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 Abnormal EEG?
Hi I was wondeirng if someone would be able to help me with a question. I recently went for an eeg and cat scan because i had been seeing flashing spots in my eyes and headaches. my cat scan came ...

 im about 16 years old with a lisp is there anything i can do about it without having to go to therapy??
during elementary school i was placed in a speech program that i attended every day for about 30 mins.
lately however, people are beginning to pick on me for having a lisp. there is nothing ...

 HI I have been suffred for long s time of burning especially all my stomach, mouth, nose and my head?
what is this? what can I do? what can be worst? please am very tense about this situation. help me.....

 what are endorphins?

 I'm coming down with a cold, should I cancel my dentist appointment for Thursday?
My daughter and my husband in succession have both had a nasty cold and cough, now it seems it's my turn.
I have been having a course of treatment at the dentist, a pulled tooth which ...

 What do blood centers test blood for?
I gave blood recently and I was wondering what exactally do they test your blood for............

 Should I treat my 'lazy eye'?
I was diagnosed with a mild lazy eye when I was about 7 years old. I can 'make' either eye face outward while the other looks straight ahead, which gives me double vision. It only happens ...

 why "green" cloth is used in operation theator?
just like doctor wear green cloth,Head cap green,and also patients covered by green ...

 Question about worms (Serious answers only please!)?
So, I ordered Chinese food tonight with my husband. After eating it, I saw a small see-through like seed with what looked to be like a small white worm.

I'm very scared and am not ...

 When im asleep im still conscious is this a symptom of anything?
Ok this is serious whenever I fall asleep anywhere but home, I am conscious, i can hear and even see but im asleep.I cant move when this happens and its hard to breath. If i stop breathing becuase ...

 what were some of the attitudes towards autism in a time like the 1950s?

 a question?
i have been takin musinex (dont know if sp is right) b.c i have conjestion, well when i go to the bathroom my pee smells really bad, like the medicine, what is it suppost to mean?...

 Acid Reflux syndrome?
Can any one refer or advise what food or drinks a person who suffer from Acid Reflux syndrome should take or avoid?...

 Memory loss and aneurysm surgery?
I had aneurysm surgery on 7/3/06. My long-term memory is excellent, but my short-term memory and ability to learn simple mechanical skills (remote control or new cell phone use) have not returned. A...

 if a child has a kidney infection can they go swimming?

 can anyone tell me a cure for reflux that is constant?
i have a constant gritty reflux in my mouth with no ...

 how do you die of insomnia?
I'm doing an essay on Fatal Familial Insomnia, i cant find where it actually tells you what the cause of death is after the disease has taken its course. or is anyone has any other information ...

 ineed help IMMEDIATELY!!?
i just used a mixture of vineger and cornstarch on my cheeks its supposed to get rid of whiteheads NOW MY CHEEKS ARE ALL RED what do i do i need to get rid of them!!!!!!! ive tried a cold washcloth ...

 Soft stool?
I have had soft stool during the last 5 months for about 75% of the time, at first i thoguht i was lactose intolernat now, ithink its the reason that everytime i cook meat, i leave it out for too ...

 pilot training?
i want to do pilot training,can anybody help me with where can i get it in cheapest amount of money....

Is paralysis from a stroke temporary or permanent?

I think it depends on the person. I had a stroke about 2 years ago where I could not walk or write. I exercised until I was up and walking in about 2 months. I thnk my case is extraoridinary. I refuse to ever ever give up regardless of what I am going through. Nine years ago doctors told me I would be dead in about 5 years and that I needed a heart transplant. A few months later I was brand new. I believe in mind power to get what you want for the body and money.

It depends on the person, the severity of the stroke, and cooperation with therapy. Not all paralysis is permanent, this I know for sure..

It depends on how bad the stroke was and if it was caught in time as well as how motivated the person is to get his function back etc.

Country Hick
Paralysis can be either temporary or permanent.
There are many factors that play a part in the amount of paralysis that remains after a stroke: It depends on what part of the brain is affected, how severe the stroke is, the cause of the stroke, how soon medical care was given, type of treatment given immediately after the stroke, the amount and type of rehabilitation a person gets, how much support a person has from family and the strength of will and stamina to regain pre-stroke abilities.

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