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Jimmy W
What would you call this?
-Runny nose.
-Joints hurt.
-Hurts to swallow.
-Inside of ear hurts.
-Muscles in pain.
-Last night had a fever in my forehead and hands.
-But my feet were as cold as ice.
-Lots of dry flaky stuff in nostrils.
-Lethargic; I need to find a job but I'm very tired.
-Difficult to stand.
-The back of my skull really hurts.

Also, how to treat? (If I need anything other Macaroni and Cheese, I need to go out.)
Additional Details
-I could go to the doctor, but then I gotta walk and it's far and I feel crappy.

(Alternately, I could walk to the bank to get change for the bus to get to the doctor, but that'll take hours. Again, I feel crappy.)

I'm not on any meds though.

YOu need to take a shower and go out with some friends, or yourself, and enjoy the day.....have someone help you find a job.....drink some b12...get out of your rut.....

Why do you spend time coming online for educated guesses about a medical condition? My god man! Just get off your behind and GO TO THE DOCTOR! And stop using the Internet for medical condition checks since the same symptoms can mean a 100 different diseases.



about to die syndrome

Sounds like you need to go see a doctor....seriously.

KoKoKiTTy is depressed
Um, a trip to the emergency room.

sounds like the flu either way, you need to go to the doctor.

No you just need to go to the doctor, right away, ok?

Go to http://mayoclinic.com/ and click on symptom checker almost right at the top of the page it should give you a pretty good idea of what you have. But go to the doctor!

go to the Dr.

are you on any kind of medication? Like PainKillers

I'd call it hypochondria.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Take some vitamin C and drink lots of water. You might be catching a cold. Eat more fruits and veggies - you can't live on macaroni and cheese.

Sounds like the common cold virus but I suppose really could be anything with similar symptoms.

If you've been this way for just a few days, here's what you need to do: Take 1000 mg of Ester C with dinner, this has been shown to improve immunity by 90%. Also take 2 caplets of Flax oil, this will help reduce inflammation. Try to sleep about 12 hours a day and drink lots of fluids: water and Gatorade type drinks. Take 1 12 hour anti histamine tablet every 12 hours, I think chlortimetron works the best.

If you've been this way for over a month: go see a doctor.

Too many symptoms to diagnose properly. You need to go to the doctors for help.

Ashley F
You should go to emergency room and u may have mono sick.

Seems like a bad flu or fever. Get some soup, tea, sport drinks and see if some of the symptoms disappear. Rest up to and try to sleep well. If you want to take medicines then use Advil or Tylenol for the pain and some cold medicine. Just stay warm and bundled up till you feel better and if not or worse, see your doctor for a real diagnose.

Sounds like flu symptoms

Flu symptoms.

Impish Jerome
the flu.
how to treat? take some Olive Leaf extract (tinture or capsules); Oil of Oregano (tinture or capsules).

I Try
It sounds like the flu. good old fashioned chicken soup is the best home remedy, there's a substance in the chicken that helps relieve congestion, and using garlic & onion in the soup is great as aa natural antibiotic.
Other than that, you can try TheraFlu and give it time.

ah wow i know what it is its something the they have been trying to fix for hundreds of years the names is....FLUENZIA!!!!!!!! commonly known as the common cold or flu. lots of rest...plenty of liquids...hot soup....and tea without milk, no sugar but only one spoon of honey to help the throat.

sounds like the flu. You should stay home and rest and take it easy, drink lots of water, if you're hungry, don't eat anything h


No wonder health care is a huge part of GDP, you don't go to the hospital unless it is really serious.

Anyway, sounds like the flu. You need rest, and lots of fluids.

Ibuprofen or tylenol for the pain. There are flu medicines too, but keep in mind that they will already have something for the pain, so be careful of the ingredients--a pharmacy employee can help you.

Chicken noodle soup (or any) and 100% fruit juice and water, lots and lots of water.

TV and sleep.

If you fever spikes really high, or you completely cannot move your neck, or you vomit blood or the like, or it lasts more than a few days, go see a doctor.

From past flu's you are probably going to feel like h*ll for 5-7 days, then slowly get better.

I use natural products to rid it from me quicker, but as 99% of people would rather take chemicals from the store, than a few bucks worth of supplements and herbs from the health food store. If you would like my flu/cold remedy, send me an email.

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