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Hi there
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Additional Details

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 Serious answers only!!?
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 gallbladder surgery problems?
I had gallbladder sugery two months ago, about every two weeks I get extreme nausea and diareaha. I am told it will go away, has anyone had those symptoms and then they went away and how long did it ...

Why do I have to pee every 5 minutes?!?
My husband is worried I may have diabetes, but I feel fine its just that I pee alot. I only drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning and 1 can of soda a day. Dont drink that much water, if I did I would probably pee more. . .

looks like symptoms of diabetes, if u also frequently feel hungry .

or u must be high on fliuids, the body has to dispose of the extra litres , so it does and u pee ..

also check yr anxiety levels,

chk do u pee a gud volume evrytime a you pee, or is just the feeling that u have to pee , can be a buding compulsive disorder

consult a doctor , coz iam not , am just using my common sence !!

I'm like that too and I'm really tired of having to go so much. It could be a urinary tract infection,pregnancy,or something growing near your bladder like a cyst or something. You should get this check out right away.

Judy L
Passing frequent, small amounts of urine is a classic sign of a urinary tract infection. With the onset of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes you can experience only one symptom (including frequent urination), many symptoms or no symptoms at all. You should be checked out by a physician.

No matter what the diagnosis, 1 cup of coffee (which is a diuretic) and 1 can of soda is not good. You need more water and lots of it.

It could either be diabetes, or ibs irritable bowel sindrom.

ok well peeing alot is a sign for diabetis but somepeople might just have small bladders! alot of people in my family has this disease and i think that you should be safe then sorry and go to your doc for a blood test! if you do they can start treating your problem before it causes your vital organs to break down! please go to the doc!

Try drinking more water..but it could be a urinary tract infection or check for diabetes

You have not diabetes, but a Urinary Tract Infection. see your doctor.

also called a UTI

You need water...more than you realize. Please drink it.
Sounds like you may have a bladder infection. Are you running a fever??? :(
Hope you feel better soon.........

if you are worried about diabetes a good screening tool is blood sugar levels. If they are elevated you should have fasting blood glucose done. Diabetes can present with increased urination, increased drinking, increased eating. A urinalysis should also be done to check for urinary tract infections. Other causes of increased urination would be a mass compressing the bladder like myoma or cyst or (I hope not) tumors. An ultrasound can usually pick up masses.

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