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 What causes hiccupping?
Additional Details
whoever gave thumbs down to everyone...that isn't appreciated!!...

 What do you call a doctor that specializes in auto-immune diseases?

 do i have tourettes im 15 but it only started when i was about 10 does a person have to be born with it?
im 15 now and since i was about 10 i have had wierd and annoying outbursts it started with vigarous sniffing and i also make dry coughs,screw up my face and blink hard and blow air through my nose , ...

 how do we infect by aids?

 Quick tempered, tierd, eating a lot, getting cold sign of something????
II recently noticed all i bnow do is sit on the couch watch tv and eat when i talk to my best friend i get wuick tempered take things the wrong way and i just have lost interest in school and i get ...

 My daughter lives far away and is bipolar. She stopped taking her meds . Is there anything I can do?
She is about 2000 miles away and has really gone off the deep end lately with out her meds. Is there legeally anything I can do? She is 25...

 what is that disease that makes you forgit something every like 10 mins.?

 would you recommend laser eye treatment in England.?
I am considering laser eye treatment but have heard it is not as good as these clinics say it is do you have any experience of this surgery good or bad....

 how do i know if im addicted to cigarettes?
i smoke three ciggs a day and if i dont i tend to be a little cranky but then other times im fine. i dont know if i should stop before an addiction kicks in or if im even addicted?...

 How to get rid of a mouth ulcer?
its really really big, and very sore :(
i've tried bonjela but it doesnt seem to be working....

 Always thirsty, having to pee, and exhausted?
It's bad. I'm always thirsty, and I take a bottle of water to school every day. Still, nothing quenches my thirst. I'm always exhausted, and pretty much always have been for the past ...

 I'm afraid to eat?
I'm afraid to eat. Everytime I eat I feel gross. I'm not super skinny no, i'm a regular size. I just get grossed out and scared when ever I eat or whenever i'm hungry. I eat a lot ...

 uhm... random question?? easy 10 pts?
okay, so i was in social studies a while ago, and my teacher was talking about how common it was in the mid/late 1800's to marry your cousin or second cousin and have kids.... i think thats ...

 IBS advice needed please?
I have IBS and am taking Fybrogel for it, but since I've started taking it I've gotten much worse with bowels and flatulation, which isn't really very helpful. Any advice please?

 help me! i think i'm dieing...?
ok so my throat hurts like no other everytime i swallow, and my glands in my neck are swollen like no other, but i don't have strep, i dunno if i have a fever cuz my thermometer is screwed up, ...

 Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection?
-Frequent, sudden, intense urges to urinate
-Urinating twice every hour
-Loss of a few drops when I sneeze (even when I don't have to go)
-Urine is an off-white, ...

Hi, Dr. says i have low blood pressure and ti would explain why i often have fainty moments and bad circulation..... but my hands are alllwaayss freezzing cold!!

They sometimes go numb and ...

 My 20 year old son is complaining that the side of his head feels numb with pins n needles?
we have rang nhs direct but they seem unconcerned as he has no head or ear aches .
He does not drink or smoke or take drugs he had a cold last week but it has cleared.
Any ideas??
I am ...

 What does your white blood cell count is a little high mean?

 I'm 13 and very worried...?
For the past week i have been having realy bad pain on my right side, just below my ribs. it hurts to the point i can't walk at times and i have been vomitting a lot (at times with blood in it). ...

Why does my head smell bad?
I have recently discovered that my head has this sour odor. My hair smells fine; it's just my head. I have tried to switch to different shampoos and conditioners but the smell is still there. I have even tried head and shoulders and selsun blue, even baby shampoo.

I have never had this problem before this just started recently. I wash my hair everyday and don't use any hair styling products. I don't have dandruff. My pillowcase is clean. Please help!

omg..so much people stink!! lol..but hey its okay..u just werent taught how ti bathe well...um i wash real good at the scalp!! like seriously scrub up there..we sweat there and it Will smell bad..but if u say it just started it could be a symptom of some kind of sickness...hmm..u should consult a doctor..good luck!!

How can you know your head smells? It's not like you can put your nose to it and sniff.

Gordon Q Hinkley
rinse your head with white vinegar every morning before you go out. It will go away within a month

wally g
Hey possibly it could be the head and shoulders and the other possible way is you are leaving your hair wet too long.

My mother said she gets it from just sweating...you will hve to increase you showers and use either an antipersperant powder after showering on the body as the sweat glands in your head just may sweat more than the rest of the body.

.... It's possibly woodworm.

tell me. how do you smell your own head?!

Maybe it's something you're eating. Have you changed your diet or added a new medication or vitamin?

It could be because of stress or hormonal changes - you sweat more, harmless microbes on your skin (everybody has them!) feed off it and produce the smell.

Sour odor can be caused by diary and coffee in your diet.

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