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if so how long to wear it?...

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hey yall
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 love handles?
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 Stupid question but am reading a lot of the "how do I lose inches off thighs/calves" etc?
If you weigh less, lose weight over all do your thighs and calves slim down naturally due to carrying less weight?????
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This was just one of those questions, there have ...

 What exercises are the best for stomach and butt/hip areas?
I need to lose weight fast and need the best exercises and how
often I should do them, please. And only serious replies please.
Nothing negative. Thank you....

I am 62 years old. Any suggestions on how to get rit of a pot belly. I am not a beer drinker,?

Running and walking is good...doing sit ups at first will just make your stomach bigger....walk or run it off..then do sit-ups :-)

Wolf B
My dad is about 8 years younger than you. He changed his diet to having healthier eating habits and would make time for little bits of exercise here and there. Nothing dramatic, just cut out junk, soda, heavy/greasy foods, or even over eating. Then make the effort to walk more, lift some light weights about half an hour a day, and rest properly.
It's helped a lot. The combination has cut a lot of weight off all over his body. His arms and shoulders are more fit, not nearly as much around his neck, and of course, he dropped pants sizes.

buy a exercising ball they work wonders

Hey I am 62 also, and there is one exercise that you have to do and it isn't very strenuous, just push back from the table I just lost 66 lbs.

nick p
yeah get a time machine!! lol

blue. eyed. snowmoblier.((girl))
snowmoblie, golf or just go to the fitness area.. my grandpa lost his doing all theses things..

men tend to deposit fat in their belly. (women in their thighs and butts) So, the best way to reduce the belly is to reduce the body...in other words, lose weight. It helps, of course, to work the abs to tighten them up.

The Emperor of Ecstasy

A pot belly is a fat deposit, so it won't be affected much by situps or other strength exercises. Gentle cardio (swimming, cycling, elliptical machine) burns fat without hurting joints -- at the gym, you can even select a cycle for maximum fat-burning. If you're not using a gym, try to exercise at a level where you can breathe enough to talk a little, but not enough to sing. This level is usually optimal for fat-burning.

Once the fat starts going away, you can enhance the appearance of the abs by situps, but continue with the cardio.

Finally -- beware of non-beer drinks that are just as calorie-rich, and can create the pot belly effect. Non-diet soda is the most common culprit after beer.

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