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I would like to get the answer from those who suffer from similar problem or real expert please.
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I've been to ...

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 im having a hard time pooing?
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I can't figure out how to reply but yes i'm in pain my right leg in excruciating and my lower back ...

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 does anyone know what a small hard lump under the skin where the hollow of your throat is? I'm freaking out.?

mike a
Stomach hurts every night when I try to sleep?
Ok so i try to sleep and my stomach hurts the whole time I try to sleep no mater what I eat or what I don't eat It just hurts. It's not like real pain but just really uncomfortable and I move my legs around and stuff like that, and it may sound weird but it seems to help but i'm still uncomfortable was thinking could this be Restless Leg Syndrome or something like that because I always feel the need to move my legs around during normal day activities. The whole thing has been going on since I was little and now i'm 20 (Male, Hispanic, not sure if it matters) and I'm just tired every day because i don't get enough sleep. This even occurs when I try to take a nap (which i take because i'm so tired) few minutes into my nap my stomach starts to hurt. What can be the problem?

It sounds like a hiatal hernia. I would look up the symptoms and discuss with your doctor, as it is very treatable.
good luck.

just some suggestions as i have stomache problems also.
first try putting some blocks under the head of the bed to elevate it a bit,this will help with acid reflux and keep stomache acids down.also try sleeping on your right side.when on left side then anything still in the stomache will just sit and can cause more irritation,whereas on the right side it will help push the food thru into the intestinal track.
also try not to eat anything heavy a couple hours before bedtime,just a light snack instead.
when ready to go to sleep try a large mug(not a small cup) of HOT,not warm milk with a spoon of sugar in it.drink it as hot as you can stand it.then go to bed right away.when i do this i almost instantly fall to sleep and will actually sleep thru the night.as for the restless leg syndrome,your doctor can offer some suggestions and there is medicine available for it now also.hope this helps.

I don't know any of your habits, foods etc. BUT

No caffeine, sugar etc prior to bad

Try and relax before going to bed, like no exercise, scary movies... you know

I use Tylenol if this happens to me.

Stomach hurting - could be stress induced; acids due to acidic foods, - nibble a cracker or something, or a dash of pep-to

Anyway - I try these things

you problably have gastroenteritis. i would conult a doctor. (actually, i did because i have gastroenteritis. lol.) anyways, hope this helps! X3

Are you sure you aren't just dehydrated buddy?? Expecting your digestive system to digest food and transport essential vitamins and nutrients with no water in your system is an extremely huge ask ............ Water is imperative to life. Without water your body will have a terrible time breathing, digesting food, transporting nutrients, lubricating your joint sockets etc.etc.etc.etc......... nothing substitutes for water. your body needs at least 2 - 3 litres of water daily to function efficiently.

Try drinking water or other fluids 20 minutes before or 20 minutes after meals rather than with them........ so as to enhance the digestive process rather than hinder it. By drinking fluids with your meals you will only be diluting the digestive juices.

also, try to cut back on drinks such as coffee, tea, alcohol, sodas and soft drinks (if you drink any of them) which will all do great job of dehydrating you. ie: just 1 can of soda or soft drink will make your body peesh out up to 12 cups of water !!! 1 cup of coffee will make your body peesh out about 2 cups of water ........... read the book by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.... "Your body's many cries for water"...... an astounding and scary and very true read.

Other symptoms of dehydration are cramping, bloating, headaches and migraines, inability to think clearly, puffy bags under your eyes, dark circles under your eyes and irritability and moodiness ................ please drink more fresh filtered water if you aren't doing so already ♥

One other possibility of course is that you are lactose intolerant and that would produce symptoms of gassiness, belching, bloating, cramping, constipation ~ producing small hard pellets, or ribbony shaped movements and acid reflux...... is it possible that you are intolerant to milk and dairy products??

take care of you ♥


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