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Is anyone scared of the swine flu?
I have a four year old son that will start pre school this fall 2009. im really scared about the swine and if it mutates,what kind of sickness will come. this will be the first fall/flue season for the swine flu---i just dont know what to do---should i send him,or wait another year? very confused!!! anyone understand??? thanks,melissa

Wait another year, If he doesn't have to go don't make him. Swine flu is deadly & some people are afraid

im not worried but i heard that the swine flu is going to make another ''appearance'' in the fall... do research on it

I would send him and if you c that someone is sick in his class or he has gotten sick take him out of school i mean come on its only preschool!!!!!!! i would send him

S L i M J i M !.* <3
u should be scared of stds

Con't be scared.
The swine flu isn't that bad.
The only people that have died from it have been from poor countries or were elderly or just really young.
The media's just making it worse than it is.

Can,t hurt to wait another year if you don,t want your child to get this swine flu, it,s quiet a scary flu which I would not want to get, if you are able to keep him home what,s the harm.Better safe than sorry.

consult w pediatrician when vaccine avail in next few months. If he is healthy, he'll recover fine, if asthmatic or other medical issues,risk is greater for hosp req care/complications. most people recover from it. cdc.gov

I kind of am.
I don't know.
Only one person I know has gotten Swine Flu, and he only had it for like 5 days. (I also think it was 2 weeks, but I don't remember.)

its just the flu with a different name, so no.

It depends, how bad is the swine flue around your city/town? If it's really bad, i suggest maybe waiting another year. However, the swine flu is pretty much a flu with a fancy name and those that had died because of the swine flue were either infants (Under 3), Elders (Around over 70) or those with physical health problems, as they're immune systems are either weak or undeveloped. Anyways, if the swine flu in your area isn't as bad i guess it would be safe to send your son.
But this is all up to you, and i hope this helps

No. More people have died from the "normal" flu this year than the "swine flu." The people that HAVE died from the swine flu are very much like the thousands who die from the regular flu every year--elderly, and many have preexisting medical conditions. It's really nothing to obsess over.

That's not to say that it's not important to practice good hygiene habits. There are many scary viruses and bacteria that come our way everyday--even flesh-eating bacteria, and tiny parasitic worms that consume human brain tissue. Not to scare you or anything, but if we were all hypochondriacs, and knew about the daily microbial threats we face as Americans, we'd all be living in our houses with the doors locked!!

Bottom line: Wash your hands, exercise, eat right, and teach your son to do the same, as early as possible. If he's only four, he still has a very "virgin" immune system, and you need to take extra care to insure that he doesn't contract anything. You'd be surprised as to how many deadly germs that cause neurological degeneration, auto immune diseases and tissue rejection that can be found on the average playground.

Be safe, be smart, and don't worry.

Yes i too am scared of swine flu, especially as there have been quite alot of cases of it near where i live.
unless you are going to keep your son at home all the times, then i would send him to school, as he could pick up the infection anywhere not just school.
as a parent i am equally concerned.

May! =) {Perla}
Not me.

You should send him and we understand your love of a parent.

Learn more about the swine flu, you will feel better with what you are dealing with.

Jessssss :)
Ummmm unless u live in mexico in like a dirty area... NO!!! Its over. I never WAS worried about it even when it was a big deal. Be more conserned about him washing his hands so he dosent get the common cold!!!

it killed people in mexico becuase they didnt have the right medicine.
if he gets it, which is very very unlikely, then there is always a cure.

but of coarse i understand your concert, send him to school for sure though!

===Your Name Here===
I would hold my child. Its better to risk his education over life at hte status H1N1 is at currently

Those of you who followed the tournament of pandemics know that influenza came very close to winning the whole thing. It came in second to tuberculosis, because influenza was a couple of mutations away from true pandemic capacity. The current swine flu situation? Well, let's just say that if we ran the tournament again, I wouldn't necessarily bet on TB.

The story, in a nutshell: a form of influenza generally found in pigs mutated to infect people. This is much the same as happened with avian influenza. Avian influenza, however, does not spread from person-to-person. Swine flu does. So it's a new form to which people have no immunity, and it's going person to person. It is also showing a high mortality rates in Mexico. (ominous side note: the current strain of swine flu infecting humans is an H1N1 virus type, as was the Spanish flu which went pandemic in 1918)

It seems clear to me that this new form of flu is spreading rapidly; it will achieve pandemic status quickly. That is not the question. The questions is whether it will be a deadly pandemic. We don't know yet what mortality rates will look like. Swine flu responds to oseltamivir/Tamiflu (at the moment) and zanamivir/Relenza. In the US, it's been a reasonably mild and treatable form of the flu. In Mexico it's been much worse. Just how bad things get depends on how this influenza looks everywhere else.

Don't be scared. Send your son to school, he will be fine. Keep in mind that the swine flu is really no different from any other flu

No I'm not scared. It's just like the regular flu. You should send him.

Answer mine?

Swine flu is only slightly worse than the usual flu...and the people who have died from it either lived in areas with very poor healthcare or already had weak immune systems for whatever reason.

I don't think you have any reason to be afraid, as long as proper hygiene is practiced - all the more reason to teach your son proper habits.

However, if swine flu has been showing up frequently in your town/city, it might be wise to consider your options for protecting your son from this disease.

i went to mexico in one of the dirtiest poorest areas to help families and i dealt with all kinds of people and one family even had a pet pig and i am fine, i don't think its as bad as the news makes it out to be

the Clock is Orange
damn, people are still talking about the swine flu? It's so old!


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