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 how does one catch a cold on purpose?
it may sound a bit odd, but I've always wondered if I could pull off catching a cold on purpose. there's a bad cold going on where i live right now so it seems as good a time as any. any ...

 How long does it take to recover from smoking cigarettes?
Am I imagining this or have I read somewhere that if you stop smoking, after a certain number of years your body repairs the damage done and it's as if you never smoked?...

 Can an adult be accurately diagnosed with Autism?
My son was diagnosed with Autism at 4. Since then his primary doctor and a shrink my wife sees suspect I may be within the "autistic spectrum"..this could explain a great deal of issues in ...

 what causes your ears to ring?
that happens to me once in a while, but not after loud noises or anything, it's just random.
and it's usually in my right ear.

also, what cause a "whooshing" noise ...

 Is there a dual diagnosis with this child? began with sore throat, turning scratchy. Then backache and headach?
with fever. Tylenol resolved pain, but barely affected fever. ice eliminated fever. child has nausea while urinating. patient is 5. Now 3rd day congestive cough all of a sudden. Is this multiple ...

 is it indicative of some kind of underlying health problem if you absolutely MELT in the heat?

 Can low blood sugar be an indication of liver problems?
I was told this but I can't find any more info to back it up....

 Can ankylosing spondilitis cause someone to pass out?

haha well I guess my heading says it all = ]

Im 14 years old, female.
I eat the same diet as the rest of my family, but am the only one with constipation problems.
Its not that I ...

 Would I be able to receive a nose job on the NHS?
When i was 14 i fell from the top to the bottom of the stairs and smacked my face on the floor
and ever since this i've had a deviated septum
it causes many problems for me because i ...

 Are there "untraceable" poisons???
Like I've said before----I've been feeling(Chronically)very,very,sick.The guy who is questionable has been, (just recently)diagnosed a psychopath.He has every characteristic of one too--but ...

 My father is obese and may need surgical intervention. Will his insurance cover the LAP-DANCE gastric surgery?
I don't think my dad could afford a LAP-DANCE out of pocket....

 Does the Yahoo! Answers community have an opinion about Soul Doctor?
Soul Doctor is a homeopath. He is the highest point earner in the "Health" category. I have no issues with his advice for treating constipation, pimples, canker sores, pantar warts, etc, ...

 Is it normal to feel extremely sleepy while doing homework?

 People who are living with Fibromyalgia?
I've just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, possibly chronic fatigue as well. It's completely debilitating. I'm only 18 and having been suffering from this since I was 11, but only ...

 Why did my face and fingers go numb?
About three weeks ago I went through something very hard emotionally...when I was driving home I suddenly felt numb all over my face...especially my nose and lips and also in my fingers...i felt ...

 stopped BCG for children who are not at risk?
I have had a ltter saying that as my daughter is not considered to be at risk she will not get it when older
TB is on the increase and so is drug resistant TB
In the future they will come ...

 Shaking and light headed?
This has been going on and off for a year now. It happened again today.

I went to get lunch but went to the bank and post office first. By the time I got lunch I was shaking and very light ...

 can i eat eggs to cure my weak eyesight?
can i eat eggs to cure my weak eyesight

 Friend With Tourette's Syndrome How Can I Help????
my friend has tourette's syndrome and it seems to be getting worse. she's getting married in a week and i'm pretty sure her tourette's is getting worse because of the stress. does ...

Busy Lady 2010
If your stomach hurts every time you eat what is wrong?
It doesn't matter what I eat my stomach hurts every time I eat. Sometimes my back hurts too.
Additional Details
My gallbladder has beeen taken out.
This happens even if I eat a small or large meal.
I have acid reflux and take medicine every day for heartburn. Sometimes I don't take the medicine unless the heartburn is giving me problems.

Susie QZ
What you describe is classic for gall bladder troubles. If the pain is worse when you eat and the pain is in your upper right quadrant and goes thru to your back to your shoulder blade.... classic. If you feel better after you eat, that would be a sign of ulcer or gastritis.

you might be a little larger for ur body....do more sports work out more it will go away. Oh and periods do that sometimes

eating too much
dont know how to sit properly

Eric Cartman
could be ulcers but if it hasn't been happening that long it could be indigestion.

You could have acid reflux. Something similar happened to my uncle and he went to the doctor's to get tested, and that's what he had.
What kind of pain is it? is it a burning, or an ache? If it's a burning then it's very likely you have acid reflux.

Hawkeye Pierce
You may have an ulcer of some sort, that, or the mess tent is using World War I surplus

Ulcers Go to GI Doctor to be sure

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