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 What Could These Symptoms Be!?!?

I've never had a headache once, in my life. Though all of a sudden i've been getting headaches - day after day.

I'm getting dizzy on occasions, like ...

 my dad has all these syptoms?
ok he has bloting back pains head aches stuff like that is that a bad thing also he has 2 kidney ...

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 Is there anything to be concerned about if one pupil is slightly larger than the other?
Im really concerned, docs say give it time but does it mean tumour or something like that or not necessarily?
I have been feeling slightly light headed at times, blood tests and blood pressure ...

 problems with urinating?
erm badicly i have had trouble urinating for bout a year now....
i know allbout kidney infections ect..
but this is different... once i start a steady stream its all fine but starting can S...

 I have what feels like fatty lumps on the back on both hips, above my buttocks....what could this be?
I am 29 year old female, decent health, I have problems with urinary tract infections about 3 times a year, and a kidney infection about once a year. I also caught malaria in Kenya while at school in ...

 What can happen if you don't accurately take your antidepressants?
Because sometimes I miss a dose or two...

My mom said that's a huge deal and I cannot miss one!
Additional Details
I take Lexapro. I cut it in half because of my weight ...

Mystery Illness, HELP?!?
-Severe leg cramping.
-Shooting, not aching, pains through my joints.
-Loss of feeling in legs for no apparent reason, but happens more often when I'm sitting or laying down.
-Extremely low pain tolerance, e.g. running two fingers along my arm makes it feel as though I am ripping the muscle off of my bone.
-Lower back pain.
-Muscle tension all over body.
-Lack of breath, as if not getting enough oxygen to my lungs.
-And bruises that seem to appear out of nowhere, or from things that shouldn't leave a bruise.

I previously was in an accident where a four-wheeler crushed my leg, and landed on my back. & Then suffered from a very bad Staph Infection for about 5 months.

I've had the nerves and muscles in my legs tested, an MRI on my entire spine, an ultrasound on my left leg (the one impacted by the accident and the staph), and blood tests for vitamin deficiencies and anemia. All tests came back normal.

If you have any clue as to what would be wrong with me, it would help loads. It'd be nice if I had some ideas for the doctors to look into.

Thanks in advance,

Additional Details
I've had my blood cell count checked, I've had my nerves checked, and there is a damaged one, but they are almost positive that's not causing it. And wouldn't the vertebra thing show up on an MRI on my spine? Because I've had that too, and it came back normal. I've been going to doctors, and they can't find anything, so my mother's decided that I'm just mentally unstable and it's all in my head -.-

I'm not insane.

ILL effects from the accident plus the Staph infection
you could be suffering from nerve damage done by the accident

From what I looked up, it says you might have peripheral neuropathy or a broken low back vertebra. But it worried me when you wrote that you felt like you weren't getting enough air, you would want to get that checked out IMMEDIATELY by a doctor. But it definitely sounds like you need to see a doctor, tell them all these symptoms, and ask for any tests or medications that could help you.

Abbey loves Jesus
I don't know much about your symptoms except the bruises concern me. You shoul get blood work, a complete blood count more specifically.

Hmm, it could be residual damage from the accident. I've also read that with neurological problems of undetermined origin, celiac disease should be considered and tested for. I developed a loss of coordination, numbness, and unexplained muscle pain and it turned out to be celiac disease. Ask them to test you for it in your workup.

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