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this has been this way for about 1 year, everyday i wake up feeling drained, i don't work because im off with agoraphobia (don't go out) but i have a garden i sit in, im only 33 and never ...

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? I'm so tired of not being able to sleep and I feel I've tried ...

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My doctor is away skiing.

I'll keep it short:
Sinus infection x past 2 weeks
Migraine on Thurs.
Trip to ER for pain Thurs midnight
was given IV with some pain ...

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it's ...

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 Your thoughts on Human Euthanasia?
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My personal opinion ...

Why am I so tired after having stomach virus?
I just had the stomach virus for 3 days. Now i feel so much better but i'm exhausted...i feel like sleeping all day...anyone know what's up?

anytime you are ill you use energy reserves to fight off the invaders in your body.
you've been at war and need some Rand R after the battle.

eat really healthy all your fruits and veggies and plenty of water. Get a bottle of electrolyte solution_ pedialite if you haven't been drinking enough to kick start things.

take a multi vitamin with minerals cheep and good are rite aide whole source or target millennium. and a calcium carbonate 100o-1500 mg per day wont hurt either.

if your not homeless or working in a day care or hospital or other crowded place and you got sick this early in the year maybe you need to re think your diet and lifestyle.!

Immune system.........down.

doctor know
Yes that is normal ,, wait till you get the flu it will really get you down big time it is really nasty and mean.. Its not unusual to loose several pounds with the flu ..Take your time and get your strength back-------take care///

Starry Eyes
your body was just fighting this crap out of your system, it needs time to just lay there and do nothing. drink lots of water and eat healthy foods, glad you're over the virus though:)

Jennifer L
You body has been under a lot of stress and is tired from being sick, you need allow time for the body to recoup .

Well, your body is run down and your immune system is tired and weak. You need to take a multi-vitamine and drink some green tea. This will build your strength back up by doing this. Also, you need to try and move around and excercise. I know you may be tired, but this will be the best things to do for your bodies.

loved one
You may very well be dehydrated. If you can tolerate it drink, drink, drink. Sprite, water, herb tea anything without caffeine. Dehydration can make you very tired. If you can do what your body is telling you to do and sleep. Eat when you can to build your strength up. Nothing to heavy...soup, crackers, etc.

It is because that your body just fought a virus and it is recovering. Most of a healing process is done when you are asleep. Ive had the stomach virus so amny times i stoped counting. Just go to bed earlier and you will probably feel better in a few day. Get Better :)

being sick takes a lot out of you and it takes a few days somethimes weeks to feel like your self again. I was sick in March and it took 3 months before i felt i had strenght and energy again

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