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Jackie UK
Is it possible to undo years of alcohol damage?
I have a huge gut, pain just under my ribs on the right, bloodshot eyes with discoloured eye whites, constant nausea and fatigue. Does that sound like it's too late for me?
Additional Details
Samoajan - reported, you don't attempt to answer the question and you're an idiot.

Captain Planet
lol nope you have to live with it


You sound like my kinda women!

Jack is Lord
A doctor would know best.

Dr Frank
Unfortunately you cannot totally reverse the effects of years of alcohol abuse and the subsequent liver damage. You can however reduce the progression if you become teetotal NOW! You must seek medical advice and clearly need a full assessment of the current position.

As long as you've stopped drinking, and you clean up your life. Eat healthily, do some exercise, there's absolutely no reason why you won't look better.
And you will.
That sallow look in the eyes, the redness, the rings, the sunken cheeks. The 'haunched' look.
Give it time, and they'll be gone.
Stop drinking, STAY stopped drinking, you'll not only look better, you'll feel better, and some of that buried spakle'll be back.
There's help out there if you need it, you know.
Good luck.

Jherek C
Don't listen to the people who say there's no hope. You need medical attention from the symptoms you've described. Get to a doctor, make a treatment plan and carry it through. You may not be able to get back to the leveling of functioning you had before you started drinking, but there's hope for improvement. Where there's life, there's hope!

Good luck.

If you stop drinking there is a chance, depending on the damage ....I was the same until last year, huge gut, bloodshot eyes etc etc, I stopped drinking,smoking decided to get healthy, I lost 4 stone, feel 100% better in myself, if I can do it anybody can, Good luck.

Bυттeяғlч Fanтaѕч
Your liver is damaged. You can't undo the damage you've caused, which is why so many people require liver transplant. But you really need to see a doctor and get put on medication because discoloured white eyes is a sign of Jaundice (if yellow.) Start getting fit and exercising, eating healthy and drink lots of water but please, do visit a doctor and discuss options. Sometimes people who have been drinking for alot of years have to have a liver transplant within the next year or two. You can find more information on these websites about alcohol damage:


There IS hope. l'm not saying there isn't. My mum died because her liver failed over alcohol abuse so l know what this is like and l've suffered for so long seeing my mum abuse herself like that so please get help before it's too late.

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