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 What is this "squishy" ball I feel next to my ear at the jaw joint?
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 uhhhhhhhhhhhm, food disorders?
Aight so, I'm thin for my age.
Like. Abnormally thin. -___-
I look like a friggin stick bug and I hate it
So I've been trying to gain weight by eating a lot
But I'...

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 Hard lump behind right ear.?
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 I cant control my hypoglycemia?
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 im desperate and need help please. im in so much pain?
i constantly have a migrain. every day i have one. i asked my doc bout it and she said i might need to be put on birth control but my dad wudnt let me go back and talk to her about it. im desperate. ...

 Xanax or Propranolol?
Im 17 and i have a panic disorder. i go to a therapist and he recommended talking to my family doctor about medicine. He was gonna prescribe me xanax but thought it was too risky because its habit ...

 I have pectus excavatum with flared ribs. Will heavy abdominal work cure my flared ribs?
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 What is the treatment of paralysis?
I'm back... again i need this answer 2...

 What is the medical term for an inability to visualise images in the mind?

 When you have a chronic illness/disorder, how do U stay positive & motivated?
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 Ali is in the hospital about to undergo a brain-imaging process that involves taking?
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 Can people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) have children, and 2) will they pass it to their children?
3) is there a cure for MS?

PS: Only one parent has MS, the woman.

I really like this girl....

 someone who turned into a druggie intestines are hanging out!?
i know someone who turned into a druggie she got ina car accident. well, her lower abdomen got cut. now, her intestines hang out, the dr. wont fix it because she so hooked on drugs. they actually ...

 if some one stabbed you in the kidney ?
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 What can you do to help a swollen lymph node near your ear?
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 Cholesterol medications?
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 Is it true that depression is connected to eating disorders?

Lost Speech After Brain Tumor Surgery?
Hello. My boyfriend had brain surgery nearly 2 weeks ago to remove a Tumor. He's steadily improving, although he's lost some vision and lost his speech. I can only make out certain words he's saying, which is really frustrating and upsetting for him. He's all there mentally and he knows what he wants to say but just can't say it! How can I help him to communicate with me and his nurses/doctors? Are there any speech activities we can do to get things moving a little bit? Apparently it will come back, but just takes time. Thankyou! xx

Yup, it takes time, so you must be patient. I am glad he is OK. My daughter had brain tumour removed and by the grace of God she is still OK.

Detective C
Hello, sorry to hear about your boyfriend but he sounds lucky to have you by him. I would reccomend reading books aloud. It's what was done by a man islanded for many years to maintain his speech, and it is involving and intellectually provoking so it should help accelerate his brains recovery. Good luck.

My Grain
SO sorry to hear this,how awful for the both of you.It must be very frustrating for him.I'm surprised the doctor didn't suggest a speech therapy group.I'm a carer and work with a lot of brain damage and/or speech impairments.Is he able to write or point to pictures with things written on them for now until his speech improves? It will take time and hard work but you should get in contact with your doctor who should be able to refer him to a specialist.Hope this works out and hope for the best for you guys!

Trueman Key
He's recovering and doctors take care of it. The change he get back to 100% is can not predicted. There were a lot of things that out of modern scientist hands. There will be miraculous!
If you love him so much, I suggest try this special practicing system call Falun Gong that you need to get the information here: http://falundafa.org

That what you have to do is get a book name "Zuang Falun" Read it for him or in other case you don't have time to read, just download the 09 Audio lecture files, open it for him and you listen to. After a short periods of time, you will see the result.

There will be miraculous!

jed slade
The human brain has many neural pathways,it will take some time for reprogramming to occur,just be patient and use writing pads or jotters in the interim.GOOD LUCK

The human brain is an amazing organ. It can recover from what would seem to be the worst possible traumas. It takes time to recover from brain damage, but the wait is worth it... I'm sure he will make a slow yet for sure recovery. Be patient, time will heal what it can.

As far as activities, I'm not too sure for speech, all I can say is working at it slowly... however if memory impairment and logic is also affected, you could have him play sudoku and other mental workout games.

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