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 I get dizzy and sometimes faint?
ok so I'm a 16 year old girl, I would say I look healthy i am 120 lbs 5''3 i don't go on diets and I have a good amount of exercise
but i get dizzy, i never really thought ...

 Constantly having a stomach ache?
Okay, so, usually after I eat I have a stomach ache. Anyone know why that might be? Maybe I'm thinking myself into it??...

 Is it a good idea to do bowling when I juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?
i want to do bowling in high school this year. i am pretty good at it so i'm pretty sure i will make the team. but practice is like everyday and it will be strain on my joints. i don't have ...

 What could cause a young adult to be so hot all the time, that they have to have all the windows in the house?
open, in England's current cold, rainy weather and they are sweating all the time. They are so hot they wear a t shirt outside in this cold weather; a coat would make them sweat badly, they ...

 What do you think is wrong with me?
okay so lately i have been really worried and paranoid that i have leukemia. During the summer i wasnt hungry for a month. I am now but im still worried about it. I have bruises but i know what they ...

 what drug is better to be on when getting into a fight?
im curious because im doing a project n i know it might sound wierd but yeah what drug is better to be on when getting into a fight with someone
Additional Details
what drug makes you ...


 What is OCD and what are the symptoms?

 I was wondering what is autism?
My mom says i have it but what is it?...

 Alzheimer's disease is most closely linked to the deterioration of neurons that produce:?
Alzheimer's disease is most closely linked to the deterioration of neurons that produce:
A) dopamine.
B) acetylcholine.
C) epinephrine.
D) endorphins....

 What causes some genetic disorders?
I was wondering what causes some genetics to mess up?
i was hoping that there could be a cure for all genetic disorders. I have a genetic disorder called 22q.11.2 deletion syndrome which is ...

 Sickle Cell Anaemia...HELP PLEASE?
Ok i have sickle cell and one thing i noticed but never knew the reason for is that i cant take medication which contains iron. I mean if im anaemic shouldn't I take iron? i also noticed if i do ...

 help!! do i have food poisoning ?

today i had two sushi rolls for lunch - a chicken one and a raw tuna one.
its now 10hrs later and i have the worst stomach ache, bad headache and nausea.
what do you ...

 What would be a good symbol for epilepsy?
To the best of my knowledge, there is no national symbol for epilepsy. What do you think would be a symbol?

(If there is a national symbol, please let me know) Thanks!...

 How to tell family that you sweat too much?
Yeah, I still live with my family and I am in need of a good antiperspirant. So I would like to tell my mom about my sweating, but don't know how to bring it up. Also, if anyone could reccomend ...

 What causes people to see floaters?
I see a black dot in my left eye only when I'm looking at something. If I close my right eye and left eye open, I can see the black dots very clear. If I close my left eye and my right eye open, ...

 The inside of my right nostril is sore and kinda swollen on the inside?
any idea what's wrong with it
Additional Details
wow didn't know there were so many immature perverts

I do NOT pick my ...

 Mystery illness!Optic neuritis,gastritis,reflux,dizziness?
I had a mystery illness 5 years ago. Drs really can't give an answer as it what it was.Just wondering if anyone had had similar or had any thoughts.
It went like this: June.violent stomach ...

 what besides appendicitis causes lower right stomach pain?
I have very intense lower right stomach pain. It is much worse upon standing and very painful upon standing after voiding. I know its not appendicitis because three of my children have had ruptured ...

 irritable bowel syndrome?
anyone aware of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome?
Additional Details
are the symptoms the same all the time when you eat food that disagrees with you??...

Is there something wrong with my liver?
About 2 months ago, I took hydroxycut for almost 3 weeks...i stopped because i just forgot to take the pills. Now, I keep having sharp pains in my stomach on the lower left side. And i have been getting itchy randomly on my legs. I dont know if this is something to worry about because I just found out that Hydroxycut was recently recalled for liver problems....any advice?

i think theres somthing wrong with your everything

enjoy your liver

Supaaa Girl ♥
I think you should go to the doctor to make sure

Your liver is on the upper right side. So pain on the lower left isn't an indicator. On the left side it is most likely colon related. I'm sure there will be a lot of lawsuits over hydroxycut. I certainly told a bunch of people on this forum not to use it even before the problems came out. Anyhow.. randomly itchy would not be a sign. If it were intensely itching constantly I would worry. you can get a liver function test done, but from what you describe, you are probably fine. By the way your appendix is also on the right side, so probably not that. If you are female it could be an ovarian cyst.

Ben Dover
That wouldn't be your liver. Probably kidney problems. Or it could be Appendicitis. This happens when a appendix, a part of large intestine is infected or inflamed and causes serious belly pain. You should get it checked out by doctor

Well your liver is on your right side, you can feel it right under your bottom rib, so no your stomach pain is not your liver. Also if something was wrong with your liver you would have a yellow tinge starting on the whites of your eyes, and progressing to your skin. The itching is a symptom but very unlikely to be present without other symptoms. If the stomach pain is bad enough go to a physician to find the problem, though I'm sure its nothing to do with your liver.

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