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 what is the name of a disease that causes capillaries to break in infants?
and if you can, please specify more about this disease. (symptoms, causes, etc.)...

 Accutane Questions?
I am on Accutane and experiencing ear pain. It's like pressure in my ears. I am also experiencing headaches. Is this normal. I will not take my normal dosage tonight because I feel like my ear ...

 Every time I eat, I feel like throwing up?
For a week now, I have not been able to eat much at all. I usually eat something small a day, like a bowl of cereal. Sometimes, I cannot even eat that! As for water, I am always getting thirsty ...

 Has anyone ever had a swallowing disorder or burping problem?
For awhile I have been burping a lot,when I say I mean alot of times. I also been spiting up some. And sometimes it feels if something stuck in my throat.and i do not no how to swallow but at the end ...

 health question. could i have lupus? i have pernicious anaemia but i also get flu-like symptoms, itching etc?
i get so ill i feel like crawling around but can't because of my arthtitis. my joints get so much worse and i feel ill for a week or more. this happens twice or three times a year and one g.p. ...

 10 pts to best answer!?
When I walk fast I get these clicking noises in my brain, its really irritating, also when I stand up, I black out, this happens at least 5 times a day, also when i turn my neck every once and a ...

 what should i do .My 11years old autistic son Hiccupping for 8 years?
even at night time when he is sleeping and also he doesn't speak at all , his hearing is good .I would be grateful if you could help my lovely boy (london)...

 is loss of sense of smell indicative of something?

 Know someone with AUTISM??
Hi there,

Do you know someone who has autism, BUT
had encountered *NONE* of the following *ever*:-

a) Asthma,
b) Food allergies,
c) Eczema,
d) Allergy to ...

 Help. I have 2 epileptic children.?

I now have 2 epileptic children in the family, both have tonic clonic seizures. The youngest who is 1 was diagnosed last week with epilepsy. I am at the moment in shock. These 2 are ...

 can u plz help me!!!!!!?
i had this hyperacidity a couple of weeks back,but after takin antacids its gone.the thing is that i have a bad anxiety which led to sudden chills and spasm inside my body,and the feeling of having ...

 Is there anyone out there who has suffered with derealisation?
I have been off work for 3 months due to a severe anxiety attack, i have had these feelings of derealisation for most of that time. some days are good, others are really bad, i need help!!!!!!!!...

 I just found out that...?
I went to the doctors after a week of having dizzy spells every 2 minutes and having a dry mouth and feeling sick. He took a urine test from me and found a lot of white cells and blood in my urine. D...

 what makes a person tremble in there sleep?
When I go to sleep at night sometimes my body trembles so bad it wakes me up, it is ver scary and I feel like I am shacking all ...

 what is diverteulatus and the causes and symptoms and any cure for it?
just trying to fine out what it ...

Has any1 got nurofibromatosis? I have the cafe au lait marks and the skin lumps. doesnt bother me as I have the mild type, it can affect people in more severe ways. No body has heard of this when I ...

 nephrotic syndrome?
please tell me wot you know about it and your experiences with it. my husband has just been diagnosed but there still doing tests but i want to know what were now facing. ...

 my bellyring is infected i think - it'll look better but a few hrs ltr it will look worse wat do i do?

 Can a Bulemic person brush their teeth after vomiting in order to prevent their teeth from rotting?

 What is your experience with pectus excavatum?
I have a middle degree pectus excavatum....

Jase S
What to eat to keep your bowel movements regular?
I mean to do good sh.it

Activia yogurt

No one's mentioned the p-fruits (peaches, pears, pineapple, pumpkin), which - allied to vegetables like spinach and those with skins (peppers, jacket spuds) - will all help you do good sh.it - also avocado (I think)

tired mom
Fiber. raisins ,prunes, apricots, taco bell, sliders all help. Watch the milk and cheese it will clog you up

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