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 When a person has a brain anurism, what do they feel? Do they feel a lot of pain?
An anurism deep in the brain that was not known about until it burst. Doctors said that even if they had cought it beforehand, it was too far in the brain to fix. I would like to know if they would ...

 what is serotogenic pathway?
medical -...

 Does anyone know if it is ok to take xanax's while in Nursing School?
I have been taking xanax's since April for some extreme family problems. I am currently under a dr.'s care and being weined off. However, I begin Nursing School monday and they are doing ...

 Cystic Fibrosis Infant Screening?
Does California perform routine CF infant screening upon birth and if so, since when have they done it? I am trying to find out if my son (born 7/21/06) would have had this test done along with all ...

 Weird Bumpies on my tongue...please help...?
i just went to brush my tongue and noticed many man bumps on it! they start from the middle of my tongue to all the way back...they are pinkish, not red, and really scratchy and bumpy...i know these ...

 28)a rare from of cancer that has become common among men with HIV infection is...?
a)Kaposi's sarcoma
b)Pneumocystis carinni
d)Burkitt's ...

 My 3 yr old is having seizure symptoms daily but doctors don't know whats wrong w/her HELP!!!!!?

 I think I may have a serious head problem?
Sometimes when I watch a lot of tv or play a video game for a long time my head does this weird thing where it feels like its shaking on the inside and i get sort of dizzy and then after a few ...

 Help my wife - swollen feet - She is 70 years old, heavy but not obese.?
Her heart has checked out OK. She does have sleep apnea and wears a cpac. She watches her salt intake but it seems nothing helps. Her feel and legs are swollen. I massage them (lightly) a lot at ...

 What is the impact of high blood pressure on low socio economic populations in AUSTRALIA?
If anyone has any links to websites that has information about LOW SOCIO ECONOMIC STATUS in australia it would be a great help....

 liver problems from redbull?
I know a guy who got some kind of serious infection from drinking too much redbull (I am talking copious amounts here)... apparently it affected his liver and a bacteria that is normally healthy in ...

 I have been thinking too much for the last 4 years. (ie) I always used to think while doing anything.?
one example would be :

while eating I will be thinking of something happened 2 years ago.

I am unable to live in the present moment and I am carried away by continous thoughts.<...

 All these symptoms and no diagnosis...help, can u give me ideas?
I have had loose stools for almost a year, on an average 7 to 15 a day....I feel tired most of the time, I do have times when I feel energetic, but then all of the sudden I crash..My body aches like ...

 anyone taking/taken aciphex??
about 2 months ago i was told that i have acid reflux. no heartburn, just a lot of flem in my throat all the time. it never goes away. i cant swallow it down. i was on prevacid for two months and i ...

 what is an average red blood count?
My son's doctor said his was 14. What does this mean?...

 Sell Kidney?
I am leaving in Chennai, India. I would like to sell my kidney. I have some serious money problem. How can I sell it? or Where can I search the buyers? Will there be any problem to my health after ...

 My eye is leaking bloody puss... Is this normal?
It's getting my sheets ...

 Why do the Ear, Nose & Throat specialists in England relate their specialty with Eyes?
As I have heard, the British Otolaryngologists relate their studies with Eyes diseases. Which is the base for such a decision?...

 Would this be symptoms of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction?
Lower right back pain in the general area of the kidney brought on by a simple, every day action like bending or turning.
Front thigh pain just above the knee occurring at the same time. Pain ...

 Cymbalta- Any positive comments?
I am currently taking cymbalta for what the doctors have diagnosed as anxiety and also nerve pain. The chest pain, tightness, and back pain, and arm numbness I am experiencing has lasted several ...

Why does it feel like there's something stuck in my throat when i swallow??
The obvious answer would be "Because there is". But this has been going on for nearly three days. If it were anything normal, like food, I'm sure it would have been dislodged, by now, by all the other stuff I've eaten since the problem began.
Thanks for any info you can give me.

You could have allergies. That is how it usually starts. Drink LOTS of water.

Anxiety. I could have sworn I'd swallowed a golf ball once.

It could be the beginning of a cold or if it hurts it is scrap throath.

to tell ya the truth...........
usually its just mucus draining from you sinus
take a cheap over the counter decongestant .if it doesn't go away and you have a headache you might have a sinus infection. Does it hurt or help when you hang your head all the way down? if it helps its
just a clog and a day of decongestant will do the trick.
If it hurts its a sinus infection and you need an antibiotic along with it. see your Dr. if this keeps up :(
allergies act this way too.

Your lymph nodes may be swollen. This can be caused by a number of things (allergies, colds, but on the serious side it can indicate cancer.) See your doctor, they're the only person that can tell you what it is.

It may be you starting to get cold.

sometimes when you are stressed or anxious you can get a feeling like there is something stuck in your throat but there isnt.i suffer from it sometimes.

I had a problem like this before and it flares up again every now and then, sometimes for a day or two and sometimes for weeks. When it started I thought something was there, but it wouldn't go down, so then I thought it was irritatioin from sinus drainage, but it kept bothering me. Finally I went to the doc sure he would tell me I was crazy. They did some blood work to check my thyroid, and it was fine, so they refered me to an ear nose and throat speacialist, and he did a scope, and saw nothing. They did a barrium swallow for x-ray and nothing. They gave me an antihistimine, and it did nothing. Finally after 3 weeks of test, and feeling like I was suffocating when I would lie down, they started treatment for anxiety, and sure enough, it went away. The treatment is just begining a daily antidepressant, and he said for some patients with anxiety, this works and for some it doesn't. Thankfully for me it did, because for real, I did start to feel like I was suffocating every time I tried to swollow, and then I would panic as I have a severe fear of suffocation, as I am told it is a painful way to die, and this panic attack would make it worse. Now that I am on treatment, I have noticed that if I am really stresse, either about work or money, it still flares up, and once I relax and calm down,it usually subsides after a day or two. You should talk to a doc, it could be anxiety, thyroid or even the onset of a cold, but atleast you would know and if it is a serious thing, you could get it under control now. I know you are frustrated, I feel your pain.

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