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 Please help me, I am desperate...?
I really wouldn't be asking if I wasn't out of my mind already.
I've been hiccuping for exactly eight months and 5 days now, and it's driving me nuts. It's paralyzing ...

 what is the normal white blood count?

 Is fear of not "eating" enough is considered an eating disorder?
This question may seem very weird but about a decade or so ago I became a vegetarian and went from 145lbs to 118lbs at the height of 5’5”. I was experiencing great anxiety that I was becoming A...

 please let me know the good and bad points to serc-16 betahistine dihydochloride medication?
i have been diagnosed with vertigo and have been prescribed the above drug and would like to know the if there are any downsides....

 What is a good diet regimen for a lupus patient to follow? What foods should be avoided?
I would like to know what foods to stay away from and what foods may help people diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. What is a good diet regimen for this diagnosis? Are there any foods that are ...

 Candida has spread to the lung?
Have you experienced systemic candida including problems in the lungs? Other symptoms and treatments? I'd appreciate hearing of your experience. Many thanks.
Additional Details

 I was born without a thyroid gland how does this affect me?
I was wondering what the affects of not having a thyroid gland are.. I have to take a pill everyday called "levothyroxine" and I was also wondering what could happen if I didn't take ...

 Cure for Autism? Why is this a problem?
I just found out that scientists are determined to look for a cure for autism. But the Aspies seem to have a problem with this cure. They say that we don't need a cure, why is that? Are they ...

 What's wrong with me?
I have a really bad headache and my eyes feel swollen like i was just crying, but i wasn't. my nose is a little stuffy but not really anymore than normal. i'm not exposed to anything new ...

 Do people really believe that fibromyalgia is a real sickness?
Just wondering how people really feel.I have it with oa and ra and is very painful. I just want honesty because if you don't believe, it wont hurt my feelings because I don't know you....

 does anyone know about mcad?
my son(2 months old) was born with a disease called MCAD and yes i know all about it but im curious to know how many ppl out there might really know about it. or have heard of it. im interested in ...

 Is anyone here(or do u know any1) overweight with one kidney? I have a question..PLEASE?
I am 5'5 250lbs and I want to donate a kidney. I know I would eventually have to lose weight for my own good but, will it be okay (considering I am a qualified candidate) to donate, and live a ...

 How old was Woody Guthrie when diagnosed with Huntington's disease?

 What could it mean if someone has sharp pain behind one eye?
Pain has been off/on for several weeks - goes days between pain. Pain lasts a day or two and is fairly intense at times. Vision ok. That eye waters and feels swollen but isn't. Eye doctor ...

 What are the odds of getting ALS(Lou Gehrigs)Disease at the age of 15.?

I've been reading so much about autism and about the the different views on the links to the vaccines. But are there any reports on children who have autism and have not been vaccinated?...

 Does Alzheimer's or other dementia cause the following?
change in speech and ideas rapidly (span of two minutes)
clouded thinking and jusgment
irrational outbursts
excessive sensitivity
questionable judgements
false ...

 What does going under general anesthesia feel like?
I have to go under anesthesia within the next month and i was wondering what it felt like. Does it feel like you are asleep? Or are you taking the medicine one minute, and then recovering the next? A...

 FOOD POISONING questions?
what are the symptoms of food poisoning, and how long does it take to show them? We ate the pizza at 12pm and started getting sick at around 5-6pm. 2 of them have been shaking, loosing consciences ...

 How to save my dying marijuana plant ?
My poor plant is dying. Someone help me please. Its about 2 and half feet tall, and the leaves are curling under. My stupid brother is putting it under harsh black and fluorescent light. What do ...

Vein In Head (Feel the Pulse)?
I have a vein on the top right side of my forehead that goes into my hairline and at certain times I can feel it lightly pulsating?

Is that normal? I just have been stressed and I've felt it lately but it's not painful or anything.
I'm 21 and in great health...Just wondering?

Miss Static
I thought that was the name of a drum & bass track. FEEL THE PULSE!

It is perfectly normal to be able to feel your pulse in any/all of your body parts.

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