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Autumn Leaves
Thumping Sound In Ear?
This time of the year I often get a thumping sound in my left ear only(my right eardrum ruptured years ago and never healed). It thumps in rhythm to my heartbeat. It's almost always when I'm laying down, rarely in any other position. It's worse when the weather's damp. Also sometimes when I stand up I'll get this "rushing" sensation in both ears. I went to an ENT and he said, "I don't know"(and charged me $400.00). I have allergies and almost constant ear and sinus infections. Does anyone know what causes this?

Im pretty sure you should get it checked out again
it could be maneirs desease (not sure on the spelling) or something like that.
is your balance off?

Sounds to me like you have an intolerance to milk and dairy products buddy ......... at the moment you more than likely have an ear infection brought about by the stress eating foods to which you are intolerant has brought about on your system .......... allergies, constant ear and sinus infections are symptoms of a disrupted digestive system......... Lactose intolerance can cause acid reflux, alternating bouts of constipation & diahorrea and will also lead to a compromised digestive system thus laying the groundwork for a body which is extremely susceptible to developing nose, throat, sinus, ear, bronchial, bladder and other infections as well....... Other symptoms you may be suffering from are mucous in the stools, bloating and cramping, digestive troubles such as constipation, belching and burping, gassiness and wet f*arting (sorry, no other way to say it),achy bones, ribbony and stringy shaped bowel movements or rabbit pellet shaped movements are all symptoms of lactose intolerance. ........... all due to your calcium absorption being hindered by lactose intolerance..... calcium is essential in our bodies for healthy neural and digestive functioning and of course for heart health.

Goat's milk would perhaps be an option for you.Take a calcium & vitamin D3 rich supplement perhaps in a liquid form (easiest to assimilate) to ensure you get all your calcium on a daily basis ...............and pump up your intake of fresh fish such as salmon and tuna and leafy and green vegies & fresh fruits~ the vegies are rich in both calcium and protein and the fish are rich in EFA's, protein, calcium and vitamin D (the vitamin D is essential for effective calcium absorption)........♥

The calcium found in vegies and fruits has a greater impact on bone health than calcium from dairy products anyways.... a study published in The Americal Journal of clinical nutrition (2002) found that a high intake of vegies and fruits has a positive impact on bone health, but dairy did not. Dairy products contain animal proteins, which speed the elimination of calcium from the body and make it more acidic. This can cause calcium to leach from the bones and cause problems with magnesium (essential for healthy nerve and muscle functioning and for heart health ~ known as the antistress mineral) absorption, leading to osteoporosis. In addition, we absorb only 30 percent of the calcium found in milk, compared to 40 to 70 percent of the calcium found in vegies and fruits.

Cow's milk contains proteins that are difficult for humans to digest; when these undigested proteins enter the lower digestive system, they putrefy and cause digestive problems. Dairy products encourage the production of excess mucus in the body, burdening the respiratory, digestive and immune systems. Not surprisingly, when you ditch the milk and dairy people more often than not experience markedly fewer colds and sinus & respiratory infections.

Really and truly, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this out ............. i sincerely do wish you the very best of health & vitality ♥


Niklaus Pfirsig
The thumping sound youu hear is your pulse. You probably have high blood pressure, and many OTC allergy and cold remedies raise the blood pressure.

Timothy M
Well first, the thumping in your ear is your heartbeat. The rushing sound when you stand up is the blood moving out of your head. The reason why you have this is probably because of a artery close to the eardrum that might have shifted during whatever caused your other ear drum to rupture. Your constant infections are because of bad sinus drain. There are medications and operations doctors can do to fix this. The thumping and rushing don't really have a effect based on weather but can be influenced by pressure changes in atmosphere.

i have that too! and i went with my dr and he made a test measuring the air presure in my ear and he told me that my ear was congested .. so he explained that ear congestion is due to allergies, a cold, or traveling constantly on airplanes or driving thru the mountains.. he gave an antihistamine spray (Asthelin) and some craritin... it really helped me a lot.. the pain and the thumping sound dissapered.. i hope this helps!
take care...

no, but I've had those same symptoms since i can remember. so you're not alone!

I told my doctor once and he said not to worry about it. however, i have never ruptured my eardrum.

Marvelous Marv
Have you blood pressure checked. This sounds like a regular ear infection. The sensitive, swollen ear drum "hears" your heart beat and so do you. When you lay down the blood pressure in your head goes up because gravity is not involved anymore. So the heartbeat gets louder. I've had a hundred ear infections and it sounds like this is your problem. Sometimes plain old high blood pressure appears as a heartbeat sound in your hearing. Check it out.

I get that too. I have felt my pulse in my ears, but I have also felt a rapid thumping that isn't related to my heart beat. Very strange.
The only thing I can think of is air pressure trying to balance out the equilibrium in the ear drum.

I get this too and its nothing to worry about.
What the thumping is: The thumping is the blood being pumped by your heart (explains the rythemn) to your brain as every cell needs blood, now there are a few main veins and arteries that run up your neck one of which branchs and goes by your ears explaining the thumping because of the high speeds that the blooed is pumped.
THE RUSHING: The rushing is caused by the fluid in your inner ear that helps your balance, when you lay down it settles in one place, whe you suddenly move you brain is like what just happend and it has to catch up to the way you are positioned.

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