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 Stomach problems?
Pheww! Where to begin. I'm 17. For almost a year and half(possibly longer) I have been having problems with my digestive tract. Well I'm not even sure if it has anything to do with my ...

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 How long should the flu last??

 i have a bad throat heres whats wrong and any one know what cud of caused it?
it started yesterday i woke up with a horse throat, i thought it was cos i had slept with my mouth open and just needed a drink. but my voice still sounds horse, thing is it doesnt hurt, not sore, ...

 cures for the start of a cold?
I'm going on vacation in 4 days, I'm starting to feel some symptoms of a cold (go figure...)

what can I do?? help! ...

 My husband has numbness in both thumbs and forefingers.?
I realise this could be indicative of carpal tunnel syndrome, particularly as it hits mostly at night. However, I have recently discovered he has been harbouring a secret - he's totally ...

 Help - Do we have cure for Parkinson Disease?

 Has anyone know some one with, or know what causes sudden memory loss?
My father is 57 years old and yesterday was working on his boat when all of a sudden he could not remember who he was or what he was doing. My sisters husband who was with him said that nothing had ...

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 My cholesterols are 300. How can I lower it in a hurry? Doc is putting me on pills.?
My whole family has high cholesterol and we are all somewhat over weight. Fruits bother my stomach or how can I smash them up to eat them? & I just can't get into the rough vegetables. It ...

 can Tourette syndrome cause stuttering?
my boyfriend has a disease but he doesnt know the name of it. here are his symptoms:
stutters. blinks hard. makes involuntary face expressions.
theyre arent all that noticable. but his ...

 what are these symptoms sign of...?
what are these symptoms sign of:
High blood pressure.
lack of concentration
unclear vision
sleeping too ...

 How do you get rid of canker sores at home?
Ok I have this huge canker sore and its bothering me. I have had it for about a week and I want a cure for it but i hate warm salt water it never works for me so someone please help me. What do I do?...

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 How come my left eye gets very weak when I drink a lot of alcohol or get very little sleep?
When I get drunk and or get very little sleep I always feel my left eye closing on its own while my right one stays open and feels fine. I know my left eye is weaker because my drivers test proved ...

 Please help me...have I got OCD...? x?
Wen I had a sleepover last week and I put the food on the table it had to be perfectly symerrical...I can't stand the beeping of the microwave an have to stop it exactly 1second before it is ...

 Is my Doctor trying to kill me?? 4x usual dose erythromycim and fluconazole?
also given micardis (telmisartan) and spiriva - question is the dosage of the erythromycin seems too high and I have read that fluconazole is a bad companion and can cause death when combined with ...

 Why is this: I am not hungry (I feel full) but my stomach grouches??
I eat like 3-4 meals a day and I feel full, I don't feel like eating. However, my stomach grouches a lot and I really don't know why. Also, for some reason, I get very gassy (I know, it'...

PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER... Will i pass a URINE test for cocaine?
very very stupid and a big big wake up call - please just facts and no " i told you soo's' i have learnt my lesson.

last use friday - more than 72 hours ago
test was done this morning - urine
last night - i drank green tea , about 15 teabags
two citro soda bottles..
loads of water
cranberry juice and im on these slow release vitamins that detox ur body ...

will i be fine ? i hope soo ... please help - thank u
Additional Details
i passed .......
thanks ...

You will fail. Good bye.

Fingers cross for you!! well talking from my ex's experience, he use to get drug tested and before the test was taken, he would have heaps and heaps of vitamins and thos energy drinks with vitamins in them and drink heaps of juices and water. Then all that he would be is pissin out vitamins. But if it's a blood test, then i'm not sure how that works. But best of luck!! i hope you pass!!

you should be fine , you should have tried sweating also. but next time study harder

Rachel P
I thought that is took 3 days to expel from body so you could be ok..i dont know if these speed up methods really work, but they may have. A bit close to the mark id say.

Nope, cocaine takes a lot longer than that to get out of your system.

Dr Alicia
Sorry. You will not be fine. No chance in hell

i <3 llamas
cocain doesnt just disappear from the system. Even years after youve taken it, it will still leave trace affects. Eventually, after a long enough time, there will be so little cocain in your system, a urine test wont be aable to identify it. but just 3 days? It'll pick it up. sorry.

Plain and simple, no you will not pass. I send applicant out for drug testing and with the testing the techs can determine if drugs are present in your system. Now if your testing was to diluted you will have to be retested. You are lucky that they didn't do the hair testing. It takes at least 30 days or more for your system to flush the drugs out of your body.

Johanna K
you're chances of being completely detoxed is about 80%.. There might still be a trace but usually if you are an occasional user, the drug passes through your system naturally within 72-96 hrs (3-4 days)


For future reference. there is a drink at GNC retailers called Q Carbo lite and it cleanses your system in just 6 hours, and it is guaranteed...

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