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 How do tell him that I have NF1?
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he has Asperger's S...

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 Does moving an arthritic joint have a negative or positive effect upon that joints lubrication? Does moving it?
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 Other than eventual death, what are the long term effects of meth?
I have dear loved ones on this and I am wanting information about it.
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one shoots up and the other smokes. thanks for all the info. glad to hear that there is ...

 My neurologist says my MRI shows an active MS lesion. What can I expect?
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 How can I found about a Surgeon's background; for example, any malpractice suits or suspensions.?
Ideally, I would also like to be able to check his rate of success in his should replacement surgeries. Any help is appreciated.
( I already know about the AMA & BBB ) Thank You !...

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 What medication would be helpful to help with "sensory overload" associated with asperger's syndrome?
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 Is there any cures for reflux ?
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Which is worse, MS or Parkinson's?
My dear friend is being treated for MS. She went to another specialist and now they think it could be Parkinson's disease. Which one is considered worse? She was really upset and I didn't have the heart to ask her. I know they are both pretty bad to have, I just didn't know if one is considered worse. Thank you and please keep her in your prayers because she is really having a hard time.
Additional Details
I'm 28. She is 50. We go to church together. My parents are very close to her and her husband. I hang out with her and my mom a lot.

MS can come and go with varying intensity. Parkinson's is more progressive. People with MS have a longer life expectancy than people with Parkinson's (but there are no concrete numbers of by how much).

I'm very sorry for your friend.
Both are very serious, but different. I think that MS is more progressive; my old music teacher had it and it happened very slowly, moving from one limb at a time. Parkinson's may be more rapid and come in more of an attack type format. (that comedian had it..)
I think though its unfair to say one is worse than the other, but it's important that she knows what it is so doctors can treat it accordingly and correctly.
I'll keep her in my prayers, and the best of luck to her.

neither is great. You should google it look at the proggression and features of both. Neither is very nice, but it's rare for a younger person to get parkinsons.
She needs a really good friend either way.

My friend's sister has ms, my sister in law's brother's wife has ms and in the early stages it doesn't seem so bad. But honestly the symptoms of ms that I have heard from those 2 people are far scarier than what my mother experienced when she was first dx with Parkinson's.

I saw annette finecello (not sure if I spelled her last name right) I saw her on an interview recently and she had MS, she has had MS as
long as my mother has had Parkinson's Disease and she is in far worse condition than my mother, as for age, my mother is 73, I am not sure how old Annette is but I assume she is up there in age as well.
Annette was shaking all over, and in a wheelchair. My mother has only a hand tremor, and now is beginning to have more difficulty walking "the brain doesn't tell the feet to go forward as well".

It depends on the person, their health, and their perspective.
With my mother, we laugh at everything (or at least try to) not that it is funny, but we don't let the disease get the best of us, she gets frustrated but I am always there with a one liner to ease the frustration and make her laugh it off. Dad on the other hand, he gets impatient with her, angry when she doesn't listen or refuses to use her wheelchair in a store so he doesn't have to wait for her.
The more anxiety, the worse the disease shows it's symptoms.

Also progression is another factor, age and progression. Just keep this friend as upbeat as possible, and omg laugh, laugh with her, make her laugh, keep her spirits up. Neither one is a death sentence, neither one will kill her, you don't die from the disease itself, you can die from their complications but not the disease itself. Keeping active helps! Mom is a fighter so I think this is why she has done so well up to this point, you can be your friends best coach, and never, PLEASE NEVER EVER tell her you are sorry she has what she has, mom used to hate that when people would say "aw I am so sorry you have Parkinson's" just simply say "I am here, always if you need me for anything, I will support you all the way" but never say you are sorry to her okay?

Hugs to you for being such a great friend and hugs to her, she has challenges ahead but they aren't challenges she won't get through, we all have them, we just have different ones to face, some worse than others, but together we get through them all one at a time- somehow we manage!

Daddys_girl 67
I don't really know which is worse but I know they are both very bad to deal with I will certainly keep her in my prayers. God Bless.
† Concerned Prayer Warrior †

Dr. House
Parkinson's disease is much worse than MS. With MS, at least there are corticosteroid immunosuppressants that can be used to reduce the rate of motor degeneration. Second, MS primarily affects motor function, resulting in the partial loss of function of arms and legs. Parkinson's on the other hand, results in disruptions to both motor functions and cognitive functions. Progression of parkinson's will result in twitches in muscles, paralysis, and eventually cognitive function such as memory, speech, and thinking. Parkinson's can be somewhat treated with L-dopa, but its rate of degeneration increases over time.

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