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 Can you develop autism as you grow up?
well..... i have been having some problems in lfe, and i was wondering if you can develop autism as you grow (in other words, i wasnt born with autism and i want to know if you can still get it). ...

 I woke up a few hours ago?
But somehow I felt incomplete!
Now I have a red Stuff dripping from my fangs plus a tuft of hair in here!!!

Is Stoogie still with you???
Additional Details
No Tyler, I ...

 I feel rotten and not realy getting any better?
hello there, i have had my symptoms since sat night and several people attending the function i was at now have this also. My symptoms are sickness, skits, and feeling of being bloated, thumping ...

 When liquid comes from your raptured eardrum, what does it look/feel like?

 Constant Dizziness?
For some reason, my grandmother is constantly suffering from dizzy spells. She's been to doctors trying to find out if maybe the cause is vertigo. The verdict is negative; it's not ...

 What is Epilepsy and what is the treatment for it?
What is epilepsy and what is the treatment for it I do take medication I do suffer from migraines as well. I have grand mal seizures. I also have petti Mal and partical seizures. What are all the ...

 clear anal leakage?
ok i eat alot of spicy ,greasy,and fried foods, and in the past i dunno maybe half a year ago sometimes when i sit down for a long time i feel something wet and its just like water ,its clear and has ...

 My mum is in lot of pain with her Multiple sclerosis, How can we help?
My mum was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2003. at the age of 43.
For years her doctor GP, said she was going though the change of life, at the age of 30 and made her ...

 HELP im 23, 3 seizures, taking Nuvigil, Xanax, & Zoloft?
I started taking Zoloft when I was 17 & been on it ever since. I also started Ativan at the same time. I started taking meds for A.D.D. a year and a half ago. I went from Provigil to Nuvigil ...

 autism and a gluten free diet?
My two year old son was recently diagnosed with autism and I've been hearing about the gluten free diet and how it calms them down some how? I've seen read a little bit on what he would ...

 What is Borderline Adrenal Response?
What are the symptions?
Additional Details
The Doctor has prescribed me Hydrocortisone Tablets I don't know, when I should take them....

 Factor V disorder?
My brother-in-law has just been diagnosed with an illness called Factor V. Apparently it's a blood disorder in which the blood is too thick.
Does anyone know about this disease here? His ...

 What are the indicators for septicemia?

 I've had constant heartburn for 3 days now. How can I get rid of it?
I've been taking Pepcid but it isnt working. I always have a dull burn in my chest in the middle and also on the left right below the heart (it isnt my heart though... I know that). But every ...

 my 11 year old daughter recently got diagnosed with aspergers syndrome a form of autism now taking medication?
rispiridone works by slowng the seritonein down in the brain its a new trial drug in the uk and its been tested over in america for a while does anyone out there have any have a child who's on ...

 Does anyone have or know someone that suffered from hydrocephalus?

 Why do you pick on Tourette Syndrome?
This is one of my many videos of Tourette Syndrome. Please watch it before you answer the question, thanks.

 Do hemorrhoids block passage when passing bowel? My stool is like peanutbutter which results in endless wiping
Also, after I have finally passed stool, I still feel like there is a rod in my rectum, however, it does not come out. It is as though I never completely pass my stool....

 Is a good cure for insomnia watching an old Ronald Regan movie?
I actually bought one a long time ago. Tried to watch it twice. I could not get past the first 15 or so minutes and even that was a chore. It was bad, very bad. Critics said he was a grade B ...

 tourettes syndrome problem?
i have tourettes and whenever i have an "outburst", people copy me and imitate what i do. i've asked them to stop but they seem 2 ignore me and just keep copying - what other ways can ...

Healthy Environment
What does it mean to be unresponsive? What's the difference between unresponsive and unconscious?
If someone is unresponsive............

does that probably mean they are dying?
or is there a strong chance that they are going to be okay?

The term has no direct meaning about a person's survival.
There's considerable overlap in the meaning of the two words, but generally, unresponsive means that there are no reflexes, but sometimes it means a patient isn't responding to a treatment. A state of unresponsiveness to reflexes can be temporary or it can indicate serious brain damage. A person that is unresponsive to some particular treatment may respond well to some other treatment.

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