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Katy D
Should I take Adderall illegally, if this is my first time today, and I have exams?
I'm 14 and its 10 mg

Pizza Girl
if you think you need some then take it. thers nothing wrong with it

Should you morally? No ,nothing should be taken if your not prescribed it.
On the other hand if you dont care about it. It will help on your exams. more of buckling down and studying. It wont hurt you. or make you "High" it just makes you more focused. its safe.

i snort aderol everytime before a test. it helps me get hot and ready. also they will make you really into the zone, so if a girls thong is sticking out, its all your gonna be looking at

you should take adderal if your going to study before it yes

Oh my god grow up a little first, geez.

it dosent realy help like alot of people think. it dosent make you smarter, justs lets you study all night.
all it is is a mild dose of amphetamine, and the buzz you will get from it in neligable. nicotine, monafinil are supposedly supposed to increase memmory recall. and if you do do it, dont eat the pill, chrush it up and snort it, that will make it more intenese foe sure. for me i perfer methamphetamine especialy smoking or injecting it. like 3 hits of it will keep you up for 12 hours.

adderal is weak any way. i hope you didnt pay more than 5 bucks for it. try to get desoxyn, instead of mixed amphetamine salts, is straight up methamphetamine, only 10mg though. you can by 100mg for like 20bucks of the pure shyt that will keep you going. dont stay up for more than 3 days or you will see the shadow people(hallucinations)

o yea not to mention that shyt will make you want to do alot more afterwards. i have a meth and heroin habit, and im guessing you dont want to end u like me lol

{{Cosmic Magnet}}
Nah it won't really help you too much, it's only good if you take it every time you study and then take it on the exam day.

Right now your mind isn't used to it, so taking it before a test might make things too out of the ordinary for it to be beneficial, you know? Whatever mindset you're in during your studies, that's how you should take your exam. So for example if you always study high, you're better off taking your exam high.

Don't even bother at this point.

i wouldn't... seeing as how you've never taken it you might have adverse side effects, and it'll affect your exams.

if you're dead set on taking them, wait for the weekend, see how you feel and then try it... but even then, putting pills in your body you don't need can damage your liver. plus, if you don't NEED something... why take it??

Yeah sure why not. I got hooked on that stuff and now I get panic attacks all the time.

No. Many people experience adverse reations to adderall. You may lose focus and get very jittery or even nauseated. Not what you want going into an exam.

angela s
I took it before. although it does give you mad energy. it can also have terrible side effects or you can be allergic to it. I t has been known to make certain people psychotic. try an energy drink instead. just to be on the safe side

Sarah Jane
Adderall is a SERIOUS and very POWERFUL drug.

You don't know if you have an allergy to it or any odd other reaction.

I'm pretty liberal about the "war on drugs" and all that crap but in cases like this, your life could end in a heartbeat pal. (or 80!!)
Oh MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 14 you are are already asking this?! I have a right to view drugs any way I want because I've also been through 41 years of life and learning the hard way Hell you can't possibly Imagine by just "taking an Adderall. what might happen to you.
I'm so sorry you are faced with such a problem. Please don't take that pill.
Would it be possible to say one your favorite prayers before ripping up that book? I'll be thinking about you as I go though my day.
Best Wishes,


NEVER take adderall without a perscription. Its a methamphetaphine.....would look REALLY bad in a blood test.

Don't mess around with stimulants such as Adderall.You might think that your studying harder, better, stronger or whatever and its easily true however the stress that you put on your heart isn't good and it could affect your mental health. Adderall works by increasing dopamine and noradrenaline both neurotransmitters that regulate various aspects of your brain. Suddenly increasing them by consuming Adderall could have serious consequences. Your brain carefully regulates these neurotransmitters so there should be no need for Adderall. As your still young and growing sudden surges in dopamine levels can cause various issues. Only consume Adderall or any other similar type of stimulants if prescribed by a Physician. Lastly do not forget that Adderall can become a addictive habit as it is composed of dextroamphetamine and other amphetamine salts.

Just study naturally, motivate yourself and give it your best.

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