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 My mum has been diagnosed with cataract in both eyes.......?
she is 53 and has very bad asthma, we have private health insurance and they have said it will only be day surgery, 1 eye at at time and it is due to her steroids for her asthma, is this true and ...

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 folk remedys?
dose anyone know any helpful folk remedies for the fallowing ailments?

-common cold

i can't take normal medicine cuz my parents are freaks, so ...

 How the digestive system of the body should be kept ok?
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 How old is too old to get tested for autism?
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 whats the disease where by you cant feel pain?

 Acid in stomach, any quick cures?
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 The doctor diagnosed me with bursitis and gave me a cortizone injection this morning and it still hurts tonite

 Anyone know what this is?
I'm 19 years old and if I eat any type of food in the morning or afternoon, I get very sick and vomit. IT'S NOT AN EATING DISORDER!

I can eat dinner because it doesn't make ...

 nneed helpp?
Hello... I am not sure if this is a pulled muscle or what not. WHen I sit down in the upper part of my stomach feels like my ribs are hitting something. THere is no pain just uncomfortable. Just when ...

Hi guys I am having an issue and dont know if its serious or not.

when I laugh for more than 30 seconds I get this horrfic pain behind both my ears right on that area behind the ears that ...

 I can't find a definite answer anywhere, how long does food poisoning take to hit you?

 What causes to have cataract???
I just had a cataract surgery a week ago. One eye at a time. Next surgery will be my left eye. My friend told me that I'm still to young to have cataract. I don't consider young myself ...

 Is 4 or 5 drinks a day enough to cause cirrhosis of the liver?

 My doctor says that my illness is psychosomatic....?
But he didn't tell me what I can do about it. Does this mean I'm terminal? I mean, it sounds serious. Or will something like antibiotics help? I didn't get a prescription or anything....

 My Abdomen is so swollen What could it be?
I know you all aren't Dr's. I was just wondering if you have any input. I am seeing my Dr. Tomorrow!

My Abdomen is so swollen I look pregnant! We are trying to conceive and I ...

 What is causing numbness in my foot, leg, hand and arm?
I had a tingling pinky and ring finger and forearm. I thought it was overuse of the mouse had aggrivated a nerve. The next day however I had numbness in the sole of my foot, my ankle and thigh. It is ...

 How much acid should I do?
I have tripped on acid one time before but I only took one tab. It was enough to get me going real good but the entire time I was wishing that I had taken more. How much should I take this time ...

Ghost T
My body feels dead and tired all the time like i have no energy making me feel lazy tired down and depress?
im5'6 135lb 22yrs
my body feels really weak(i dont run but i do lift wghts but nothing seems to change
i feel like i cant do anything anymore and im tired of not doing anything please help

Talk to your doctor.
My friend got put on Wellbutrin (an antidepressant) and it helped her A LOT with energy and depression issues.

Go to your family Dr. and ask for a thyroid work-up. I am hyperthyroid. This condition makes you thin but you eat like a horse without gaining much, makes your brain seem "foggy", makes even the slightest things seem exhausting. Go on About.com and look up Graves Disease. If thier list of symptoms describes everything you're feeling, you definately need thyroid bloodwork done.

I would definitely do some yoga. Also though, look into your eating habits. Try to take in more fruits and veggies... and less caffiene if that's a problem for you. Make sure your routine is regular, and stick to it. If you are stressed out in your social or love life, try some meditation, that should help too. Hope it gets better for you soon!!!

mother of Bridezilla
First get checked for anemia. I would also go to a doctor that know about fibrolygmia. You can also research this online. The symptoms sound Very similiar.

Do some yoga for natural energy read some useful tips and more on this site to help you with it

cari a
I defenitly would see a doctor, because there are several factors that play into your symptoms, how long has this been going on, is there any pain related to your symptoms. could be mild depression, chronic fatique syndrome, fybromyalgia. etc. until then exercise, such as walking can help with your energy level. try going to sleep and waking at the same time, stay on a schedule, but defenitly see the doc.

Definetly try an Iron suppliment for Anemia, I did and it worked awsome.

Eat fruits and vegetables. Especially dark greens, broccoli, spinach. Broccoli must be cooked. Spinach is best raw. Steaming is the best way to cook veggies. Fruits will bring up your blood sugar. Refined sugar is not healthy. Dark green veggies elevate iron levels which increase oxygen in the blood, thus circulation and energy.

look at your diet..are you eating crap?you need fruits and vegies..or take a multi vitiman...and get up and run, go hiking..do anything besides weight lifting, get mobile...stop depressing over it and get up and go....

country girl 006
Could be many, many things, like chronic fatigue syndrome, fybromyalgia, mono, etc. Make sure to get to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. This sounds like it's nothing that you can treat yourself, unless you know that it isn't anything really serious. Please have a doctor check it out. Best of luck to you!

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