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Please tell me why I keep dropping things I hold in my hands? Is this a symptom of a disease?

Jimmy C
Im pretty sure thats the first sign of having AIDS. Maybe not, I heard Bill O'Reilly say it once.

If you dont have the shakes then there is no disease here. If your a teenager than this is normal, if your an adult then maybe your naturally clumsy. Simply pay more attention to what you are doing, do thing to improve your hand to eye co-ordination.

If you have ever had a back or neck injury then it could be due to nerve damage or a possible nerve problem. If it is something that concerns you I would seek medical help to try to figure out what is the possible cause.

I have had back problems for years and it wasn't till here recently I finally talked my doctor into giving me a MRI and now he is saying that I might have something called Reiter's Syndrome also known as Reactive Arthritis. For years I was told that my problems were because of lack of excerise and my weight since I am over weight. Come to find out that my weight is not what is causing my problems however it is not helping matters either.

Go to your doctor and really voice your concern. It may be nothing and it just seems like you are always dropping things but then again it could be the sign of something such as nerve damage, carpal tunnel or something like that. Better to be safe than sorry.

Could be carpal tunnel. However, you need to include more info when you ask this kind of question.

It is not possible to diagnose a disease based on the limited info that you've provided.
Not necessarily a symptom of a disease.

Helen T
It would not hurt to call a Dr. Especially if this is something that has started recently. I have problems with my hands shaking, dropping things and being weak, but it is a side effect of medication I take. I take Wellbutrin for depression, but the relief from depression is WAY workth shaky hands. Are you taking medication? Do you have a lot of caffeine during the day?

i am constantly dropping things, especially things like milk jug lids or pepsi caps, drives me nuts,, I have also wondered if there was something wrong my hands, it just happens so often that i didnt figure it could be normal.

As you might have gathered, there is a range of possibilites to this brief description of a problem. Is it new onset, is the item heavy? Are you distracted? Are you having other problems, such as tripping or falling over unseen or non-existent objects?

Possibilities would include: clumsiness, carpal tunnel, multiple sclerosis, nerve compression, or a host of other problems minor or major.

If this is not a HUGE issue in your life right now, you could wait until the next routine visit to consult your physician about it, and you should be willing to give him/her lots more information about when/how such event happen in your life. That and a brief neuro exam will provide ever so much more information than this forum allows.

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