....

 Lansoprazole (Prevacid) for mild stomach acid?
I had an endoscopy a few days ago and my specialist said I had mild acid in my stomach and I'm supposed to take lansoprazole (30mg) for 3 months. I also take claritin everyday, is it not good to ...

 Black Stool, PLEASE HELP!?
i know this is nasty but i have been having some stomach pains, and when i eat just a little i feel so full that im gonna puke. the moment after i eat i usually have to go make a bowel movement. ...

 What would cause you to feel very nauseous and light headed?
I am 22 years old

I'm a girl

I'm in good health
Additional Details
unless the b/c pills have failed, I don't think I'm ...

 is there a cure for lovesickness?

 is it bad to eat oatmeal if you have gout?
i have gout and cant walk for a while,and friends told me that i should oatmeal and avoid food with high purines.and even though i 'only' eat oatmeal,it took me 2 months to walk again.pls ...

 dizziness and almost fainting, whats going on?
within the past 2 weeks i've been feeling dizzy almost everyday, almost to the point where i think i might faint soon. it happens at random times, whether i'm sitting or standing, at school ...

 Does anyone else have this problem?
I have Arthritis, not sure what type. When I hit a bone or joint on accident it hurts so bad that I want to throw up.It is almost paralyzing,the nausea does not go away for about 30 mins.Is that ...

 What is the difference?
One Doctor calls is spinal degeneration and the other one calls it Osteo arthritis. Which is it and what is the difference, or are they both the same thing but with different names?...

 i have stomach aches daily a few times a day?
ok i hav stomach aches everyday a few times a day. my friend said i might have an ulcer but i dont know wut else could it ...

 I'm a stutterer.I feel inferior.Others make fun of me.I hate myself.How can i feel better?
I have been stuttering since i was 4 years old.I Didnt thought it was a big deal cuz i stutter only when im stressed.But now i cant stand it anymore and i feel so inferior and sensible.I get sick ...

Why does the dye used for CT scans make you feel "funny" when injected?
Why does the dye used for CT scans make you feel "funny" when injected? I had an abdominal CT yesterday and boyyy was it strange. It kinda gave me a heavy feeling in the chest and it could be felt as heat circulating through the blood...but when it got down to my pelvic region... i swore i thought i was peeing on myself!! but i wasnt... it only lasted about a minute then the feeling went away. Is there anyone out there that knows WHY the dye feels "funny" going in? I am curious to know. also do you think if i called them would i be able to get a copy of the images of my body? Im very interested in knowing what everything looks like in my abdomin and hoped that maybe they can give me a cd rom or something? any advise will help thanks!

the red dye is an iodine solution , for my self I'm allergic to it it makes me sick, and i break out in hives,also some times they also put a small amount of a rad ion seed in it.

Oh I hate that stuff. I get that feeling of peeing myself too. LOL
I really don't know why it does that though.
I was just wondering why you couldn't get a copy of the images. usually when i get a scan or something like that, the place i go to, Tri Cat, gives me the images that day. They send the report to the doctor though, and he reads that. I then bring the images to him when I go to my appointment. most of them say they don't really know how to read ex-rays though they mostly go by the report.
Why don't you ask them if you can get a copy?

Lots of different dyes are used, according to the area being looked at and what the doctors want to see. Generally the funny feeling is because the dye is an alien substance and the body reacts to that. Some dyes will make you feel hot, others cold...and there one that makes you burp and taste onions...strange but true! :D
Its unlikely that you will be given a copy of the images, but you may be allowed to look at the if you ask nicely.

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