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Im 16 and I think I am anorexic.?
ok so im 16 and I think im anorexic. I haven't been eating and when I do I have to throw up. The littlest things make me feel full. Honestly I probably eat once or twice a day then I have to throw it up. I've been doing it for about 2 or 3 months now and I don't want to do it anymore. I am happy with my body now, but I just cant stop. It may sound weird but I love how it feels. I just really need help and I don't know how to do it.


What do you mean by "you have to throw it up". Because you want to? or you just automatically do it? If you have control over it then you are anorexic. You need help it is not healthy! lol I eat so much (i'm not fat) I don't see how people can't eat. Sorry no offense it's just hard for me to understand.

Charmanderrrrrrr <3
go see a therapist honey. this is serious ://

matt subramani
isn't that bulimia?

you are anorexic and its no laughing matter, you could die. no joke, i know of 6 peaople who have died from doin that. you cant live for long wothout having nutrients or anything to feed your body. you need to stop doing that because you will get very very sick and eventually youll be in a green gown and have needles stuck up you and be connected to a feeding tube... and possible die. you need to get attention from a therepast. it will help honey, and if you act on it, you will be ok:)

First try to dont worry and talk with your parents. Try to eat your favorite food, drink a lot of water or milk, juices.. Dont think about your body, dont think about food, try to do something you like and makes you feel good. If you cant forget about your weight the best is you to go to doctor. Good luck! I hope you will be fine!

Karma Singh
Hi Amanda,
this is Bulimia Nervosa.

This is not a problem with which medicine can help - medical techniques are not relevant to it.

There is some trauma which you have experienced which your body is trying to eject but can't because you refuse to look at it. I can't tell you more without knowing more about you. If you send me a private email letting me know the town and country you're in I'll try to recommend someone who can help you.

Blessed be

Karma Singh

just laugh
you need to go get counseling


Devious Wifey
just go consult your Dr.
you know that acid we have in our stomach that dissolves the food we eat? well when you go and trow up you also trow up some of that acid and that is bad for your esophagus(throat). so be careful and be safe just go see your Dr and see what he says.

you have to fix this slowly.
eat a little at a time, and eat more and more everyday.

ken b
possibly see a doc

Ok, look boys don't find really thin girls attractive. They like curvier women. This sounds like a problem, I know its hard but tell your parents. They can get you some help.

Hi, well...the only way out of this is telling your parents, even if you don't want to...they won't get mad, really....they are your parents and will do something about it asap. So tell them because even if you go to the doctor ...since you are 16 you are gonna need parent consent for treatment. Also ...if you could get this book at the library "Chicken Soup for the teenage soul (on though stuff)" that would hel you a lot there are cases like yours in that book and are really inspirational I'm sure it will help you like it did to me...trust me.

if you realize that you are thin enough but you still don't want to eat your probably not anorexic but you probably have some other health problem or eating disorder. Tell your parents and go to the doctors. Don't let them brush it off as if its no big deal if you really think you have a problem.

Lisa Kay
Sounds like you are Bulimic to me.
You need to talk to your parents. Check out this site:

Talk with a school counselor or an adult that you trust. Hopefully, you will be able to see a therapist or another type of special issues counselor and they will teach you to cope with your problem and learn ways to reverse the psychological areas of this. Just be strong, honey, and remember to not give up!!!!

talk to one of those doctor people.
if u dont stop ull end up looking like a creation of tim burton nd not in a good way.

Silly Goose
OMG PLEASE STOP!!! you are bulimic! You are ruining your teeth, your skin, your esophagus, and your body in general! What you are doing is reeking havoc with your body! Please tell your parents no matter how embarrassed you are.

There are many different treatments. You need to force yourself to eat a healthy meal. You are losing many nutrients your body needs. You have to tell yourself this is an illness and you need to overcome it. There are also some websites that may help.

So you want to stop huh?
Try with eating little snacks first..
then everyday add up alittle more then keep going.
If you throw up after 1 bite try eating it again after you throw up and if you throw up again.. that would be bad there should be a way but i just don't know what so try it i hope this helps and good luck! And plus see a doctor for more help.

well if you are eating and then throwing up that's bulimia not anorexia...and if you want to stop and have a problem with it then go to your doctor. trust me, that's not a disease you want to deal with.

Tell your parents or call a hospital immediately and ask for help. You are beautiful and you will destroy your life like this.

Go right now!

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