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 how do i know if i have appendicitis?
I have a really bad pain on the right side of my stomache. and i was wondering what r the signs of appendicitis?...

 what illness is this?
what kind of illness makes you
-avoid strong heat and direct sunlight (not due to skin condition)
-makes you feel dizzy
-possibly life threatening

my friend claimed this ...

 the term meaning any pathological condition of the spinal cord is?
speaking in *medical* terms......

 I Wonder if there is a person with medical knowledge to answer ?
or help with this or even the many yahoo members who know anyway .i have had chronic glaucoma for years ,which has been well managed with eye drops,but last week i felt really ill and had sore eyes , ...

 My brother was just diagnosed with this do you know anything?
Okay my brother was recently diagnosed with velocardiofacial syndrome. He is 2 almost 3 years old do you know anything about it?...

 How do I convince my parents to let me talk to a doctor?
I have reason to believe that I have insomnia but my parents and friends think that I am imagining it

They say that they check on me in the night and I am asleep but that is because I look ...

 What happens if I eat food that my cat may or may not have licked??? I will microwave it first...?
It's a stuffed pepper, if that makes a difference......

 What is Scarlet Fever?

 can anyone explain me what.... accommodative Disorder is...?
i tried to search it and all i got was this...

Accommodative Disorder
367.5 (ICD-9-CM)

The symptoms and signs associated with any accommodative ...

 Severe Heartburn?
I have severe heartburn every night and i take self prescribed medicine (Generic name Ranitidine) but i feel that any drug taken in the long term might be potentially dangerous. I have been taking ...

 Can someone please help me with my Tinitus?
Ive had Tinitus for 4 years now and I thought for a while that it was getting a bit better but it hasn;t in the last year its been getting worse, it's so loud now that I cant even sleep without ...

 are all brain tumors caner?
my little brother has a brain tumor and i dont really know what to do right now. im so confused because when i hear tumor i think cancer....

 My brain became very very slow. anybody suggest, what should be done now?

 what is the reasons for this?
my little toe got a crack below it what causes this?...

 What is the best way to get rid of a stye?
I have tried compressing heat with a pad to my eye, but still cant seem to get rid of it after more than a month. What is the best way to get rid of this eyelide infection?...

 HELP PLEASE !!!need to know any thing and everthing about ..[HEAD LICE] ...help me please despret mom!!?
i went through this years ago when all 3 of my girls where in elementary but 2 of them are out of school and i have had no problems with them ....only 1 has them know .....HELP ANY ONE PLEASE ..........

 Drink(Booze) while taking omeparazole?
I am currently under medication for acidity and I am taking Omeparazole 20mg daily. Will I have any side effects if I dirnk while taking this medicine?...

 is it possible to have fybromyalgia?
i asked what my possible sleeping problems lead to and someone answered with fybromyalgia. what is this ? is it possible? i am only 15 ?...

 What is the disease that causes both loss of hearing and vision?
I had heard this mentioned as quite rare but no mention of the name or cause of this disease....

 What is a panic attack?
What happens when you have a panic attack? I think it has something to do with a straitjacket.If it does,what is a straitjacket and how is it used?

Additional Details
PS. im actually ...

Is there a link between autism and chicken pox (vacc. or virus), epidural, or spinals?
I have 5 children. First two no epidural the second two births (one single-one twins) were c-section recieved spinal. My first two daughters have no developmental delays. My third daughter, born c-sec, has reading and language disablities. My twin boys have been diagnosed with autism. My daughter had the chicken pox before her 1st b-day and my sons had recieved the chicken pox vaccine around their first b-day. In addition, my husband had delayed language developement (didn't speak until nearly 4) and also caught chicken pox at 9 months. I believe there's genetic predisposition in combination with other outside causes. I am interested to know if there have been any studies regarding the chicken pox or epidurals/spinals and autism. As with all parents with autistic children I am searching for a cause and hoping for a cure.

Heidi F
Hi! I had not thought about this possibility. I have a 17 month old son who was just diagnosed with ASD and i have been drowning myself in research. I have a 14 year old son, no epideral and no ASD and with my 17 month old i did have an epideral and as i said, he has ASD. I will research this today in my schools database. Great questions!

Anne S
I agree that's a great question. I have 2 boys, both ASD. With my first son, I rec'd an epidural and he displayed autistic behaviors from birth. The second child, no epidural, and he regressed into full-blown ASD at 13 months. . . interesting.

It's also important to note that while the thimerosal preservative was significantly reduced in children's vaccines (to a level so low that it doesn't have to be reported), the adult shots are still using thimerosal and other toxins at acceptable "adult" levels. So, for example, I required two injections of a blood product called Rh immunoglobulin during pregnancy because of my O- blood type and (I'm assuming here) that any metals/toxins in those shots were passed onto my unborn children as well.

I'm at the point where I'm willing to believe that my children were created with a genetic weakness which prevents them from processing these toxins. And especially in utero, that my many silver (mercury based) fillings,and the shots I rec'd during pregnancy overloaded their poor little systems. The only obvious difference between my boys is the epidural. Maybe the younger child's toxin levels didn't reach the "breaking point" until his 1 year series of vaccinations. While the first child's poor brain became overloaded when I rec'd the epidural (which was apx. 6 hrs before he was born, meaning he'd have had plenty of time to receive a portion of the toxins). It seems everyone wants to just focus on infant vaccinations -- I believe pregnancy exposures to toxins are just as much to blame.

P.S. -- Hedi, there are also studies looking at the age of the father, in particular, when a child is conceived. In many ASD cases, the parents will say "but I had several other children who were fine" It was the child born to a father aged 40 or older, who developed ASD. It's true for me, my husband was 40 when we had our first child. And many other parents I've spoken with report the same thing!

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