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Jay S
My eye has been twitching a lot lately, is this bad? Anything I should do?

yeah that usually happens about 3 days before the person goes blind. I heard stories like this all the time. This one guy even made it a week! Go to your doctor!!

John Holmes Jr
Look in the mirror. Is there anything in it. Like a pen, key or needle.

This may sound crazy, but eat bananas. Seriously! And, no it's not bad, just annoying.

Surgury. Really i works but it is a risk you should consider.

mike w

First wash the area around and on the outside of your eyelid. Just a little dust or dandruff caught on the eyelashes can cause twitching.

If washing outside the eyelid and around it, doe not do the trick then get some eye drops so you can assist the tearing effect. Drops will aid in removing any tiny bodies of dust or tiny amounts of sticky eye goop on the edges of the eyelid that may cause the eyelid to twitch.

Hope that helps!

have ur doctor check u for hypothyroidism.... or take calcium supplements. or it might be a neurological problem, a nerve might be getting pinched

Twitching of your eyes is common especially in the cases of consumption of too much coffee or tea. Or if you read or did close work for a long time and wash your eyes. Or it could be due to lack of sleep or eye strain. I wouldn't get too concerned about it.

Another thing to consider would be from seasonal allergies which cause the eyes to be extremely dry. Apply Refresh eye drops or lubricant to restore moisture. Rest your eyes esp after reading or computer work before washing your face. Avoid prolonged exposure to computer work. Take frequent breaks to rest your eyes. Avoid eyestrain and Stress. Try to get enough rest and sleep. Moreover avoid drinking too much stimulants such as coffee and tea.

Another home remedy is to apply warm tea bags over eyes. This will also prevent you from developing wrinkles ;dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Also the application of cold compress over the eyes would also help. to soothe the irritation.

As much as possible try to use sunshades to avoid dust. Sometimes, it's caused by a dislodged eyelash or some dirt. A good eye wash with Tearisol or Murine will help or plain warm clean water. Avoid rubbing your eyes to further cause eye irritation. Avoid wearing eye contacts until the symptoms clear; if you wear them. Avoid using any eye cosmetics for awhile. A word of caution; never share any eye cosmetics esp eye brush.

I had the very same eye problems. My eyes felt very gritty, sandy, painful and dry, irritated.and ,itchy . They were constantly red, swollen and twitching. I was tested for MS ( Multiple Sclerosis), MG (Myasthenia Gravis),and LE (Lupus Erythematosus), Hypothyroidism , Scleroderma and Scleratosis.and Tumors. These were all eliminated as differential diagnoses. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Blepharospasm with Ptosis. But in my case, it was so severe that it resulted in my inability to open my eyes. I became visually impaired. Refusing Botox shots, eventually, i underwent eye surgeries.

However, I strongly suspect that your eye twitching is most likely caused by the earlier mentioned less severe causes. and not from some eye disease. So try to follow my helpful hints to relieve this disturbing condition. The main goal is to keep those eyes well lubricated ;moist.;free irritation ;inflammation.;allergens such as pollen, pet's dander, cigarette smoke, air pollution, dust, weeds, and infection.

you can google it under eye twitching or blepherospasm. Here is one link.

Get it checked...

According to Indian culture when your eye is twitching it means a good luck. Well for male, its your right eye which is considered good and left sign is a sign that something bad might happen.

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