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 um i just ate 10 paracetamol?
what happens now . i fonud aother one, iuts loinleyy can i havge that one too?
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i dont have the ...

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I smoke about 7-9 a week and im trying to cut down buts its sooo hard....

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 Mystery Illness, HELP?!?
-Severe leg cramping.
-Shooting, not aching, pains through my joints.
-Loss of feeling in legs for no apparent reason, but happens more often when I'm sitting or laying down.

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 Epilepsy tablets........?
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 Is this neurological or what? I'm kinda worried.?
Sometimes I can't read my own handwriting.

If there's an open doorway by a wall, I'll walk into the latter.

I can't drive because of my poor depth perception....

 Possible to be bulimic without knowing it?
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 Any cure for acid reflux?

 20 yrs female ,migraine ,on attack vomiting & unconscious any line of treatment welcome?

 My shoulder is very numb after surgery. It's been two years now. Is there a cure?

 Question about alcohol consumption with multicystic kidney disorder?
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 Does caffeine affect people with Dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency physically?
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 The blood in my neck feels like its bubbling and it hurts. What is it?
I have severe pain in my neck (the vascular part). I feel blood rushing in and out painfully and it 'bubbles' in the base part of my neck. It's painful, and I hear popping noises ...

Numbness in leg and doctor doesn't know what is causing it.?
The entire side of my left thigh is numb. I went to the doctor and told her I think it is related to my lower back problems. She said no, to wait three months and if it didn't get better she would refer me to a neurologist. The numbness has tingling pain but just in one isolated place on my leg. Should I wait or get a second opinion? The numbness is slowly spreading.

::}{Silent Assasin}{::
you may have diabetes, check your blood glucose level.

A pinched sciatic nerve ( which runs all the way to your heel )
Will cause numbness , but worse yet , muscle cramps ' charlie horses ' .

I had one leg cramp last 6 weeks .
Later learned about epidural injections to relieve sciatic nerve pinches BUT ,
Neurologists are brain folk , NOT who you need to talk to and I'm surprised your primary doc did not explain at least that .

You need the pain management specialists .
Look in Your yellow pages under physicians and most now have a section for pain management .
They will usually order a CT or MRI to locate your issues .

good luck


Dee dee
I'd get another opinion.
Sounds like there could be a nerve in the area of your spine that is pinched or squeezed and causing the numbness.
Check out this web site:

it's always good to get a second opinion, just to be on the safe side. this could be a circulation problem even....i would definitely check another doctor! good luck, hope all turns out well

Stormey N
You need to see a neurologist. Why would you wait 3 months if it's causing problems today? That makes no sense.

haily , get your self a second opinon IMMEDIATLY i have a slipped herniated lower L4 and L5, I have the same numbness at times and docz told me surgery of course i refused i was only 17 at the time of my car wreck that caused my issues, unfortunatly when i got preggo with my first i started going from a standing position to falling flat out becuz i could not feel my legs at ALL if you have lower disc problems as myself then your discs are compressing nerves, doctors dont like to take the time to look a things , have them give you a pain test in that area, they will take a qtip and press it against your leg and ask is it soft or pointy then they will do the same with a sharp object like a tooth pick, you wont be able to watch them so you wont know wich is wich you will just have to describ if you feel anything and what you feel, please get a second opinon ASAP... it WILL get worse, trust me, i am now 28 and there are times that if i sneeze i will throw my back out for months and wont be able to stand on my own, it doesnt get better on its own the longer you wait the worse it gets put your foot down with them and make them look at you it isnt just in your head!... good luck and blessings

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