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 My son has an oral temp of 95.4 and has been puking and diarrhea for 2 days, and not eating is that ok?
I gave him some pop and he threw it up also! He says his belly hurts. Im not sure if its the flu, never had a low temp before.
Additional Details
i take him to the ER for various things ...

 Malaria is a very old disease. It's been around for a long time. Why isn't there a vaccine yet?

 plzzzzz answer for me!!!!?
I need someone to answer please I don't know if it's just a bad cold or if it could be more.?
I started with a slight cough around Sunday. Its been progressing slowly into a more ...

 y daughter kayla is 16 w/ down syndrome.how long will she live?she's a cheerleader and is very healthy.help?!

 Hi,I'm a lil delayed because of my medical conditions, why do people make fun of me or flip me off ?

 how long does it take for cannabis to be completely gone out of your system?

 Bad cold help?
Um i have had a cold for a week now and it's only my chest that hurts and my throat and i don't have a voice and i keep coughing and sneezing what the heck do i have any ideas would be ...

 I just found out I have.....?
I have osteoathritis. I have severe pain 24/7.. I am now drinking apple cider vinegar every day. I hear it helps.....Why am I in so much pain. Also, my right hip grinds every time I walk. Is there ...

 HELP ME PLEASE – I have severe OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – PLEASE HELP ME?
Clicking my ankles is where it all started. I forced them to click constantly for a few years and stopped only last week. For the last year I’ve been forcing my knees to click also. I could only ...

 Is it bad to eat cocaine?
I just ate about 7 spoonfuls...whats going to happen to me?...

 how do i get rid of constipation? someone help!?
im always constipated and its really starting to bother me, what should i do?...

 My daughter has joint pain her bones hurts she is rundown and has lost a small patch of hair & gets dizzy?
she get head aches and is very irrateable. She also has a red rash on her face cause (unk) she is only 26 years old can you possabley tell me what is wrong with her she has gone for blood work but ...

 giving blood?
I recently went to give blood but they told me my iron count wasn't high enough (mine was 114).

Yesterday i received a letter from them with my blood results, and they say i should go ...

 I only get hiccups when i'm studying. why's that?
when i'm not studying i get hiccups maybe once a month. but usually stops after 1 ...

 What's wrong with me?
Lately I've had fatigue and after every meal I get nauseous. I had a fever for a couple of days, but not anymore. What's wrong with me?
Additional Details
By the way, I'm ...

 Why is it that I occasionally get a craving for cigarettes even though I don't smoke and no one in my family..
does either.
Additional Details
And no I'm not thinking of taking up smoking and my friends don't smoke....

 Please advise! I haven't had a bowel movement in 22 days!?
I'm a healthy 35 year old female. I have sharp pain in my upper left abdomen under my ribcage and I'm very fatigued. I've been to a couple different Doctors and I'm on several ...

 anybody sleepy???????

 Being a pirate, what's the best way to prevent scurvy?
I need to know this. Lots of time floatin around in the ocean, plenty of time to catch diseases....

 What kind of sickness do i have? what can i do to cure it? why do i have it?
ever since yesterday, i have been strangely sick. (i am 11) mostly my nose is stuffed up, runny, and i am sneezing a lot, and coughing, and i have noticed i have become worried and stressed easy. MOR...

What is that worm I pulled out of my butt?
a few years ago I felt something funny coming out of my butt while walking around and I pulled a worm out of my butt. it was about 6 inches long and looked like an earthworm, but it was white. I've read descriptions of tapeworms and pin worms and it was not one of those. anybody have an idea of what it was?

smither s
thats gross

get a job

tim g

Was it moving?
If it wasn't
It was probably a condom.
Stop that late night partyin' girl!JKJK


well you would know if you had a tapeworm in you. im pretty sure ud be pretty sick if that happened. but anyway...i bet it was a condom. six inches...white...yeahh. ever heard of roofies?? the date rape drug...yeahhh im just saying.

Daniel Kim
it was an ascaris parasite (i might not have spelled that right, probably did) and you should go to the doctor IMMEDIATELY because you are now in fatal risk of serious infection.

go to the doctor cuz thats scary

F. Vega
I've heard that when you have one worm that come out your butt it means you have more in you. You need to see a doctor and he should prescribe something to make you digest them ALL out. If you grind your teeth at night it means you do have worms in your stomach. Or do you take roobies? Might have been a condom. . . .

thawing waffles
i dont rember the name of the worm but its a type of worm that lives in your tummie

Its still a type of worm like tapeworms or pin worms. Those are not the only type of worms. Next time you defecate do it on a paper plate. Then take a plastic knife and gloves and cut into and mash it. If you see anymore worm like things go to the doctor.

are you sure it was a worm? it might have been a condom.

you never know...

Just Me
u need to visit a doctor

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