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 I have anemia and constantly get dizzy while working out and randomly. I eat and take iron pills. What to do?
I know you're probably not doctors, but I'm just looking to see if anyone has experienced something similar or found something that helped them??...

 Heartbeat in stomach, felt like a rock in there, hurt a lot, and caused palpitations. what is that?

Additional Details
also it makes it hard to breathe when it beats hard when it hurts....

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 Feeling Hot, a little dizzy and passing out'ish?
On some days I feel my face burning up specially my head, I get tension on the right side and sometimes lights, sounds begin to make me feel worse or more out of control with these symptoms.

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 numb left arm and leg and side of face but no stroke what was this?
doctors said that it was in my head wtf .......

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I can hear a swooshing noise in my head that goes ...

 Amantadine and multiple sclerosis?
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 I keep getting like muscle spasms in legs arms and hands what could it be from?
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 What is the disease where you don't have the sense of touch/feel?
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Whats it called? And is it genetic?...

 How to get over a cold fast?
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 Which liquors are harder on your liver?
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well to begin I'm 17 years old and i just have my appendix removed and my gallbladder removed both a week apart about a month ago and ever since the appendix I've been have a vertigo ...

 I feel very good today and relized its the 1st time in forever.?
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 Whoever says that incest is not dangerous is wrong or a liar, right?
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 Why is it that both my liver and spleen are swollen and i have all the symptoms for mono...but no mono?

 Is there a terminal illness that would not affect your everyday life?
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 How do I go about donating spinal fluid?
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 What causes Morgellons Disease?

What kind of milk can I drink if I have lupus?!!?
It seems like I can't have dairy. Is it ok to have soy?

Hi, Some with Lupus can have dairy, some can't or don't Like it.
Personally I like soy, There are so many brands that you will have to try a few, I like soy or rice dream. I like the chocolate, and plain for recepies, and sometimes cereal. Hope that helps. Soy is actually a protien, not a dairy so that is how they differ. some are allergic to soy, if you can use say soy sauce, you should be ok,

Good Luck

You could try soy milk, but some people are allergic to soy. You can also by lactose free milk which is easier to digest if you are lactose intolerant. It tastes a bit sweeter than normal milk.

soy milk

Why can't you have dairy? Lupus has nothing to do with drinking milk or not. If you are lactose intolerant that is different but jus because you have Lupus does not mean you can't have milk.

Linda R
If you have an allergy to milk, you can try soy. Many people can't tolerate dairy and it is not related to lupus.

If you are on prednisone or plaquenil be sure you get enough calcium. There is an excellent article on lupus and bone health at www.lupusflorida.org.

Cindy Loo
i have lupus too, (and i'm 17) but lucky for me, it doesn't matter what i eat/drink (unless it's insane amounts of junk food), what gets to me most, is sun exposure and stress, but since lupus affects everybody differently, apparently i guess diary just makes you flare up a lil. OR, you're lactose intolerant. so avoid dairy- soy sounds like a good alternative, but ask your rheumatologist to be sure =D

walking on sunshine
I share your pain and Rice Dream Milk is soooo good! They have it in vanilla and plain. Foods that are hypoallergenic are what will be good for you. Rice, Turkey, I learned a lot from the new diet I,m on try the Eat for your bloodtype diet. The book I recently read was by Peter Adamos and its very interesting. Alot of my symptoms have disapeared since I went on this diet. Its a very reasonable diet. look on the internet under Eat for your bloodtype diet and read about it . Dr. Lam also has a website too. Alot of people don,t believe in this diet but the proof speaks louder than words. I have friends with Lupus and other problems whom have gotten alot better on this diet. You need to know your bloodtype. Try it I think you will be pleasantly surprised! Good Health Too You!

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