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 Can a TMJ disorder cause migraines with aura?

 I want to conduct a very small scale research in Autism in Delhi. Does anyone have any ideas?
no research till recently on Autism in India.
I have an opportunity to make undergrads do a small research.
I feel 'Autism' would be great as a topic. But i am simply not getting ...

 My doctor has diagnosed a Thyroid problem and I don't nderstand it?? Help needed?
I have had 2 lots of blood tests done to check my thyroid. The first came back overactive, and I had a second done a couple of months later which is underactive? I am confused how the results can ...

 Is there no cure for thyroid (dogs)?
Plz help.This is titu from India...My pet is suffering from Thyroid(as said by local doctors),from past 8months!! It is 7 year old pomerian(cross breed).. Its' body extremities are badly ...

 Is there a home drug test available for testing for psilocybin (mushrooms) and LSD?
Is there any available home drug test availaible to test for usage of psilocybin (the chemical in Magic Mushrooms) or LSD? If not a home urine or saliva test, then is there a lab kit that can be ...

 whats the treatment for a kidney infection?
am due to see doctor later but just wondered how long have to take anitibiotics for and which ones am I likely to get?...

 Does drinking too much coca cola cause abdominal cramps?
I drink way too much coke, and lately I've had as much as 4 liters a day. I am having abdominal cramps. Could the coke be causing this? I have a kidney stone (for 15 years), but that does ...

 my liver enzymes are high????????
the doctoe told me i have to stop drinking alcohol for awhile what happens if i drink oduels that has little alcohol would this be a good idea??...

 What disease do you think causes more suffering to those inflicted; Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis or Autism?
Inflammatory bowel disease causes much pain and humiliation to those who have it, not to mention the social terror of having a public accident: but it can be deadly. It limits what you can do, where ...

 What would happen if you run out of spinal fluid?
Or start running low....

 Doctor won't believe me? What the hell do I do? :(?
I'm going to the doctors today coz I'm constantly bloated, have stomach pain and keep having diareah and constipation. I went to this doctor a couple of years ago coz if I don't eat ...

 Possibly Pneumonia?? Please Help!?
My 20 Year Old Brother Had A Seizure (1st Time) Sunday Night And He Passed Out. We Took Him To The Emergency Room And They Gave Him A Brain Scan And Blood work And Only Found A Small Trace Of M...

 Doctor put me back on a medicine i was taking when i attempted suicide?
why? well okay, he put me on 40mg celexa. about 5 months ago i was on and off lexapro 20mg frequently, like each week for 2 months on and off. from what i've been reading celexa is just an old ...

 Do you know the symptoms of Rabies?
Have you had any experience with a Rabid Animal ?
Do you know the symptoms?
1.) Signs in animals
2.) Symptoms in humans
This link by WebMD offers good information.

 What are the causes/symptoms of internal bleeding?
What exactly is internal bleeding? What are the symptoms? In what instances should one look out for Internal bleeding? Please can only health professionals i.e doctor's, nurses respond....

 CT Scans and contrast injection .. Advice please?
Hiya, I am having a CT Chest/ Abdo with contrast and CT Pelvis with Contrast Xray examinations tomorrow. Can someone walk me through what the procedures involve please? I remember around 10 years ...

 What to eat when suffering from a stomach virus?
I was throwing up a lot yesterday, but I feel a little better today. I don't want anything oily, or it'll come back. I've been eating crackers all day now. I'm starving!


 What is a TSH 3rd gen test?
I got blood work done. One of the test is a THS 3rd gen. I know it has something to do with the thyroid, but whats the difference between a THS 3rd gen and a T3 or T4?...

 who out there has had abdominal surgery repair as in hernias & diastasis correction?
There are two doctors saying I need surgery. One for the hernias (multiple) and one a plastic surgeon to correct the diastasis (seperation) of the abdominal muscles that didnt close after 2 back ...

 Swollen tender area under the left armpit????
My husband has this slightly swollen and tender to the touch area under his left armpit. It is not red or hard. Actually it is quite soft to the touch but very tender when applying any kind of ...

What causes Brain aneurysms to reoccur?
Just wondering,my cousin is in the hospital again because of another Brain Aneurysm and I am wondering why this happened again. When next week it will be a year since he had one last year. I am just curios to know why this is happening again. He is only 39 and we were told like June 3rd that he was completely fine and ready to get back to work soon.

I am sorry if I put this in the wrong category I am not exactly sure which category I should be placing this under.
Additional Details
They want cliping it to be last resort kind of thing from my understanding due to posible sight problems or something. But what they are doing is what they did last time which was are stoping it with coils or something. I don't really know it has been a very long stressful day.

He was probably born with it. Usually when the doctor's identify an aneurysm they do surgery to clip it, if they can access it. He was just unfortunate to have had another.

Is the aneurysm in the same spot? Some people have multiple aneurysms so the first one may have been treated and now another one was found. The first one also may not have been treated completely.

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