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 Did you ever have a colonoscopy?
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LOL michael, I had a kidney stone removed ...

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Why am I nauseous nearly every morning?
and before you say it, I'm not pregnant.

I wake up around six in the morning and feel sick to my stomach, I have a dizzy headache for a while but that soon goes away. The nauseousness goes away by mid to late morning most days but its really a bother.

people are telling me I should eat breakfast in the morning to feel better but I feel to sick to eat. And I've been experiencing this off and on for the last two months.
Additional Details
Is this really worth bothering to see a doctor over?!

and once again I'm NOT pregnant.

Jus Sum Gangsta Guy ©2008

Firstly are you sure you are not pregnant? Secondly go and see your doctor you may be low in iron and you may need some iron tablets. Daughter who is 15 is experiencing the same symptoms and I have found out that she is low in iron from having blood tests

Mary's Little Lamb
one of the main causes for morning headaches is dehydration. if you're not drinking at least a half gallon of fluid a day you'll wake up with your head aching almost as if you've got a hangover (similar process). when you feel better, you should certainly try to eat some breakfast.

i would feel nauseous all the time. My doctor said i had acid reflux and put me on some meds. It might be that

Vivienne D
maybe you are pregnant? maybe you should get checked by a doctor, just incase. or maybe you are really stressed and need some time off but you really should check with a doctor.

well, if you are defenitly not preggo
then could be related to your sleep habits.
you should go to the doc for sure !
probably as soon as possible.
also i would suggest you get a physical exam done.
could have something to do with low blood sugar or something

I totally thought you were pregnant!
well you might have worms, or stomach problems, like your stomach may not be digesting right.
I suggest going to a doctor to make sure it doesnt suddening get worst

Definately eat breakfast & if you're too sick to actually eat something drink something like a slim fast or carnation instant breakfast (something with vitamins/minerals etc). This will at least get something in your stomach.

Also it depends on how much sleep you're getting. I know sometimes when i get less than 6 hours I feel very similar to what you are describing.

Best thing to do is go to a doctor or call your doctor & describe your symptoms.

Hope this helps & hope ya feel better.

you drink to much??? have a food allergy???

Well, pregnant would have been my first guess. But, if you aren't, you aren't. You really should eat breakfast. Try saltine crackers - the standby of the pregnant - and see if they help. Since this has been going on for two months, it might be time to check in with your doctor.

You might be hypoglycemic which means your blood sugar is low. This affects a lot of people. Try eating a snack at bedtime like milk, cheese, or peanut butter and jelly sandwich and see if you feel better in the morning.

see a doctor

First of all you say you are not pregnant it does sound like you are pregnant but here is a really good question are you on birth control if so do you take it in the morning? if you do don't take it in the morning take it at night that might be the reason b/c i was on birth control and i took it in the morning and soon after i felt sick and it last for a couple hours like you said if you are on birth control and just started it you could deal with this for 3months

I had this happen to me. The reason I had it was malnutrition. I skipped over breakfast. So if you do the same, you need to eat. Start off small. I know it makes you sick, but you have to try to eat a little. It'll stop the nauseousness after a while.

I'd have your blood sugar checked!

i have this same problem too.And what i think it may be is that t may be related to somesort of sleep disorder or possible just stress,or even when i eat bad snacks at like one in the morning,i wake up feeling it even worse.I would just go to see a doctor.
Oh and another thing,breakfast is good for you,but honestly,do NOT eat any breakfast,when you feel this way.It will only make things worse,and you may really throw up.
Oh and another thing it could be is you need to take more vitamins,that helped with my morning naseau a while back,when i was in school,but when i stopped taking them,i felt nausea again,so you could try that too.

Molisa (Aspiring Model)
ur not pregnant for sure because u say it been going on for two months.U would have known if u were pregnant u may have some kind of sickness please go to the doctor.U should eat breakfast it may help you

Hazuki Koyama
its because you are not eating do you take medication? never take it on an empty stomach the doctor tells me that because i feel exactly like you. if you dont take medicine its because your blood sugar might be low or somthing but listen to the people and eat breakfast thats EXACTLY whats wrong with you and dont say that i'm wrong.

Dehydration would be the number one reason I think, but sleep deprivation and poor diet are also contributing to your problems. You need to eat a more balanced diet including fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water especially when its hot out. You need to get regular sleep also in order for your body to function at its best.

that was happening to me all the time my doc told me my blood sugar was low and that i needed to eat every morning

Yeah I know what you mean... Go to bed early and wake up a bit later, wash/shower in the morning and EAT!

I had the same thing and still get it occationally. For my it was the I had so much nasal drainage at night that it irritated my empty stomach. So as soon as I wake up I have to eat something then I can prevent it or it goes away. Even though you don't feel like eating just do it, you'll feel better.

This could also be acid reflux, try drinking a glass of water with 1/8 t. of baking soda in it. This will get you ph right. Good luck.

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