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 Does anyone have info on fibromyalgia?
I would like to know the symtoms and if there is any way to treat it? My dad has it and we would like to know if there is a way to ease the pain? Most days he can't even move, his muscles ache, ...

 why am I soooo tired?
I have been soooooo tired. I am not pregnant and I dont think its from gettin too much sleep. cuz some nights I get 6 and wont be tired or will be tired. its confusing.. saturday, I slept literally AL...

 How do you cure hemmeroids? Seriously!?

 What kind of health problems could make me have really dark circles under my eyes?

 when is someone an alcoholic?
they cant remember the terrible things they said and when told what was said deny that its ...

 I WANT osteoporosis?
Yes i want my height o shrink a little, now what can i do to get osteoporosis?


 Big problem. No solution. Help.?
I am having trouble with many things.
To start off I am having the following symptoms:
1) trouble breathing (from physical and non physical activity)
2) trouble sleeping
3)tired ...

 Is Parkinson's hereditary?

 If a person is depressed and hates life should they just be glad they don't have cancer or paralysis or worse?

 What's wrong with being pro-anarexia?
Im for it...is that so wrong?...

 Is it worth changing to decaff tea and coffee?
It would be for health reasons - may have high blood pressure. I drink one mug of coffee and 3 teas a day.

Just interested to see your views....

 Can a 16 year-old donate a kidney for the greater good?
I am a healthy 16 year-old male who would like to anonymously donate a kidney in order to give someone the gift of life. Is it possible to donate at this age? I am aware that this is huge decision ...

 What causes hiccups and how do you get rid of them?
I have the hiccups right now and they are so annoying! What are "hiccups" and how do you get rid of them? Please... :)...

 why do people keep saying cutting yourself means you're crazy?
i used to do it and i'm not crazy and not trying to get ...

 What is the cause of my years long Diarrhea problem?
I have had Diarrhea every day for the past several years. 90% of my bowel movements are diarrhea. The rest are no longer than about two and a half inches long and no thicker than my pinky finger. For ...

 The common cold.....how to ease it?? Help please?
Ive got a really bad cold, and i know that there is no cure for this, but are there any ways for me to ease this. My nose is completely blocked, but running at the same time! I wouldnt mind but its ...

 Can I Take Cymbalta Under Age?
I am almost 13 and have depression
Additional Details
For the person who said I have "Being 13 desease" That's harsh. I've had depression for 2 years and I was just ...

 How do people get started on cigarettes?
I know in the past no one knew of the risks, but I mean nowadays. Young kids in their teens and twenties, what gets them started on cigarettes? Can someone clue me in because I don't understand ...

 I think I have Down syndrome but im not really sure?

 somebody coughed over me today !! should I visit my mum in hospital ?
some horrible person coughed over me, they have a bad cold.

Should I visit my mum who is in ICU today?...

John V
USA consumes the most drugs than all countries and yet are still sick_we should be heathy something is wrong!?

Zelda Hunter
It seems that you are on to something here.
Why do most doctors seem like glorified drug pushers these days?
Did you know the pharmaceutical companies can track which drugs doctors prescribe?
What would bring the most cash into the coffers of the medical industry these days? a) let people die b) heal and cure people OR c) let people live for a long time in a sickly condition that requires medical help, lots of tests and expensive medicines.
Why do drugs cost MORE here than anywhere else?

it is all business.....it is the best business they have..coming up with a million medicines for people to buy...insurance money. why would they find the cure if they can have you lingering around for the money.

probably due to our extreme diversity in comparison to other countries. i'm beginning to think we need some kind of changes to our healthcare system though. seems like a lot of people can't afford or otherwise have access to the best medications for what ails them. not sure of the best solution.

Judas Rabbi
Were a country hungry for drugs

One...in spite of having the drugs, not everyone has access. Two...the USA is over-medicated in some cases. Antibiotics stop working and new untreatable strains develop.

Consuming drugs does not equal health. They have their place in treating diseases, however society in the US generally want and expect "quick fixes" and believe that medications/drugs are the best way for that. They ignore or resist other ways instructed to them by health professionals in lifestyle changes need to prevent and/or manage many health problems.

Pharmaceutical companies take advantage of this by advertising their prescription drugs to public. They often paint a picture of there drug as the answers to “what ails you”.

Scotty Doesnt Know
Did you have a question?

Know it all
Doctors are taught to treat symptoms not fix problems, it is that simple. The money will stop flowing is you actually fix a problem. It is usually not the doctors fault however, it is how they are trained and it is all most know how to do.

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